The Week in Review: A Big Week for Bombshells, a Bad Week for Beto, a Great Week for America

The Campaign Update Week in Review
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

[The week just past as chronicled on the @GDBlackmon Twitter feed.]

The week began with the fake news media harassing its former hero, Robert Mueller, as he exited from church on Easter Sunday. The news-faking only got faker from there.:

Keeping with the Democrat/media preferred narrative, Chris Wallace did his duty over at Fox News Sunday.:

Russians’ support for Joseph Stalin surged to an all-time high. Democrat presidential candidates all over the country were thrilled.:

Over at MSNBC, serial liar Brian Williams, who lost his job as host of the NBC Nightly News for telling hysterically false stories on-air, was proving he’s learned nothing. Nothing at all. BTW, James Woods was suspended by Twitter shortly after posting this.:

Irish Bob O’Rourke’s no good, terrible, very bad week was just beginning…:

…and one more guy no one’s ever heard of jumped into the Democrat presidential race.:

The Democrats can’t say the word “Christian” anymore, so they made up a new term for them: Easter Worshippers. You seriously cannot make this stuff up.:

Nick Searcy nails Fauxcahontas and the current state of college education in America, all in a single 280-character tweet. Genius.:

Hide yo wife, hide yo kids, Creepy Joe Biden is on the prowl!:

When Mayor Pete was asked why he is running a campaign completely devoid of substance, he gives an answer that’s completely devoid of substance. And fake journalists everywhere swooned and sighed and said “he’s just sooooo dreamy!”:

As if we needed one, here’s another reason to hate the New York Yankees.:

My radio pal @GregBudell found exactly the right word to describe these idiots.:

Closing out a busy Monday, Brian Stelter doubled down on the fake in his daily Eunuch Address to CNN’s airport captive audience.:

Sri Lankan authorities confirmed what everyone already knew.:

Meanwhile, Mayor Pete was testing the waters for switching his campaign over to a Jimmy Swaggert strategy. In all seriousness, God probably doesn’t have a political party, but if he does, it certainly isn’t the party that favors killing babies after they’ve already been born.:

In a CNN townhall that nobody watched, The Commie was mining for votes in prison, presumably because the Democrat Party has already registered all the illegal aliens and dead people to vote.:

Matt Gaetz laid one bombshell on the table…

…and Tom Fitton revealed another.:

A clown car filled with #NeverTrump nitwits was forming in the GOP elephant’s rear.:

John Brennan’s bad case of Turret’s Syndrome was acting up again.:

Cher made an ass of herself on Twitter again. In other news, water remained wet.:

I got all pumped up because the Texas legislature is trying to pass a bill to get rid of daylight saving time here. They’re probably just sandbagging us like they’ve done several times before, but you can’t blame a guy for hoping.:

The President is as tired of House Democrats as he is of Mitt Romney.:

Dear Californians: STOP VOTING FOR DEMOCRATS. Will you never learn?:

Also, Dear Californians: STOP COMING TO TEXAS. We don’t want you to f*ck up our state, too.:

The slow, steady death of the White House press briefing continues, a policy I began advocating in early February, 2017. Because President Trump is his own daily press briefing.:

It was a week for very strange endorsements.:

When globalist European politicians wake up to the death of their country’s native culture, a crisis they themselves created…:

Another Spygate bombshell was dropped on Thursday…:

These #ClimateScam alarmists can’t keep their stories straight. We had been assured by @AOC that we still had 10 years left. Guess I’d better start drinking all my wine tonight.:

On Friday, more WINNING happened…:

…and the liberal tears were flowing again.:

Out here in Flyover Country, where real Americans live, the party was on.:

He’s a Democrat. That’s what Democrats do.:

One more Spygate bombshell for the week: The wife of VP Mike Pence’s former chief of staff was working for Super-Duper FBI Hotshot Peter Strzok throughout the Spygate affair. My goodness.:

Reliable Peggy Noonan was busy carrying the Deep State’s water this week.:

Speaking of press briefings, President Trump held one of his own on Friday evening, and it was epic.:

Irish Bob concluded a no-good, terrible, very bad week with a no-good, terrible, very bad day in Vegas.:

Meanwhile, the Democrat Party was coordinating with fake pollsters and the fake news media to roll out the 2016 strategy for 2020. It’s all they got, folks.:

I fixed ABC’s headline here.:

And this eventful week ended with the fake news media even faking the weather.:


That is all.

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