Biden, Bernie, Buttigieg and Beto: The Democrat Killer Bs Lineup is Complete

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Hey, Biden’s announcing today – we need some fake polls! – And just like clockwork, Morning Consult produces one! It’s almost like it was pre-planned, designed by fake-polling Democrat activists to coincide with Creepy Uncle Joe’s announcement, right? But that couldn’t be the case, could it?

Well, sure it could. And it was. This stuff happens every day in Democrat/media/pollster world. Here’s the graphic that accompanies Morning Consult’s “online poll” – the word “online” means “utterly without any validity whatsoever” – released overnight:

Now, if you believe any of that, I want some of what you’re drinking, ‘cuz it must be real gooood.

Start with the Trump overall support number of 34% among “registered voters.” First, it’s an online poll – how in the world would Morning Consult know if respondents are even real people and not fake accounts created by those nefarious Russians, much less whether anyone who responds happens to be properly registered to vote?

But back to the 34%: President Donald Trump has a 49% public approval rating in the latest Rasmussen survey, which has been the most accurate polling operation in the country over the last two election cycles. He’s at 45% in the HarrisX survey, and even in the useless RealClearPolitics average of polls – which mysteriously still insists on including polls from news outlets and the hysterically fake Reuters – has him at 43.4%.

Does anyone really believe that, if all these “likely voters” surveyed by Rasmussen (one of a handful that bothers to structure its sample on those most likely to actually vote) go to the polls, almost 1/3rd of them would abandon the sitting President who has delivered the strongest economy in modern times to vote for Joe Freakin’ Biden? Please.

But enough about fake polls.

Biden’s long-anticipated and long-delayed entrance into the race today (which he announced by posting a carefully-constructed video on Twitter so he couldn’t screw anything up) completes the Democrat field for all intents and purposes. Other no-accounts like New York City Governor Bill DeBlasio might still jump in, but hey, the field is already chock full of communists, so he’d be wasting his time. The reality is that Biden is the last candidate who matters, which is part of the reason why he’s waited so long to formally announce.

Biden now joins the party’s other three B-listers (there apparently are no A-listers available), the pasty-faced lineup of white guys who are giving the Party’s social justice warrior-filled voter base heartburn: Bernie, Buttigieg and Beto, i.e., The Commie, Mayor Pete and Irish Bob O’Rourke.

Yes, the Killer Bs have come back to life in this race, and, according Morning Consult, they are taking almost all of the SJW air out of the identity politics room, combining for 69% support. That total goes as low as 59% if you want to believe Monmouth’s poll, or as high as 70% if you choose to look at Emerson. Regardless, the Killer Bs aren’t leaving a lot of room for the women, fake Indians and minority candidates to break through the white guy wall.

But don’t worry, all you SJWs, this will not last for long. Joe Biden might as well brand his campaign “Joe!” because he’s just “Jeb!” all over again, a completely out-of-place, unexciting dinosaur who will spend a ton of money and be out of the race shortly after the New Hampshire primary, if not before.

The most fascinating part of Biden’s campaign will be watching to see how he deals with all the attacks that are coming his way from the SJW crowd – like his 40 year-old statement that gay people in key federal employee roles are a security risk because they’re susceptible to blackmail – and the looming scandal over the billion-dollar sweetheart deal with the Ukraine that he set up for his son’s firm to profit from. Combine those things with his half-century history of inappropriate touching of women and children, and he presents an awful lot of problems for the fake news media to cover up.

The reality for Biden is that today is most likely the best polling day he will have in this race, and it’s all downhill from here.

Irish Bob O’Rourke is probably on a similar trajectory at this point. His polling numbers spiked up above 10% for a few weeks after he finally announced, but are now mired in the mid-single digits and not showing any positive signs. He has not only lost his “rising star” media-fed mojo to Mayor Pete, but he’s also running a completely meaningless, substance-devoid campaign.

Irish Bob’s campaign is like an episode of Seinfeld: A show about nothing starring a cynical clown who makes a living telling fake stories to small audiences. His entire basis for running was the foundation of support he’d receive from a fawning media. But he waited too long to announce, and the fickle media turned its eye to Mayor Pete. It’s hard to see how Irish Bob stages a breakthrough at this point in such a crowded field.

Mayor Pete and The Commie are the Killer Bs with a real future in this race: The Commie because he’s a true, committed commie and Mayor Pete because he’s the media’s current prom date and can easily run just slightly to the right of The Commie and pretend to be a mere socialist. Mayor Pete’s other advantage is that, being gay, he ticks off one of the major SJW boxes that sort of dims his otherwise-glaring white-maleness.

I still think that Andrew Yang will make some noise in this race, but not until the televised debates begin this summer. He’s a very non-conventional thinker in a Marxist lunatic sort of way, and he will really stand out in that format. And we should also expect Spartacus Booker to have a little boomlet at some point, because he is also really adept at attracting media attention. Julian Castro might also jump up the polling ladder at some point, because sooner or later the creeps in the fake news media are going to feel very guilty about ignoring the only real Hispanic candidate in the race.

But the field is set and the Democrats’ Star Wars bar scene cast is now complete. It’s off to the races, and oh, what a frightening display it’s all going to be.

That is all.

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Carlos Dangler

You need to add Broom-Hilda. She’s the original “Killer” B. Just ask Vince Foster and Seth Rich.
Oooops, you can’t,

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