Led by Nadler, Despicable House Democrats Hold the Nation Hostage

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Strategery, Democrat style. – So, first you create a Constitutional crisis by taking a vote of the House Judiciary Committee to hold the Attorney General of the United States in contempt over an absurd claim that he “lied” to the Committee a month ago (he didn’t), and that he won’t release a full, unredacted version of the Mueller Report to congress so the Democrats can leak parts of it to their pals at the New York Times (he can’t do that without committing a felony himself).

After you’ve done that, you send Jabba the Nadler out to tell the breathless, fawning fake news media that the country is in a Constitutional crisis:

Oh, wait, wrong clip. Here you go:

See how that works?  Odd, huh?

Let’s all remember that every step of what has happened with Jabba The Nadler’s committee this year was all pre-planned way back in November, just days after the election. That was when Sr. Editor at The Federalist Mollie Hemingway happened to be sitting across the aisle on an Amtrak train from Jabba, and overheard him having a loud telephone conversation in which he bragged about his and Nancy Pelosi’s and Adam Schiff’s plans to do everything you’ve seen taking place this year. She wrote this prescient piece on November 7, yet all of her “colleagues” in the fake news media continue to pretend this is all taking place organically, because the Democrats just can’t help doing what they’re doing because of the Orange Man Bad in the White House.

None of this is organic. Never forget that everything today’s Democrats do is Kabuki theater designed to deceive their shamefully dimwitted and uninformed voter base. They believe most Americans are hopelessly dense, clueless and uninformed of actual facts, and believe they can just lie to them with impunity as a means of obtaining and maintaining political power. Sadly, they are often correct.

It’s also important to remember these things as well:

  • Barr has already release about 95% of the Mueller Report to the public – Democrats say this is not enough;
  • Barr has already made 98% of the Mueller Report available for Democrat members of congress to view in a secure room without the ability to make copies of it that they could leak to the press. Not one Democrat has taken advantage of viewing it in the 3 weeks that it’s been available;
  • Barr legally cannot make 100% available to the public because some of the material in the Report is protected grand jury information. He knows if he allows skunks and snakes like Jabba and Adam Schiff and Eric Swallwell to have the full report, the full report will appear on the front page of the New York Times and the Washington Post the next morning;
  • The courts have consistently held that grand jury information must be withheld from the public in order to protect the rights of persons who offered testimony but were not pursued by said grand juries. In pursuing this information for the purpose of leaking it to the fake news media, congressional Democrats are actively attempting to harm U.S. citizens who are innocent of any crime.

That’s the reality of this silly situation, which has been intentionally and completely artificially constructed out of whole cloth by despicable congressional Democrats and their even more-despicable buddies in the news media.

Of course, by going down this particular road they have essentially left President Donald Trump with no choice but to exercise his right to executive privilege over not just the Mueller Report, but over any and all documents related to it. This is a right the President could have exercised throughout the abusive Mueller Witch Hunt, but chose not to do so in the name of cooperating with the Chief of the American Gestapo.

That the President now feels the need to exercise that right as it relates to the House of Representatives tells us exactly how abusive the despicable Democrats have become in their desperate effort to smear Attorney General William Barr.

One final reminder: The Democrats and their media toadies are desperate to smear Barr in the public consciousness because Barr has repeatedly promised to get to the bottom of the Obama Administration’s massive spying activities targeted at the Trump Campaign throughout 2016. They all know that if he succeeds in that quest, people are going to prison.

So this is not just a fight for raw political power: For many of these despicable people, it is a fight for survival. These are the reasons the Democrat Party is basically holding our nation hostage.

It is a fight they must lose if our nation is to maintain a system of real justice.

That is all.

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The ugly face of ugly


If Barr gets too far along, I would not be surprised if he succumbed to Arkancide. Clinton and Obama’s toadies as well as the deep state will not stand for having their crimes exposed in a court. Many many people have died from Clinton’s orders who have done less.


I had that thought myself, and it’s frightening.


The point that lefty leadership in Congress and elsewhere are mostly felons, some of them many times over and now realistically fear being exposed, tried, and imprisoned cannot be made too often or too clearly. They are foaming at the mouth with FEAR and will stop at nothing to block the investigations that are now starting to spin up.


I wish Barr would come out and state on camera what you are stating here on your blog – “I gave them an opportunity to review the whole thing in a secure room and they refused. I can’t release the full report BECAUSE I AM FOLLOWING THE LAW.”

I know its been said by Tim Ryan and a few others, but Barr should come out and speak plainly, so Dems will have a harder time spinning everything.


The fear from the left, Nadler and his cohorts of clowns, is so apparent each time I see any of them. If they cannot besmirch AG Barr’s reputation prior to any release of results from his investigations into the origin of the Mueller report, they know they are finished. Except for the screaming and foot stomping, of course. Which will go on forever, so it will seem.
AG Barr is in a league so far above the crop of lefties in the dim/commie party, thus the reason they had to subpeona him for interrogation by “staff” lawyers, knowing he wouldn’t favor them with his presence under those conditions. And they certainly weren’t up to the task of interrogating Barr on their own. Proven by the Senate hearing he sat through and made the dims look more foolish they already made on their own. Making it possible for the Nads to go for “contempt”. Probably just about as effective as when Holder was AG and the repubs filed contempt for his refusal to appear in the “Fast and Furious” thing. A nothingburger then, a nothingburger now.
This whole episode is gonna come back to bite them in the butt. They just don’t seem to get it, yet.


As afraid as they may be, they lie like the devil himself and THEY HAVE THE MEDIA to spread their lies. When Mao was asked what was the greatest weapon he had to bring about the communist revolution in China, he said it was the PRESS.

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