The Democrats Won’t Stop the Madness Until They’re Stopped

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Several times a week, I get some variation of this question: “When are the Democrats going to stop all of this madness?” – The simple answer, of course, is that they aren’t. The behavior of the leaders of the Democrat Party and their toadies in the fake news media is only going to become increasingly radical and unhinged until they are stopped.

Many had thought – hoped – that their despicable daily behavior would calm down somewhat after the Mueller Witch Hunt had shut down and exonerated President Donald Trump. That obviously didn’t happen, and the Democrats and their media toadies did what they always do: Double-down on deception.

Attorney General William Barr released a 95% un-redacted version of the Mueller Report, and the Democrats screamed “cover-up!” Then he made 99% of the Report available to all Democrat members of congress, and they screamed “cover-up!” Then he spent a total now of more than 20 hours testifying before various congressional committees about it, and the Democrats in the House decided to hold him in contempt for telling the truth and refusing to break the law.

If this doesn’t strike you as normal behavior, that’s because it is decidedly abnormal behavior.

As we’ve said many times before here at the Campaign Update, nothing the Democrats do is normal or organic. Everything they do and say in public is pre-planned, coordinated with their media toadies, and highly scripted, all designed to reflect their narrative of the day. This is why Rush Limbaugh is able to cobble together those hilarious montage clips of dozens of Democrats/talking heads/fake reporters using exactly the same words on some given issue 2-3 times every week. He could do it every day if his staff had the time.

Yesterday’s narrative, for example, was “we’re in a constitutional crisis,” which happens to be true since the Democrats, led by San Fran Nan and Jabba the Nadler, have worked very hard over the past couple of months to create such a crisis out of whole cloth. After his committee held its kangaroo court vote to hold Barr in “contempt of congress” Wednesday afternoon, Nadler promptly rushed to the nearest camera to declare that “we are in a constitutional crisis.”

As if on cue – because it was on cue – every Democrat spokesman on TV, every fake host on CNN and MSNBC, every news anchor on the major networks and every political writer at the major fake newspapers began using those exact words in all of their reporting. This narrative continued through Thursday as well, along with the incredibly stupid non-story about Trump’s losing a bunch of money back in the 1980s/early 1990s, a story he told himself in his book “The Art of the Comeback” and on his TV show “The Apprentice.”

To understand why they behave the way they do, you must understand the Democrat hive-mindset. Simply put, Democrats believe they are entitled to political power. They believe they are smarter than you are, they believe they are more moral and caring and compassionate than you are, and because they believe those things, they also believe they have the right to tell you how to live your lives.

Just a decade ago, they thought they had consolidated that power and the ability to dictate everything you do every day on a permanent basis. They’d just elected America’s Worst Mistake, Barack Hussein Obama, and empowered him with massive majority control of both houses of congress. They had shoved through a massive fake ‘stimulus’ package designed to nothing but expand the scope and scale of an array of federal regulatory agencies, had their EPA working on regulating your drainage ditches and backyard ponds, had their congress extending those 6-month unemployment benefits to a near-permanent entitlement, and were working on a cap and trade system on carbon that would bankrupt whatever was left of Obama’s economy and a bill to nationalize the nation’s healthcare system.

All was bliss and kisses in Democrat fantasy land. It was 2009, and the narrative then, repeated endlessly by all the talking heads and fake reporters, was that the Democrats now had created a “permanent majority” in our country, and America was thus entering its “new normal.”

And here’s the thing that has the Democrat so perpetually enraged today: They believed their own bullshit. (Pardon my language.) They do that all the time, actually – see the whole “Russia Collusion” fantasy play as the latest grand example.

But they are all so enraged today – and become more enraged with each passing hour – because they still believe that bullshit. They still believe they are the chosen ones, the ones to dictate to all you little people out there in Flyover Country, the ones who are entitled to power.

That’s the mindset that led Barack Obama and James Comey and John Brennan and Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe and Sally Yates and all manner of other high Obama officials to engage in a plot to fix the 2016 elections and then to try and fail to execute a coup d’etat on American soil. They did all of that because they really, truly did believe they were entitled to do it, and that the Pantsuit Princess was entitled to the presidency.

They created Antifa, a violent terrorist organization, in response to Trump’s election because they believe they are entitled to power. They created the Mueller Witch Hunt because they believe they are entitled to power. They’ve created this constitutional crisis because they believe they are entitled to power.

Between today and November 2020, they will continued to ramp up the insanity and violence because they believe they are entitled to power. And after Donald Trump is re-elected, the Democrats and their media toadies will still continue to ramp up the insanity.

Until someone stops them. Until the people who committed all of these bad acts start being prosecuted and going to prison. A lot of them. And if that never happens, if the day never comes when they know they will be subject to prosecution for committing these seditious, treasonous acts against our country, the Democrats and their media toadies will keep ramping up the insanity until they have whipped our nation into another civil war.

These are not people who can be reasoned with, because they are not rational people. They must be defeated and they must be stopped. If William Barr and the Department of Justice are not up to this task, then God help us.

That is all.

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Actually DB, I see civil war as virtually inevitable or at least massive violence until the mobs are suppressed with the military if circumstances allow. First, I think we must face the harsh reality that there simply is NO WAY these evil creatures are going to go gently into that good night. They will destroy whatever they have to and kill whoever they have to take back power and/or escape justice. So, I see two possible most likely scenarios:

1) Trump loses in 2020. Then all investigations stop, the criminals go scott free, and we are plunged rapidly down the road to Venezuela, to include gun confiscation, and Lord knows what else, which will most likely lead to open war and/or a break up of the nation.

2) Trump wins and it’s clear the indictments will start/continue coming, for the big fish (Obama, Clintons). At that point the Dems will unleash ANTIFA and similar groups (some of which are likely to be surprisingly large and well armed paramilitary organizations) to launch all kind of false flag and simply violent terror attacks across the country. If they manage to somehow get some of the actual military to side with them then it could devolve into a no-kidding 1860s style all out civil war. Otherwise, if the entire military stays loyal to Trump, they will end up having to quash all of these groups in conjunction with National Guard and law enforcement. But this will take some time (weeks or even months), be very bloody, and Lord knows what our outside adversaries will do in an effort to take advantage of the situation. That could make it way uglier, even existential. Meanwhile, the criminal Dem leaders will attempt to bribe/entice these adversaries to intervene on their side. Later, they will simply flee to other countries for asylum if/when it becomes obvious they are going to lose. So, DJT and the DOJ will have to quick and sly to catch them before they escape. Regardless, it won’t be pretty. But, with any luck we’ll be able to rebuild the nation again with a less corrupt government. That’s what its going to take, at a minimum, to depose this evil establishment.

I tend to think #2 is more likely and that the military WILL stay loyal, which I think is also about the best scenario we can realistically hope for. But we need to get cracking with indictments and arrests now and stop the twinkle tow tiddlywinks with these evil creatures.


This will continue ad nauseum until one side or the other is silenced. Anyone who thinks this will be settled amicably is fooling themselves.


Perfectly put. Thank you sir.


You are spot on with your analysis. There is no justice in America as long as Hillary, Obama, and the rest of the traitors walk free. If heads do not roll, then we are finished as a nation.


Many of us have known from day 1 that if there isn’t any penalty associated with the crimes committed by Democrats, they will not stop doing those crimes. The scariest thing IMHO, is that some people are just figuring that out. It’s been well over 2 years.

Leo Smith

Arrest, convict and execute the Coup Members.

Ricky D Church

Your best analysis yet. Hoorah!!

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