Don’t Give Rosenstein a Pass Just Because He Went off on Comey

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

This video clip of Rod Rosenstein riffing on Teenage Drama Queen James Comey has been making the rounds of Twitter and the fake news media all day:

Very clever. Very funny, in that sniffling, slimy Rosenstein kind of way. He nails Comey’s behavior and low character, and that’s great. So, I got no problem with that.

I do, however, have a problem with the conservative commentariate turning this into a reason to make Rosenstein into some sort of a hero on all of this. Because Rod Rosenstein is the farthest thing from a hero.

Rosenstein made these remarks in the context of his being the guy who wrote the famous memo to President Donald Trump recommending Comey be fired. For that commendable act, he is certainly to be praised to some extent.

But let’s remember several things about Rosenstein, including his reasons for recommending Comey be fired, which was basically that he didn’t like the way Comey grandstanded throughout the election campaign, usurping decisions and powers that should have been reserved to Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Of course, Lynch was so corrupt that she wasn’t going to make those decisions in any event, but Rosenstein was correct to say that that did not convey the right to make them onto Comey.

Let’s also remember what parts of Comey’s conduct that Rosenstein was NOT concerned about. Despite having full knowledge at that point about Comey’s disgraceful corruption of the “investigation” into the Clinton email scandal, Rosenstein cited no objection. Despite his full knowledge then of Comey’s mounting an effort to spy on the Trump Campaign and Trump Transition team (remember that Trump was fully aware of these things as early as late November, 2016), Rosenstein cited no objection.

Despite having full knowledge by then of the heinous abuse of the FISA process by Comey’s FBI, Rosenstein cited no objection to any of that. Matter of fact, Rosenstein was so unconcerned about the use of the fraudulent Steele Dossier as the basis for those FISA warrants – a usage that Comey himself admitted to in sworn congressional testimony – that Rosenstein actually signed the third extension application himself!

Next, Rosenstein made the likely illegal decision to appoint a special counsel to investigate allegations of “Trump/Russia Collusion” despite the conspicuous absence of any underlying crime, a requirement of such appointments.  His pick to lead the probably-illegal Witch Hunt was Robert Mueller, a man who is not only a close friend of Rosenstein himself, but also a close friend of Comey, a key witness to any such investigation, the clearest conflicts of interest possible, and clearly disqualifying.

Rosenstein then signed not only one, but two scoping letters to Mueller that he has since worked feverishly to keep out of public view, most likely because those letters also contain clear violations of the special counsel statutes. He then spent a year and a half allowing Mueller to destroy the lives of dozens of American citizens and basically conduct himself as if he were head of an American Gestapo.

There’s much, much more here, but we’ve been through all of this several times before.

Bottom line, let’s all have a good laugh at Comey’s expense, since he is even more despicable than Rosenstein. But let’s don’t forget what a despicable snake Rosenstein truly is while we’re chuckling.

That is all.

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Note Worthy

Rosenstein prolly saved his own ass when he saw the evidence.

Dave Hunter

Absolutely, 100% agree! Why Sessionzzz praised Rosenstein at his retirement ceremony is beyond my limited, certified deplorable ability to understand. The guy is as dirty as they come, and was a cabal operative from the get go.


Rosenstein thinks he’s so clever even though he’s about as transparent as clear glass. He’s neck deep in this attempted coup and is scared to death that the ax is going to fall his way next. He’s apparently willing to throw his old ‘bud’ Comey under the buss to make himself look clean. This jerk is the poster child for a DC swamp rat.


Now that Rosy has come out against his buddy, Comey, how long before he and his fellow plotters take long vacations to a country without extradition treaty with the US? All of them can afford to escape the noose. Not like any of them are poor federal employees. If anything they, just like the politicians in DC, have gotten wealthy off of their “service” to the nation.
Looking forward to Durham overturning the rocks and finding evidence to nail the culprits. Which I’m fairly certain will implicate many elected officials on both sides of the aisle.
If the Clintons are involved, and no doubt they are, all three of them will need extra bodyguards. Let Seth Rich be the example of how the Clintons handle threats to their continued prosperity.
Absolutely will need lots of popcorn for the coming circus.


I was WONDERING what the heck was going on with Rosenstein getting a free pass! As far as I’m concerned, he’s ONE OF THE INSURRECTIONISTS! And before that he was a corrupt tool for Lynch.

Rosenstein should be the tinder they use to light the pyre upon which the REST of them will burn.

Bill Garrison

They are turning on each other as their failed coup d’etat unravels. Who will be the first one to offer to testify to the inner workings in exchange for immunity? I still think Clapper is the weak link, but Rosy might just beat him to the deal.


Somebody IS going turn, they always do. Maybe Rod has already beat them all to it.


Dead on about Rosenstein! He’s in deflect mode. But there is nowhere to hide. It looks like the truth is coming out, and every shady actor is coming out to pose to look innocent or ignorant. Sorry, boys and girls, your gig is up!

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