The College Admissions Bribery Scandal: A Black Market in White Privilege

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an actress. – Everyone should watch this video. Trust me, just watch it. It’ll be the best 23 minutes you invest this week. I’m going to keep this pinned at the top of each piece I post for the next few days in order to maximize its – and her – exposure.

This college admissions bribery scandal is just fascinating to me. Here you have a bunch of mainly-white, mainly-liberal wealthy people using their status and money to buy their kids’ way into some of the Ivy League and other “top” universities in the country. So, now we know how Chelsea Clinton and David Hogg really got into Harvard, right? Right.

In some ways, other than the manner in which the money changed hands, this is literally nothing new. It’s really a throwback to the old days before affirmative action and various Supreme Court decisions kicked in, when many of the schools were filled with rich upper-class “legacy” students who got into the school only because their parents graduated from it and gave it a lot of money over the years. So from that perspective, how is this really any different?

The problem for the children of privilege nowadays is that money talks, but it doesn’t talk louder than actual college entrance requirements and racial/gender quotas do. Thus, the parents of these kids could still throw their money around, but could no longer do it out in the open.

Where Thurston Chatsworth Longfellow V could get into Harvard or Yale in the 1960s for no other reason than all the Thurston Chatsworth Longfellows who had come before him had somehow managed to obtain degrees from the school and contributed gobs of money to one of the many school-affilated foundations and funds, Thurston Chatsworth Longfellow VI now has to actually make some grades and otherwise get into the school via some sort of merit.

That is, unless mummy or daddy is willing and able to have records falsified and slide several hundred grand into into an offshore bank account for the benefit of some key professor, dean or coach. Thus, what used to be a perfectly legal and regularly practiced aspect of very real, mainly-white privilege  – as opposed to all the fake kinds the social justice warriors lament these days – has been forced underground.

Today, this formerly accepted, if somewhat distasteful practice that colleges viewed as a way to raise money is now, thanks to statutes and court decisions, operating in its own sort of black market, a black market in white privilege.


That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Not you, I guess, but I reposted longer and progressively shorter versions over a dozen times. I ended up with a bare-bones post. If you don’t want me to post, I will respectfully stop.

Jimmy MacAfee


Jimmy MacAfee

John McCain was a “legacy” (not a legend.) He also had a legacy assignment to become a pilot.

Carlos Dangler

That legacy turned out to be kind of expensive for the Navy and for us taxpayers.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yep. Censors kept my from putting out the details.

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