Stacey Abrams is Not a Thing; Stop Trying to Make Her a Thing

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Seriously, Democrats, just stop it. Nobody outside of your little thought-free bubble wants any more of Georgia gubernatorial looooooser Stacey Abrams than we’ve already seen. Asking for more Stacey Abrams is like that great old SNL skit where Christopher Walken keeps asking for “more cowbell!” Note to Democrats: Ain’t nobody got a fever whose cure is more Stacey Abrams.

And please, somebody tell Samuel L. Jackson that for me, ok? Here was Mr. Jackson on Stephen Colbert’s show Monday night, expressing his disappointment with the current Democrat field of candidates, and longing for the Georgia loooooser to get into the race (at the 4:41 mark of this clip):

Just to remind everyone: Stacey Abrams is a rank mediocrity. She has never won an election above the level of state representative. She got her butt kicked in last year’s gubernatorial election despite massive amounts of out-of-state money coming into her campaign, despite Oprah Winfrey and Hillary Clinton and gobs of other party luminaries campaigning on her behalf, and despite a massive voter fraud effort in support of her cause.

Despite all of that, she managed to lose the race by 56,000 votes. Undeterred by reality, she has spent the 7 months since her defeat traveling around the country pretending she was somehow robbed, and getting fellow delusional liars like the Pantsuit Princess and Creepy Uncle Joe to support that false premise. The Democrat National Committee weighed in on her behalf by having her give the response to President Trump’s State of the Union Address, and she responded with a very pedestrian reciting of all the standard Democrat talking points like any good little goose-stepping soldier would.

Ok, she didn’t goose-step, but wouldn’t that be fun to watch? Is that mean? I don’t care.

The simple fact of the matter here is that Stacey Abrams is not a thing for 99% of ordinary Americans. No one out here in Flyover Country spends a moment of their day longing for the day when the Georgia looooser gets into the presidential race.

The ongoing effort by prominent Democrats to turn Abrams into a hot commodity reminds me of the similar effort during 2017-18 to do the same with Chelsea Clinton.

How did that effort work? Here we sit in the middle of 2019, and Chelsea Clinton is still not a thing, and never will be, and everyone appears to have given up on trying to make her a thing.

Just as we don’t need more cowbell, and we don’t need more Chelsea Clinton, we most certainly do not need more Stacey Abrams.

Stop trying to make her a thing.

That is all.

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Wes Ward

Something believes she is a thing. She attended the Bilderberg conference recently. So did Barack Obama come out of nowhere, attended Bilderberg, then became President. Dangerous element there.


She looks like “the Thing” that ate Georgia!

Jimmy MacAfee

She’s not a “thing,” she’s a pug.

sambo sassagrassiass

The pathetic Republicuck Party could have moved against vote and election fraud and tampering and done themselves and the country a service, but as usual they could not find their balls.


Actualy,.Stacy is a.thing!

A big, black , stain on intelligence.

David Wamsley

Not a thing, she is more like a “what “


I would pay to see her goose-step.

Don McCoy

She’s black and female…Dems need to push her…they’ve already made it impossible for their own party to support their best candidates because they are white males! Plus…Abrams can blow the Leftist dog whistles…through the gap in her teeth!


You just had to reference that skit lol


Stacey is a thing like Big Foot, giant monster that strikes fear in the hearts of buffets everywhere!


The left is getting hard up with the possibility of putting Abrams into the presidential hopeful line up. They got no one with nothing other than the old tired dim playbook to run on.
Hey, dims, have ya noticed the plantation population is being eroded away by employment availability?
Abrams(as in tank) has less appeal to the voters whoever is running at 0% or lower. Sam Jackson is an actor and will say whatever he is told to say, as in scripted. Keeps his pockets full.

Ricky D Church

Stacey (I shoulda, coulda, woulda won) Abrams except for the voter suppression, racism, and the additional 56,000 and one votes I needed to win. She just really gives new meaning to sore loser.


She reminds me of the Thing that says she did not lose Georgia, she ate it!

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