Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson Lob a Bombshell over to William Barr

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Well, that’s kind of a big deal.  – The fake news media and Teen Drama Queen James Comey will no doubt squeal that they shouldn’t use that bad word, “spying”, but Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson disagree. Grassley, who chairs the Senate Finance Committee and Johnson, Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, sent a joint letter over to Attorney General William Barr on Thursday in which they detail their concerns that the Obama-era Deep State Cabal within the DOJ and FBI continued to spy on the Trump operation after it had failed to fix the election for the Pantsuit Princess.

The letter cites texts between FBI Super-Duper Agent Peter Strzok and his illicit lover, FBI lawyer Lisa Page as evidence that efforts to entrap Trump officials in situations that could be construed as being improper was still ongoing weeks after the election had come and gone. The letter also notes the vast array of illegal leaks being published by the fake news media during the transition, leaks containing information that almost surely came from someone within DOJ or the FBI.  Here’s a key passage:

Additionally, we note that a number of news outlets have reported sensitive information related to the investigation into alleged Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. Those reports have revealed sensitive information focusing on the FBI sending informants to meet withTrump advisors; a warrant to surveil Carter Page; and the United Kingdom signal intelligence agency briefing former CIA Director John Brennan on alleged communications between Trump’s campaign and Russian officials, among other things. 11 Notably, the Justice Department Inspector General’s review of the Clinton investigation found “profound concerns about the volume and extent of unauthorized media contacts by FBI personnel…” 12 It appears the same happened during the Russia investigation. Leaks to the media about ongoing investigations undermine the ability of investigators to properly investigate. Moreover, sensitive leaks to the media while members of congress performing constitutionally mandated oversight are kept in the dark is unacceptable.


The senators, both of whose committees have oversight over the activities of the DOJ, go on to order Barr to work with their staff to schedule a joint hearing in the near future to provide testimony to the committees about the following:

  1. Please describe the nature and extent of your review of FBI surveillance of theTrump Campaign, President-elect Trump’s transition staff, Vice Presidentelect Pence’s transition staff, President Trump’s staff, and Vice PresidentPence’s staff, including your efforts to determine whether that surveillance was adequately predicated.
  2. How many counter-intelligence briefings were provided to the Trump and Pence transition staffs prior to Inauguration Day? Please list the dates, all agencies involved, and each official that represented those agencies at the briefings.
  3. Many of the FBI employees involved in these activities are no longer employed by the federal government. How will your review obtain information needed from these individuals?

Now, this is all a bit of well-orchestrated Washington, DC kabuki theater, of course. Anyone who has been paying attention to the information that has come to light about the Obama Administrations efforts to spy on the Trump camp has been aware for well over a year that those efforts continued not only through the transition, but that Obama holdovers at DOJ and the FBI kept it all going well after Trump’s inauguration.

Hell, that’s essentially what the entire Mueller Witch Hunt was all about. At the end of the day, it was little more than a Deep State-sanctioned intelligence-gathering operation designed to entrap Trump officials and provide the Democrats with both a roadmap to impeachment and opposition research to use during the 2020 campaign.

But now that Mueller’s operation has folded up shop, it’s finally time for the tables to turn. The letter from Grassley and Johnson demanding a hearing is just a part of the process necessary to start building the public record and case against the real law-breakers. You can be sure that Barr is well aware of the Obama conspiracy to fix the 2016 election and then find a way to depose Trump after he was elected. He was aware of all of that when he wrote his famous 2018 piece slamming the legitimacy of the entire special counsel process, in fact.

So this is not necessarily a “bombshell” for Barr or the few among us who have been paying attention to the case being built against the real bad actors, but for the 99.9% of the population who have been letting the fake news media distract them with all those fake news shiny objects, it is. This letter is a big deal, because it is the trigger that formally kicks off a process of revealing real information to the public through these two key committees.

That’s how this game ultimately works in Washington: Fake justice is very loud, quick and in-your-face on the 24-hour cable channels; but the wheels of real justice turn slowly, inexorably, and take place mainly behind the scenes.

That is all.

