Stacey Abrams Takes TDS to a New Level

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Dobroye utro, druz’ya! – Please excuse me, I’m just brushing up on my Russian.

Good morning, friends! – Every time I think the rhetoric from prominent Democrats in our beautiful motherland, er, United States of America cannot possibly become more absurdly demented than it already is, one of them goes right out and proves me wrong.

Enter Georgia gubernatorial loser and Legend in Her Own Mind Stacey Abrams, who went full Russkie yesterday while speaking to an event called National Security Action Forum put on by some leftist organization that doesn’t actually give a tinker’s damn about national security. After being told by despicable former Obama advisor (ok, the “despicable” is redundant there) Ben Rhodes that her rather pedestrian response to this year’s State of the Union Address was “the single best speech” we’ve heard in the past two years, the Georgia also-ran went off on a riff about the Democrat fantasy hobgoblin of “voter supression,” and it turned epic.

Epic in an utterly and pitifully demented and absurd way, that is. As she rambled on, blaming her favorite bogeyman for her 55,000 vote loss despite her having gotten every vote from every dead person in the state of Georgia, she said the situation with “voter suppression” is so dire that it will cause us all to be speaking the Mother Tongue in barely a decade:

Abrams calls voter suppression a national security threat to the nation. “If we do not secure our democracy in 2020 … we will be having a very different conversation, potentially in Russian, in 2030.”

Really and truly, how do you even respond to something that silly? Byron York found a way:

That is true, but here’s the thing: Your Democrat friends pretty much have all bought into this sort of raging dementia and take it very, very seriously.

You know what the real threat to our nation is? Lies spread by Democrats like Abrams and their toadies in the fake news media. The real threat to our nation is that objective truth has no meaning anymore to fully 33% of the country and 98% of our national news media. The real threat to our nation is that the report from a 2 year-long Witch Hunt can fully exonerate the President and the Democrats and their media toadies act like it never happened.

The real threat to our nation is that a pedestrian loser and pathological liar like Stacey Abrams can be broadly considered by one of our two major political parties as a perfectly fine vice presidential running mate for its looming near-octogenarian presidential candidate, who himself is a pathological liar who has been comically wrong about literally every major issue for half a century.

Understand that this woman who thinks we’ll all be speaking Russian in a decade if Donald Trump is re-elected decided not to run for the Georgia senate seat in 2020 because she’s already made a backroom deal with Joe Biden to be his running mate, which means she could well be one very frail heartbeat away from the presidency come January, 2021.

If a Republican – any Republican – had said in 2012 what Abrams said on Friday, he’d have been mercilessly panned and ridiculed by every media outlet and late-night television host for weeks, and deservedly so. But let a barely-coherent Democrat loser say it, and all the media puppet heads just nod in unison like an array of bobble-head dolls.

And the 33% of our citizens who like to call themselves Democrats nod right along with them.


That is all.

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Don McCoy

I thought Abrams would be too busy running Georgia…she won, right?


I honestly don’t see our nation surviving as a true, reasonably non-corrupt, constitutional republic (as founded) without a civil war resulting in one of two outcomes:

1) The utter destruction/elimination of the criminal Marxist establishment that now grips the Dem party, academia, and msm, along with major parts of the Republican party as well. This would require a ruthlessness and determination on a par with eliminating the Nazis and the Japanese imperialists. Total elimination of the establishment and severe punishment for the criminals.

2) A break up of the country into “Red” and “Blue” nations along the lines of Kurt Schlichter’s books. This would require some mass migrations to be allowed in the beginning so people could go to whichever side they wanted. This would probably only happen if a) the Marxists knew they were bound to lose and b) the patriots decided a split was preferable to further bloodshed. Of course the patriots would also have to accept that the evil would be allowed to continue existing, even if separated by national borders. I don’t think it would work the other way around, meaning, if the Marxists thought they were going to win they would keep going regardless.

Either one of the scenarios will only come after MASSIVE bloodshed coupled with the realization by both sides that this is an existential fight for both sides.

THE ONLY WAY I can see to avoid the above is if President Trump were to do a massive, coordinated, all out “Night of the Long Knives” arrest campaign where the DOJ, and military literally raid and arrest EVERYBODY involved in the criminal Marxist establishment (politicians, bureaucrats, large and small, staffers, news people, media people, actors, entertainers, big business people, academics, ANTIFA members, you name it) virtually overnight before they can organize violent resistance. After that conduct the trials and do what’s gotta be done. This would obviously be unprecedented and would be VERY difficult to pull off. It would also require a level of resolution and commitment that I’m not sure even DJT can muster in sufficient quantity. But that’s the only way I can see that he could save the Republic while avoiding massive bloodshed and all out war. As long as he does it fast.

So, there it is. I don’t see any other outcome to all of this aside from the Marxists simply gaining full control again and then the nation as founded is over, the constitution dead. We’re on our way to Venezuela and straight up pogroms on conservatives which will most likely result in civil war as well since we’re armed.


Stacey is an unkempt pig plain and simple! Someone who learned to talk her way out of issues due to her being too lazy to work herself into decent physical condition. ANYONE who would vote for her is a dumbazz.

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