Democrats Change Impeachment Talking Points, Fake Media Parrots Them

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

The Democrats have new talking points, not a new strategy, on impeachment. – In case you missed it, I told you yesterday evening that San Fran Nan has changed her talking points on impeachment, and went onto explain why it’s pretty much certain that she is lying (hint: her lips are moving).

In case you missed Pelosi’s comments and don’t want to click the provided link, here they are:

“I’m not for impeachment. This is news. I haven’t said this to any press person before. But since you asked, and I’ve been thinking about this, impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path because it divides the country. And he’s just not worth it.”

Of course, the fake news media, in its collective duty to serve as the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party, is treating Pelosi’s new script as if it were the 10 Commandments handed down from on high, and repeating them across the interwebnets and your TV screens this morning. Even some conservative voices are buying into the doddering Speaker’s new act, and treating her highly-qualified statements as if they’re some sort of “win” for President Donald Trump.

They aren’t.

To be fair to those fellow conservatives, it isn’t just Pelosi reading from a new script here. Bug-eyed California Congressman Adam Schiff, who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, echoed Pelosi’s remarks when questioned by CNN’s Manu Raju: “I think given how polarized the country is right now and given how the Republican members of Congress have prostrated themselves right now in front of the president, in the absence of very graphic evidence, it would be difficult to get the support of” the Senate.

But execrable New York Congressman Jerrold Nadler, whose own House Judiciary got the impeachment ball rolling by sending out 81 subpoenas last week, gave away the game when he told Raju “She laid down a number of conditions – it has got to be bipartisan, the evidence has to be overwhelming – which is what I’ve been saying.”

Get it yet? This is not a “win”, it’s not the Democrats backing away in fright from what polls show would be an extremely unpopular move to impeach the President. What it is is the Democrats, startled that the testimony by their “star witness” Michael Cohen was simply rejected by the vast majority of the public – including an overwhelming percentage of self-identifying Independents – now taking one step back and switching to a more cautious set of talking points.

Ok, I guess you could call that a moral victory of sorts.

But that’s all this is, folks – Democrats do this all the time. They and their media agents will stick with this set of talking points for a couple of weeks and then Schiff will start issuing subpoenas of his own. Then the talking points will change again, but the process and the strategy will remain the same.

The Democrats engage in this kind of deceitful behavior because they think you are a bunch of mindless sheep – and they are sadly right about the 37% of you who believed a word Michael Cohen said – and because they know the media is in their pocket and thus would never dream of holding them accountable.

Sorry to be repetitive here, but this is a learning moment for everyone. I know it is hard for many people to wrap their minds around exactly how abjectly dishonest the Democrat Party and national news media have become. Hard to believe this could have happened in this country.

But it has happened in this country, and once you accept that reality, everything they do and say makes perfect sense.

That is all.

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Russell Scott

Since so much of the government is above the law, they can impeach all they want. As Bill Clinton proved, it has no consequences in modern Babylon. America will be great again after we have a catastrophic failure, and can rise from the ashes of corruption that has destroyed our Constitutional system of government.

Jimmy MacAfee

This is the deal: they tried to overthrow the Trump Presidency, even before he took office; they tried to overthrow the Trump Presidency as he took office; they tried to overthrow the Trump Presidency every since. They’ve tried in multiple ways and means: fake charges brought about by a corrupt fake investigation by a corrupt former FBI official – anything to bring the President down.

This is what is scary: at the point when they were slipping, the number of assassination attempts against the President rose. They will stop at nothing. Most of these have been unreported or barely reported. How many of you know about the guy heading up from Georgia (“the devil came up from Georgia?”) Some of the silence is because the Secret Service doesn’t advertise, but others…? The press would just as soon see the President left in a smoldering pile of rubble, along with Vice President Pence, and to see “President Pelosi.”

So when they started talk about impeachment, those attempts slowed; watch for the increase because one half of the party has grown cold on impeachment, while the “Justice Democrats” have grown wilder and crazier. This is just a step-back for Pelosi et al, letting their Brown shirts do their dirty work. Pelosi could do something about AOC, but she won’t: AOC is doing her bidding, providing an extreme example, while what remains of the DNC is a smoking pile of Clinton. Pray for our President’s safety, because the hour of correction is coming, and the enemies of Freedom – Nancy, Chuckie, AOC – are about to find out what happens when their treason is exposed. Can you say: ASIF backward?


Concerning any kind of correction – I don’t see anything major happening here. There are too many deep state actors in the DOJ to get a cohesive movement. AG Barr is an unknown at this point. Too early to say if he’ll clean up his house or just ride the status quo. I’d like to keep thinking that DJT has some definitive dirt on the FISA scandal, but I don’t know when he will declassify/reveal anything. Is he biding his time? Waiting for the right moment? Hard to say. But Clinton is gone…

The Dems however are playing a risky game. I agree with David – their actions do not match their words. If impeachment is off the table, then there is no use for all of these investigations. They are hoping they will turn up something egregious enough to get everyone against Trump before the election. I highly doubt this, and I suspect when the Mueller report is released (or leaked) showing no wrongdoing, there will be more questions as to why all of these investigations are happening. I think it will ultimately get him re-elected.

Jimmy MacAfee

I agree with your conclusion, and most of what you wrote; my point is that desperation is setting in, and will grow now that Mueller won’t have anything to show for his fraudulent investigation, and the writing is on the wall. Desperation can lead to despair, or it can lead to – as it has in the past – radicalization and violence. The writing for the Dhimmi Party:

mene mene tekel upharsim

Weighed, weighed, counted and divided (or)
Measured, measured, counted and divided

The party of Baalam and Asherah and Molech is facing a reckoning, and the more extreme they get, the more they’ll suffer.

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