Senate Vote to Rebuke Trump Lets GOP Voters Meet the Real Enemy

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

The Kabuki Theater in our nation’s capital never ceases. – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell – who will be the Senate Minority Leader after the 2020 elections if he keeps pulling nonsense like this – staged a show vote in the U.S. Senate yesterday that will lead to President Donald Trump’s first exercise of his veto power.

The show vote came on a resolution to reverse the President’s national emergency declaration on the border situation – which congress is completely responsible for causing and allowing to mushroom – that was earlier passed by the House of Representatives. That declaration is clearly within both the President’s constitutional authority and consistent with the powers that congress had explicitly granted to every U.S. president in a law it passed in 1976.

Given that reality, the proper thing for a congress truly concerned with protecting its own powers to do would have been to act to reverse that 1976 law. But no, this is Kabuki theater we are playing at here, and members of congress really don’t want to have to be responsible for anything other than raising money for their next re-election campaign. Thus, House Democrats and a handful of Republicans came up with this resolution targeting a single declaration by a President they hate, a power that was exercised 17 times by America’s Worst Mistake, Barack Hussein Obama.

Given that this resolution contained a poison pill provision that gave the Senate just 18 days in which to hold a vote following the Feb. 26 house passage of it, McConnell could simply have allowed it to die on the vine without bringing it to the Senate floor as he has done with literally hundreds of previous bad bills that have come over from the House during his time in the leader’s post. But the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the editorial board at the Wall Street Journal, and other major advocates of open borders demanded a show vote, and McConnell gave in to pressure from senate Republicans who are beholden to those elements of the D.C. establishment universe.

In the end, a dozen Republicans joined all 47 Senate Democrats in voting to pass the resolution. Rand Paul of Kentucky and Utah Senator Mike Lee voted with the majority due to their libertarian “principles”, principles that always seem to give one or both of them reason to defect to the Democrats on matters of real national import.  Funny how that works.

But the other 10 Rs who voted that way did so simply to please their open borders benefactors, and thus deserve to be mentioned by name and remembered by every thinking American who wishes to avoid turning our own country into just another 3rd-world hovel. Those senators are:

Susan Collins of Maine

Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who has more conflicts than an episode of “Empire”

Mitt Romney of Utah because of course Mitt Romney is on this list

Marco Rubio of Florida because he still thinks he might be president some day

Rob Portman of Ohio

Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania

Jerry Moran of Kansas

Roy Blount of Missouri

Lamar Alexander of Tennessee

Roger Wicker of Mississippi

There they are in all their D.C. establishment glory, folks. Remember their names, and vote against them if you ever get the chance.

For his part, President Trump responded to the congressional taunt in typically hilarious and blunt fashion:

It’s a power he needs to use far more often. No better time to start than with this bit of Kabuki theater brought to his desk intentionally by Mitch McConnell and the open borders crowd in the GOP caucus.

Where GOP voters are concerned, a great line from the old “Pogo” comic strip comes to mind here:


That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Sorry to bother you, Dave. You do have censors: I’ve copied every one of my messages before posting; when they’re rejected, I rewrite them for clarity, length and focus. I posted one on McCain that was perhaps too long, but your service rejected them all, until I had to settle for a bare-bones post. Your blog; your rules – unless your service is doing things you don’t know about. I don’t have your email, but you have mine, so contacting you personally isn’t an option. Your call.

You’re great. I know I’ve hogged some space, and am sometimes off-topic. I don’t want to have a blog of my own; I like your views and your way of expressing them, and I see this as an opportunity for a double skeet shoot: you call “pull,” shoot, and I shoot at the pieces left in the sky. Or I try to nail them if you miss. That’s all.

Email me if you like. I won’t post any further without your permission. Your blog; your rules.

Jimmy MacAfee

Real enemy: John “Songbird” McCain. Spreader of the fake dossier, while claiming he didn’t spread it. Liar. Good riddance.

Phil Anon

It wasn’t a “show” vote. The Senate was required to vote per ’76 Emergency Powers Act regardless of Senate rules and McConnell’s wishes. The irony is Congress is abiding by one part of the Emergency Powers Act, but saying the President can’t do what he did per the Emergency Powers Act. Without severability, Congress’ position is illogical. Trump will veto, the House will not be able to override, and McConnell will turtle on.

Jimmy MacAfee

Off topic: NZ shooter 5 Eyes.