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A whole lot of people repeatedly say that if Trump doesn’t build the wall it’s going to hurt him badly in the election, but I think what will hurt him worse than anything is if by election time we don’t see Clinton and Obama (and all the underlings, but C & O MUST be in the crowd) either in jail or unmistakably on their way with the trials still ongoing, but the outcome inevitable. And the trials must be public and all the hideous truth thrown like a dead skunk on the kitchen and living room tables of all of America, so that it’s simply undeniable. And there better be some fake news media traitors in the jailbird gang as well. If things are still dragging on like they are right now come election time, with no straight up arrests, trials, or convictions, we’re in big trouble.

marty lopez

You are exactly right Greg, but let’s face it we are in big trouble no matter what. President Trump has proven to be a gigantic disappointment and totally inadequate. My extreme distaste and utter disdain for all things Democrat has extended the President every conceivable opportunity, but he has proved unwillingly and unable to take control of our border, presiding instead over the slow death of America. 1,400 illegals a day that we actually process continue to enter the country. There are no other issues! We are suffocating and drowning in third world garbage and sewage.

The last time he swore to take control of the border he allowed the Treasury Secretary buzzing market catastrophe in his ear to back him down, showing more interest in Wall Street than America’s Main street. This time, with a continuing deluge of caravans continuing to come he threatens to shut down only a section, or two of border, but even, if he does that much, which is doubtful he will undoubtedly back off in a week, or two. He’s already proven himself to be a weak Mary, a coward and a blow hard and now that the whole world knows it, the next six years won’t be pretty.

We are into year three of his Administration and America is just about over, finished, done; you can stick a fork in this country. The Mexican cartels, MS13, illegals caravans carrying people from God only knows where are coming in the windows, entering America and lining up for benefits, bankrupting the nation, destroying what’s left of our country, our cultural heritage and our infrastructure. Trump does nothing hiding behind the wall and blaming congress. He hasn’t built camps to detain them. He releases them into America’s heartland, everywhere a slum. I suppose he will throw another rally any day now, another dog and pony show, another Hannity interview, but I’ll never vote for him again. He has betrayed us. (spit)

7,000 ICE agents couldn’t round up enough people to make much of a difference in terms of saving, much less restoring America and supposing they could, Trump hasn’t even made an attempt to give them that order. It’s time to face the facts. Trump has played us for chumps, all red, white and blue. That much is clear and we know he isn’t stupid so that makes him just another traitor, a billionaire with his own agenda and another trick chasing a sale. I wanted to believe him and, I gave him every possible opportunity, but now Trump is dead to me, as dead as the America I once loved and, which he allowed to die. (spit, bitter)

And you can tell his supporters for me, they can take this economy of his and stick it where the sun won’t shine. If there isn’t any America for our children and grandchildren, who cares about a a bullschit, gold leaf billionaire and his economy? Mr. President. our children will learn to curse your treachery, your weakness and your broken promises. Without America we have nothing and all the people you have fooled with your empty promises will come to it soon enough, but even that bitter recognition won’t reinvest their children, or remove the Honduran trash, or the criminal cartels now in our midst. You lied to us and America died on your watch. You were our last chance and you have been found wanting.

The Chinese, N Korean’s and Mexican cartels will continue to abuse America and her citizens and Trump can do nothing. The President is too afraid not to have a deal, afraid to see the markets drop and because he is afraid our enemies see him for what he is, weak. Whenever he is faced with hard choices connected to a real price he folds like a cheap suit.

Those adversarial Chinese, Koreans and Mexicans aren’t overly impressed. They see him for what he really is, inconsequential. He is incapable of making any real deals, nor has he the ability to make any long term changes to the landscape. He is, but a speed bump, an inconvenience to be minimized and suffered through.

Meanwhile, the Donald talks/talks some more. # Sorry and weak, a hologram President eking out a second term no doubt. So sad to think about what could have been. To all my fellow patriots, I fall back on poetry helpless in the scope and realization of such senseless and tragic loss. “Farewell awhile to thee and thou, my native land good night.”

Ger San

Ah, no. This is a softball sent with the express purpose of giving the Obamabots a chance to explain their way out of any allegations ahead of the outrage. Look back at similar “blockbusters” and you’ll see this is nothing new.

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