The Misplaced Priorities of the FBI and DOJ Protect the Deep State Seditionists

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But…but…but wouldn’t that be double jeopardy? Answer: No.  – Corrupt Cook County State’s Attorney Kimberly Foxx and a corrupt state judge can fix things for Jussie Smollett at the state level, but there isn’t a thing they can do to help him out with federal crimes he may have committed in his effort to smear President Donald Trump and his millions of supporters.

Before he claimed to have been attacked by two MAGA-cap-wearing thugs – a claim the Chicago PD investigated and determined to have been laughably false – Smollett may have committed the federal crime of mail fraud. A week prior to that alleged assault, a threatening letter arrived at the offices of “Empire”, complete with “MAGA” smeared across the envelope.

Investigators suspect Smollett mailed the letter to himself in his pathological efforts to get himself a raise by convincing the TV series’ producers that he had become a widely-recognized star. You seriously cannot make this stuff up.

This would be a classic case of mail fraud, a federal crime for which Paul Manafort is, in part, spending the next 5 years in prison. Some legal talking heads are speculating further that Smollett could even be prosecuted under the federal hate crimes laws, given the Chicago PD’s belief that the fake assault he planned and paid for (with a personal check, no less) amounts to the commission of a hate crime against himself.  Awesome.

The President himself let it be known early Thursday morning that the DOJ  and FBI are actually on this particular case for once:

Which embarrassment are we talking about here, Mr. President – Smollett, Chicago’s corrupt politics, or the FBI and DOJ? – It’s a great question, isn’t it?

No doubt it’s a good thing that federal investigators will be trying to bring some real justice down around this despicable actor’s head, but it’s pretty hard to celebrate that without noting at the same time the ongoing, abject failure of the DOJ to assert similar justice on those who spent all of 2016 trying to fix the presidential election and all of 2017 and 2018 attempting to execute a coup d’etat.

It seems the FBI and DOJ have all sorts of assets to dedicate to chasing a 3rd-tier actor or rich parents who bribe universities to admit their under-performing children – an investigation to which the FBI bragged it had dedicated no less than 300(!) agents. But when it comes to indicting and raiding the homes and perp-walking deep state snakes like James Comey, Sally Yates, Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok, well, suddenly they apparently can’t be bothered to lift a finger.

And what of John Brennan, the Obama-era CIA Director and living embodiment of “Homeland” character Dar Adal? Here is a guy who has leveraged his experience as a former spymaster into a lucrative “analyst” gig with MSNBC, from which perch he has spent the last two years accusing the sitting President of committing treason.

Talk about projection – this guy was involved in this deep state coup up to his wrinkled neck. It has been public knowledge for well over a year that he in fact was involved in the authorization of the use of the fake Trump Dossier to obtain the FISA warrants needed to spy on the Trump Campaign and Transition team. Senator Rand Paul apparently just discovered this reality on Wednesday, and issued this tweet in response:

Yes, he should be subpoenaed to testify under oath – although he would not doubt just lie to congress as he has done multiple times in the past.

But more than that, he should be under a focused investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI that it oversees. If we have a legitimate, respectable system of justice, he and all the others named above and many more should be the subject of grand jury investigations involving massive dedication of FBI resources, just like all those celebrity parents were. In “Homeland”, the Dar Adal character ended up in prison. It’s fun to envision his real-life personification joining him there, but there is precious little visible evidence that anyone at DOJ is working to make that happen.

Our President just survived a slow-rolling coup attempt guided by Gestapo Chief, er, “Special Counsel” Robert Mueller. The people who led that attempt must not be allowed to walk away from it unscathed by the justice system.

So, yes, by all means, let the DOJ go after Jussie Smollett and toss him in the federal pen if he is indeed guilty.  But let’s not pretend that doing that should be the DOJ’s highest priority.

There are so many bigger fish to fry, and it’s long past time we saw someone who works for William Barr heating up the grease.


That is all.

