Chris Wallace’s Latest Sunday Disgrace Shows Growing Leftward Shift of Fox News

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This is Fox News. – No, really, it actually is Fox News Sunday, the flagship Sunday morning program for the supposed “balanced” news channel. Hosted by Chris Wallace, son of long-time CBS reporter Mike Wallace, this program is fast becoming a bell cow signaling a general shift in Fox’s news reporting from “fair, balanced and unafraid” to “liberal, tilted and aspiring to be CNN.”

This Sunday’s program showed Wallace at his very worst: bomastic, combative, argumentative, constantly interrupting and shrill.  Well, that was how he behaved when he interviewed Trump White House counsel Rudy Giuliani, anyway, barely allowing the former New York Mayor to get three words out before jumping in to “correct” him. Here’s the clip:

That’s not an interview, it’s disgusting hackery by a biased interviewer focused on not allowing the interviewee to get his message out. It’s like something out of the prime time CNN or MSNBC lineups, something you’d expect from Chris Matthews or Chris Cuomo.

Next up for Wallace on Fox News Sunday was Bug-eyed Adam Schiff, the pathological liar congressman from California who has been running around for two years claiming he’s seen clear proof of “Russia Collusion”, but refusing to say what that “proof” actually is. So, you’re thinking, wow, this clown’s coming on Fox News, he’s gonna get destroyed, right?


Watch as intrepid Fox host Chris Cuo…er…Matth…er… Wallace poses softball question after softball question, and then sits back in his chair and lets Schiff drone on and on and on without any attempt to interrupt him or correct the false record he’s creating:

I have in the past praised Wallace for his even-handedness. Frankly, I believe his conduct of third debate between Trump and the Pantsuit Princess, focusing on issues of substance rather than Trump’s personal failings as the two previous debate moderators had done, played a big role in the clinching the election for President Trump. Wallace can be a fine, real journalist when he wants to. But his conduct on Fox News Sunday recently and his commentary on other programs during the week show a decided leftward trend.

So, there you go, folks, there is today’s Fox News: biased, timid and totally afraid to do its job. Oh, the prime time line up remains a bastion of conservative advocacy – for now, anyway. But the daytime and weekend news programs are all trending liberal/left, and another year or two of that trend will leave this cable channel looking no different than its competition.

Robert Mueller, media/Democrat hero, is suddenly Robert Mueller, media/Democrat target. – What a difference a few weeks make. As long as Robert Mueller was functioning as America’s Gestapo Chief, er, “Special Counsel” and trying to execute a slow-rolling coup d’etat on President Donald Trump, he was the media/Democrat establishment’s Upright Man, a man with unassailable character, a man who was going to save the country from the BAD ORANGE MAN in the White House.

For almost two solid years, this guy was completely off-limits to reporters muck-raking for a story. For all those months while his Witch Hunt was ongoing, no “journalist” working at any mainstream fake news media outlet would have ever dreamed – not in a million years – to try to accost the Upright Man With Unassailable Character as he walked around in public.

Think about it: In all that time, from May 17, 2017 when he was appointed until March 22, 2019, when he folded up his tent and formally handed his final report to Attorney General William Barr, do you remember seeing a single reporter attempt to ask this guy a single question? Yeah, neither do I.

But now, his coup d’etat effort having failed with a real Attorney General suddenly occupying that key office, Robert Mueller finds himself fair game, even a target for the media and their Democrat masters. He found that out the hard way yesterday as he emerged from church on Easter Sunday, and found a despicable fake reporter and camera guy running up to shout questions at him as he tried to get into his car and leave. Here’s the video of that disgusting incident:

So hey, Bob, this is the thanks you get for carrying the Deep State’s water for two years. Frankly, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

Best of luck with all of that.

That is all.

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Wallace should have shutoff Rudy’s microphone. That man is nothing more than interrupting blowhard without credibility.


You’ve got’em backwards.

Robert Gaines

I gave up on Chris last fall with his “she’s so believable” after hearing just the first segment of Ballsy Ford’s mousy, rehearsed, coached victim “testimony.”


How can anyone not see how biased and full of hatred chris Wallace is against Trump. Hostility was obvious right from the presidential debates!!?

william chandler

ALL FOX News was ever meant to be was a propaganda machine to steer American Christians into groveling to Israel … A true Judas Goat.
BEWARE of FOX news —– Rupert Murdoch is a FLAMING LIBERAL “christian.zionist” posing as Conservative.
— flip to FOX Entertainment and you get TMZ, GLEE, Family Guy, and numerous other ANTI-FAMILY propaganda crap promoting the homosexual, drug, degenerate lifestyles. Rupert Murdoch HATES Christian Families.
I Have said for years —- Murdoch uses FOX NEWS to control, steer, Conservatism. FOX NEWS is never allowed to criticize America’s enemy, Israel. FOX is Controlled Opposition, and “teaches” RINOneoconism —
In a shocking admission by a high-level mainstream media operative, the CEO of News Corp. has revealed that major media corporations are pushing the likes of Google and Facebook to censor the alternative media despite the fact that the vast majority of Americans have little to no trust in the establishment press. The comments were, made by the CEO of Rupert Murdoch’s publishing arm, Robert Thompson, about the so-called “dysfunctional” online environment which in reality actually refers to a free internet where independent reporters can reach the masses themselves.


You’re aware that Alex Jones admitted to having a psychotic episode?

Jason Bradshaw

Sad state of affairs when wanting to keep someone to facts and honesty is a left wing agenda

Paco Valdez

Rat-faced Chris is the acorn that fell close to ferret-faced Mike.


I subscribe (finally) to Levin, OAN, Newsmax, Britbart, all through BlazeTV. And although I think it’s not very “user friendly”, I’ve been watching less and less of FOX. Those on the shows during the day are not leaning left (of course Sheppy baby has been ALL CNN for a long time). Night time – Hannity, Ingraham, Carlson, on FOXBIZ – Regan, Dobbs) are still conservative.


Hannity is nothing more than a noisy gong or clanging cymbal

Stephen Geiger

I bet Chris Wallace would be a joy to have a conversation with at a party. He would constantly interrupt anything you tried to say.


For the past year especially, I have been very angry with Wallace not allowing conservative guests to answer questions without his constant interruptions and over talk under the guise that he has to get to the next question. My suggestion, make a list of questions based on most important first and disregard the lesser important questions if time runs out. However, he does not place the same criteria on opposing guests from the democrat side. Two or three weeks ago, he had a replacement. I can’t remember her name, but she was excellent. I don’t have cable and watch on free public airtime which has become so biased that I’m almost ready to pull the plug.

marty lopez

Conversely, Levin had a great show last night. Both Mueller and Wallace have exposed themselves, but such people are beyond embarrassment. As for Fox itself, it has been shifting to the left for a long time now. They are corporate globalists determined to weaken and destroy America as we have always known it. It’s all about redistributing middle class assets to third world demographics so as to allow multinational corporate interests to get more market share. Fox is not your friend.

RJ loomis

I have quit fox news in fact we canceled our cable tv all of it I will not pay to watch this crap.Wallace has always been a left wing nut job done with fox

Left Coast

Mike is an A$$HAT . . . not a friggin clue . . . !

Bruce Baker

I’m done with Fox. Watch their numbers fall!




Wallace and Shep are left wing hacks. Nuff said!

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