Watch Nancy Pelosi Talk Gibberish at a Washington Post Event

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Regular readers know I like to say that if Democrats did not exist, the most creative fiction writer alive today could never in a million years make them up. No one personifies this principle of American life more starkly than our own favorite Speaker of the Gibberish, er, of the House, San Fran Nan Pelosi.

The latest example of our mush-mouthed Speaker talking slurring gibberish in public came Wednesday morning at some event hosted by the Democrat Party toadies at the Washington Post. Pelosi was doing her best to make some point about the supposed dastardly deeds of President Donald Trump, but all she succeeded in doing was making a point about her own creeping dementia and illiteracy. Here’s a clip, courtesy of Ryan Saavedra at Daily Wire (Transcript follows below).:

For those of you who still like to read and those of you who watched that clip and have no earthly idea what Mz. Mushmouth just tried to say, I have performed the immense personal service of transcribing her remarks verbatim. Here you go.:

“And ah have sshed the prezdent is goading us into … wants to goad us into impeachment because that..he knows w,uh, do I that (inhale) uh, muh, that’s uh…not a good thing for the counwro I know maybe he knows that but…he knows that I think that, let’s put it that way. Huh knows that I think that. But the fff, fff, the point is, is that every single day…whether it’s obstruction, obstruction, obstruction, obstruction of having, you know, people come to the table with facts…ugnoring subpoenas and oist…every single day the prezdent is making a case…he’s make…he’s becoming self-impeachable in terms of some of the things he is doing.”

Clear as mud, right? Right. Even the extremely Democrat-friendly hacks over at Slate haven’t got he slightest clue what she meant by this statement.

Now, laugh all you want at the Speaker’s inability to form complete sentences or express cogent thoughts without a script (or even with one, for that matter), but think about this: This incoherent apparent half-wit is two heartbeats away from becoming president.

Still laughing now? Yes?

Ok, so am I.

That is all.

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At least Pelosium knows now (finally) that the president is Trump and not Bush…

Also, to paraphrase the Somali Refugee Congresswoman:

“Some (good) people” (AG Barr) had better start doing the right “(some) thing”(s) to save this country as it was founded by investigating that whole stinking rotten city known as the swamp. Prosecute the media (for compensating leakers) the state and local officials of all sanctuary states and cities for willfully violating the immigration (and other) laws, silicon valley for First Amendment violations, the willfully corrupt FISA judges who don’t seem to be upset at all about being “misled” on the FOUR Carter Page FISA applications – where are the contempt of court charges against Comey, Rosenstein et al who lied to the court?, the wacko Hollywood activists and the violent Antifa etc. rioters! I would also like to see convictions of the moneymen who are bankrolling CAIR, BLM, the envirowackos, and every other subversive, and seditionist group including the DNC and the role our “allies” had in colluding/conspiring against President Donald John Trump and America.

Furthermore, let’s see every politician’s – all 500,000 or so – tax returns from when they were 18.


Anyone have the number for “A Place for Mom”?

I think they have room available….somewhere.

Diane Lumsden

I am so entertained and enlightened by your site that today I passed up all the article titles and was just looking for your name. Spot on every time. Thank you.

Don McCoy

And Biden thinks Margaret Thatcher is running the UK!

Huh? Seems as though she had one too many at happy hour.


Please someone put grandma in her proper resthome!


homina homina

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