Tom Fitton: It’s Not Just a DOJ/FBI Scandal – There Must be Criminal Accountability

Today’s Campaign Update, Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Next mandatory step: Accountability. – Appearing on Judge Jeanine Piro’s show Saturday evening, President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton correctly pointed out what simply must happen next related to the Obama-era Deep State cabal that just tried and failed to execute a coup d’etat in our nation

Here’s a video clip:

Here’s the transcript of Fitton’s key points:

Fitton: They’re trying desperately to hold onto…their hoax. It was a knowing lie…they all knew there was no Russia Collusion, and they concocted pretextual intelligence reports, working with the Clinton Campaign… to go after President Trump with an illicit and unprecedented spying campaign.

It’s not just a DOJ/FBI scandal. The CIA, the NSA, the Office of Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and the State Department were all a part of this. It was all hands on deck going after then-candidate Trump, and then it continued and morphed into the corruptly-formed Mueller investigation, and … there should never have been a Mueller Report.

This monstrous Report is just another abuse of power by the Mueller Special Counsel operation, designed to defame and politically hamper the President, as opposed to shed light on anything substantial.

Q from Piro: Don’t we need to put an end to this kind of thing, where people lie to congress and present false documents to the courts – doesn’t there need to be criminal accountability?

Fitton: If I was the President, I would walk over to the Washington field office of the FBI and lodge a criminal complaint. It’s that bad: He is a crime victim. Peter Strzok and people like that, who abused their office and targeted him for political purposes, they victimized him and many others, and there’s got to be criminal accountability there.

Two key things to take away from this:

First, while we have used shorthand in describing this as a “DOJ/FBI Cabal,” it really involved Obama personnel from throughout the intelligence community – including CIA Director John Brennan and DNI Director James Clapper – and at the State Department, which played a big role in efforts to distribute and legitimize the fake Trump Dossier.

Second, Attorney General Barr’s next big job – the biggest and most important he will ever have – is to bring these people to justice. That means criminal prosecutions of the Strzoks and the Comeys and the Brennans, Clappers, Pages, McCabes, Yates and anyone else who actively participated in a complex and illegal plot to fix an election and fraudulently remove a duly-elected president.

If our country is to survive intact as a free and functioning constitutional republic, this accountability simply must take place. If Barr can’t get it done, then the Democrats will just keep doing this stuff into perpetuity.

That is all.

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Cameron Howe

Totally agree. But, Barr can file charges, but they will be dismissed under the guise of qualified immunity (aka functional immunity, aka immunity ratione materiae). That’s how I see this all playing out.


Come on, Tom. They will just admit they were bad, take responsibility and just move on as usual. Nothing to see here.


This is why we donate to Tom’s organization! God bless him and his staff for all they do for us!

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