Pelosi Lobs a Bomb as President Trump Honors Fallen D-Day Heroes

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Hey, there could be a cause and effect relationship here. – The NBA’s year-over- year ratings are down 22% in 2019. Meanwhile, we can no longer refer to the owners of NBA franchises as “owners.”  The reason? Because it makes the largely-black players who these [not] owners have turned into multi-millionaires feel all like ‘slaves’ and stuff. You just cannot make this stuff up.

What a coincidence! I preferred life before Madonna! – Aging, vastly overrated pop star Madonna told an interviewer for New York Times Magazine that “I preferred life before the phone.” Which is interesting since, at age 60, she has never experienced life without phones. The piece itself, linked here, is a tiresome bit of fawning media hackery, so don’t waste your time.

Oh, this’ll really thaw those chilly relations. – Just a couple of weeks after she pretended to chastise President Donald Trump for refusing to negotiate with her and Chuckie Schumer on an infrastructure bill just hours after she had accused him of executing a “cover-up” of something or other, San Fran Nan went even further into the realm of abject dementia on Wednesday. In yet another “impeachment meeting” with her deranged House caucus, the Speaker of the House engaged in a heated discussion with Jabba the Nadler in which she said “I don’t want to see him [Trump] impeached, I want to see him in prison.”

At least, she said that according to a story in the left-wing digital concoction called Politico, which is based on anonymous sources only. In fact, Politico identifies these sources as “multiple Democratic sources familiar with the meeting.” That likely means none of the sources were actually in the meeting, because if they had been, Politico would have identified them as “sources who were present at the meeting,” or something similar. Most likely, assuming these “sources” even exist, they are acquaintances of Jabba, San Fran Nan or Pencil Neck.

But hey, let’s just assume the story is true, mainly because it sounds exactly like something this evil woman would actually say, and like something she and Democrats in general would plant in the fake news media while the President of the United States is in France commemorating the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. Because this is what the Democrats do, and it is who they are. They will resort to literally any tactic to give their media toadies an excuse to avoid reporting anything positive about this President.

Here’s the best passage from the Politico fake/real/who knows? report:

Ashley Etienne, a Pelosi spokeswoman said Pelosi and the chairmen “had a productive meeting about the state of play with the Mueller report. They agreed to keep all options on the table and continue to move forward with an aggressive hearing and legislative strategy, as early as next week, to address the president’s corruption and abuses of power uncovered in the report.”

That is some world class word salad right there, folks. Basically, what it says is “We’re gonna keep having hearings and tossing out subpoenas until we find something that sticks.” Funny, Robert Mueller spent two years and $40 million taxpayer dollars doing the same thing, and we saw how that all worked out for his Democrat masters.

And therein lies the biggest source of Democrat frustration: After all this time, all these investigations, all of this money and all of this rhetoric, there is just nothing there. Like Mueller, they are left holding a big bag of nothing, which has them in a constantly-ratcheting state of panic.

Jabba and Pencil Neck want to just throw reality to wind and move ahead with impeachment for the sake of it, but San Fran Nan wants to maintain some chance of preserving her House majority and remaining Speaker past the 2020 elections. The irony here is that Jabba and Pencil Neck want to trod the same road Pelosi trod with Obamacare in 2010, when she famously advised the American voters that “we need to pass the bill so we can see what’s in it.”

Like Pelosi a decade ago, they want to just open up Pandora’s Box and see if they can get anything real to fall out of it. But San Fran Nan learned something from her Obamacare episode, which is that the American voters do not approve of this sort of abuse of the process in congress, and will direly punish those who engage in it the next time they have the chance to do so at the ballot box.

Speaking of Robert Mueller, our now-retired Witch Hunter-in-Chief, everyone should note that Christopher Steele, who concocted the fake Trump Dossier that became the basis for the Obama FBI’s rampant spying operations against the Trump Campaign in 2016, has agreed to conduct an interview with investigators at the Department of Justice. Given the personal jeopardy such an interview would create for the ex-British spy, we must assume Steele has likely cut some sort of immunity deal in exchange for his testimony.

Speculation is that Steele will be interviewed by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who has been engaged for two years now in his own investigation of the abuses of the FISA process by Obama officials. If that’s the case, that means that Horowitz is still trying to tie things down in his investigation and his report likely won’t be coming anytime in June.

I know the wheels of real justice turn slowly, but this is getting to be damned ridiculous.

That is all.

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Michael Osmon

I was under the impression Steele would be interviewed by Durham


Trump has been compared t the Rodney Dangerfield character in the Movie “Caddyshack” as a disrupter (personally I compare Trump to the James Gardner character Jason McCullough in the movie “Support Your Local Sherriff”) . I am reminded of one of his lines to Judge Smails : Take the shot already “while we’re still young”. The same applies here. I’ll give Barr and Durham a little more time as they are relatively new, but someone has to light a fire under Horowitz and Huber to “git er done” to paraphrase another quote.

I have worked in the DC bureaucracy and this tactic is known as waiting out the Director when it came to reforming the agency where I worked. After three years, I couldn’t put up with the BS any more and left.

Inefficiency is the hallmark of bureaucracy and I fear that the Huber and Horowitz investigations are running out the clock, against the Trump presidency and/or the statute of limitations on charging the Clinton/Obama DOJ, FBI, CIA, National Intelligence, IRS, and DOE et al DEEP STATE CARTEL.

The only complaint I have of the President is some of his choices of the personnel he has appointed. Sessions was a disaster and Wray is no better. There must really be so few good people in that whole fetid town of DC, but I would like to see some firebrands like Joe DiGenniva, Mark Levin, and Rudy Giuliani, doing the prosecuting along with Greg Jarret, Sara Carter, and John Solomon doing the investigating.

Let’s also start investigating the congressional “leaders” of both parties who constantly lie to their constituents and seek to “fundamentally change America” as founded, and constantly try to create a true “constitutional crisis” by working 27/7 to undo the 2016 presidential election – “while we’re still young”.

I know you are very strategic in the way you function and your instincts are spot on, but please sir, make it happen ASAP Mr. President.

Leo Smith

Arrest, convict and HANG the Treasonous Democrats. Or a Civil War will remove them from this Country.


The wheels of justice had better turn just a bit faster. While most of us feel that DJT will get re-elected (because look at that Dem lineup…sheesh), I am a proponent of preparing for the worst. If a Dem gets in office, none of the myriad of investigations will progress past inauguration day +1. They will be closed and buried. Horowitz, Huber, Barr, Durham, etc better pick up the pace.


“… American voters do not approve of this sort of abuse of the process in congress, and will direly punish those who engage in it the next time they have the chance to do so at the ballot box.”

And yet the SAME terrible human beings are reelected–OVER and OVER and OVER again–to “represent” us in DC no matter WHAT they try to pull on We the People. NanPo would be a PRIME example of such a person. So where is ANY punishment? Let alone “dire” punishment…


If anybody has any questions about verification of the Steele Dossier- the “dossier“ was compiled by Steele in four weeks. He has not been allowed in Russia in 20 years. All of Steele’s “research” consisted of phone calls and emails. He was paid $168k for his product.

In the 2.5 years the FBI has had to verify it, with an unlimited supply of agents and money, it has not been verified. It can’t be verified, no more than one of President Obama’s Spider-Man comics could be verified, and for the same reason- it’s all made up.


The left whines about Russian interference yet served an “interference opportunity platter” to the Russians via the Steele dossier in which they had a platform for providing disinformation.

John Smith

Pelosi attacks our President on D-Day when he is on foreign soil honoring our fallen dead who saved Western Civilization? She is a POS.

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