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How can the FBI be trusted to investigate the FBI? Doesn’t this need to be Secret Service or some other organization. And who should investigate the DOJ or as I have come to call it the Department of Injustice(DOI).

william chandler

A BIASED FBI means ALL FBI sworn testimony is questionable and unreliable.
A BIASED FBI means every court case outcome in which the FBI has been involved is untrustworthy.
A BIASED FBI means that everything from WACO to Oklahoma Bomb to 9/11 must be reexamined.
The Feds/FBI did a criminally irresponsible job of investigating the Oklahoma Bomb and Sanilac county, with the Militia Culture permeating it. There were TWO militias up there. (1) The CITIZENS Militia, with 85 year old Hattie Farley, which OPPOSED the Sheriff and the “Good Old Boys” and (2) The violence prone, RACIST, PRO-sheriff “element”.
Sanilac county Sheriff Virgil Strickler was BFF and business partner with David Rydel, “commandant” of the “united States Theatre Command” militia which is named in the FBI “Project Megiddo” report for Y2K. Strickler let the Rydel militia use the deptment’s shooting range. LOUD explosions on the Nichols farm were repeatedly reported to Strickler, So what do you know! when the Feds raided the farm the evidence was cleaned up. James Nichols stated in his speech at the Dearborn Centennial Library that the FIRST person he wanted to talk to was Strickler, which he did BEFORE talking to the FEDS. James was welcomed home as a HERO when he was released from Federal custody. All described in Nichols’ book “Freedom’s End”
The “support network” for the bomb extended to the very top of Sanilac County.

marty lopez

The President took a victory lap in Michigan and not only was the emperor fully clothed in his most splendid, regal attire, but he adorned himself with a scarlet letter, prominently draped around his neck. Then the President said it out loud in front of the God and everybody. He used the “A” word, as, if he felt exactly what the nation had been asking itself. The President pledged there would indeed be accountability for these criminal conspiracies promising to get to the bottom of it. I re-uped right on the spot and signed up for six more years with a light weapons infantry MOS.

Before it was over, he went to the border and then he said it some more. He said he would shut the whole thing down, if he has to and he put it on Mexico. He said it all, everything I could ask for and I knew he was tight. I wanted to go all the way with this guy. And I will. Before God and whatever enemies dare mass.

He said it and the entire nation heard it. He said he would shut the border down, if he had to and he said there would be accountability. That’s all I needed to hear. He’s that fellow and he’s marching. We’re moving out. The fight is coming and I intend to be there. The country is red hot for Trump and I believe he is with us. We’re all going downtown together this time and with President to lead us, we will give them a bit of what for they won’t soon forget. Thank god we didn’t lose you Mr. President and thank God you pulled me back in.


I’m in favor of POTUS shutting down the border today, right now. Start with putting the military on the border and refusing entry to anyone without proper documentation. Seeking asylum? Go to country of origin and take it to the US embassies there to start the process. This needs to stop before the whole situation gets out of hand and the patriots in this nation scream “enough” and head to the border to enforce the law of the land.
The leftists have no idea of how many of us there are who are able and willing to do just that to protect our nation from the invasion from the southern border. Yes, they are invaders being used by the left as cannon fodder to get their way and regain the power they lost due to the last administration’s obvious anti-Constitutional and anti-American actions.

Newt Love

Oh, wow! NOT! The FBI and DoJ are fresh off completing the Russian Collusion HOAX, and ready to try and salvage the reputation of the TRAITOROUS FBI and DoJ. Their first target is Jussy Smelt, a 3rd rate actor on a marginal show who faked a racial hate crime.

Will there be 42 FBI agents investigating, and 17 lawyers prosecuting Smelt for his heinous crime?

Hey, Barr! Why not investigate how the weaponized ICs, FBI and DoJ were racing each other to stab Donald Trump in the back? If you think this pathetic Smelt prosecution will restore our faith in your corrupt Agency, then you may as well go the full Monty and bring back the tactics of J Edgar Hoover. You may as well help Adam Schiff to be the next Joseph McCarthy.

Go ahead and prove me wrong about you covering up the corruption. I dare you.


And then, on top it all off, the FBI will allow Foxx’s nonsense to stand.


Brennan was also probably the paymaster for at least Henry Greenberg, Joseph Mifsud, and Stefan Halper.

Newt Love

I heard a rumor that Stefan Halper will play a young Jabba the Hutt in a future Star Wars spin off.

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