Repealing the ’76 Emergency Powers Act would indeed be the way to address the issue of the POTUS “abusing ” his power. But to repeal it would take away Dem’s and RINO’s ability to use it for whatever they want in the future. Everything is political after all. I won’t defend any of the R’s who voted with the Dems…just crazy. The bulk of the blame still goes to the most despicable political party in our nations’s history, the Democrats – or at least the version that it’s become since BHO. They wouldn’t give DJT a win no matter what, and besides, open borders give them illegals, and illegals that will vote for them in the coming elections. Remember, if they Dems didn’t cheat, they would never win at anything.

Jimmy MacAfee

Same people who want open borders and cheat on behalf of their brats oppose school choice. Hmmmm. How does that work? The ones who want more for their own want others to be mired in the muck at the bottom of the pit, never to have an opportunity for success. Question: how did Chelsea Clinton get into a nice school? How did she get a phenomenally well-paying job? Did other kids raised in DC who weren’t born into the Elite get those same opportunities? Bill? Hillary? Asking you, you snotty, greedy pervs.


All known open border RINO’s. McConnell is a two faced liar, he knows he’d be tossed on his ear if his constituents find out he wants open borders and cheap labor for his campaign funder’s. Throw all The Bums Out!,,

Jimmy MacAfee

What should have happened: at the end of 2018, they should have demoted Paul Ryan and paid for the Wall. But as you said: the US Chamberpot of Commerce and the Koch Bros. and the rest of the slime that want Americans groveling in their dirt for pennies – while cheating to make sure their brats go to elite colleges and universities. Had Ryan been replaced, and HRC been prosecuted and all the elements of corruption exposed, there’s a decent chance that the House would have stayed Republican.

william chandler

I pledge a $500+ donation to rent buses and move hundreds, thousands, of homeless and illegals to Pelosi’s, Schumer’s homes. They demand the Homeless & Illegals be “welcomed”? Take video of how THEY “welcome” the destitute. Soros and the Lefties paid to organize and transport those illegals up to Our border … and then CRUELLY ABANDONED them at the border, We should move them the last miles to the Soros, Pelosi, Schumer homes, where they will be lovingly fed, clothed, housed. Be sure to get lots of video of the warm welcome extended by the Loving Liberals.
LEADERS do not eat until their People are fed. But WE are really not Their People ……..
Congress does not get SECURITY until the People get security.
Remove ALL Taxpayer funded guards, barriers, door locks, gates and fences from all Congressional offices, facilities and homes. If OUR Families don’t get security CONGRESS doesn’t get security. Don’t put up with this crap. If YOUR family is “UNWORTHY” of protection the stinking politicians certainly are unworthy.
What happened to their mantra “IF it saves only ONE life it is worth it”?
YOUR family’s life is not “worth it”?! Not to Congress…………
Climb over THEIR walls and see how you are “welcomed”.
Walls Don’t Work? Then Why Did Dems Build GIANT Wall to Protect Their 2016 National Convention?
Obama has 7 walls — http://www.independentsenti
Look at Pelosi’s walls —


Sadly, if history is any indication, we Republicans will simply reelect these RINOs until they retire or die on The Hill. To threaten to punish them by voting them out rings VERY hollow to this discouraged old fellow.


I’m pretty discouraged myself. The FBI, CIA, NSA, the House, the Senate, all the mainstream media, all are owned and controlled by powers and money that are in fact enemies of the will of the people and the survival of the USA. Um um um.

Cameron Howe

Sounds like 10 opportunities for a recall.

Robert Gaines


Ned Jacob H.

“…a dozen Republicans joined all 47 Senate Republicans.” Don’t you mean 47 Senate Democrats?

Hal Lemoyne

Every republican that vote rebuked against our US President TRUMP

is distainedfully remembered

and I DO NOT consider them to be even US citizens

they really need to be completely immediately separated from being US elected power

they use our US Lawmaking powers as a deadly weapon like a terrorist trying to kill

all of our President TRUMP safe US National Security initiative agendas that WE USofA

SO desperately need to thrawt all terrorist foreign & domestic

and as see those neverTRUMP demoncratic republicans are terrorist against our USofA

and they’re extremely shameful & hateful against all our awesome US National Interest

this is the sad Truth

and this needs to be changed as immediately as possible on TRUMPing Nov 2020!!!

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