A National Reckoning is Coming on Russia Collusion

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

The great media retrenchment begins. – So, what if, as the rampant speculation around Washington and facts of the matter indicate, Gestapo Chief, er, “Special Counsel” Robert Mueller finds there was no collusion between President Donald Trump and Russia? ABC’s Terry Moran had this to say on his network’s “This Week” program yesterday:

“That’s a reckoning for progressives and Democrats who hoped that Mueller would essentially erase the 2016 election. It’s a reckoning for the media. It’s a reckoning around the country if in fact after all this time there was no collusion.”

I reckon he’s right. Which, come to think of it, is probably the first time I’ve reckoned that about the veteran news-faker.

And so, the great media retrenchment on this fantasy play begins in earnest. Moran’s statement – no doubt written well ahead of time and vetted with his ABC superiors before it was recited from memory on the set – is very carefully worded. Note how he separates the “progressives and Democrats who hoped that Mueller would essentially erase the 2016 election” from “the media,” as if they are two separate entities. Laughable, that.

The “media” – and ABC News is among the very worst offenders of the lot – has been deeply intertwined with the Democrats in this Russia Collusion fairy tale since day one. It is now a matter of public record that many fake journalists were involved in helping to set up the entire charade, carefully coordinating the timing of articles with Democrat strategists, as well as the messages that would be repeated on-air continuously and echoed throughout social media.

The truth today is as it always was from day 1: The contacts that the Trump Campaign and Transition Team had with various Russians were the sort that are typical for any viable presidential campaign. Even more to the point of proving the DOJ/FBI conspiracy to prevent Trump from winning in 2016, the only contacts with anyone outside of the norm were those that were with people like longtime FBI/CIA operative Stefan Halper, which were literally set up by that Deep State Cabal via what they called “Operation Crossfire Hurricane.”

Meanwhile, the Pantsuit Princess and her campaign were having all sorts of contacts that are not the standard kind at all. Like, for example, spending $10 million or so to have a British agent develop a fake “Trump Dossier” and working with well-known Russian spies in the process.

Remember all that?  Yeah, Terry Moran and his fellow news-fakers in the national media have done their dead-level best to ignore the actual facts involved in this fantasy play, choosing instead to constantly repeat the daily talking points approved by the DNC on the matter. But some of us have long memories.

You can expect Moran’s colleagues in the fake news media to embark on their own retrenchment campaigns this week, as they see the handwriting on the wall, and the Mueller Witch Hunt winds down to its inevitable close. But the reckoning will come, because most Americans aren’t nearly as stupid as people like Terry Moran assume they are.

Hey, at least most 16 year-olds are legal citizens, so we got that going for us. – In case you missed it, Democrats in the House of Representatives attempted last Wednesday to lower the legal voting age to … wait for it … 16!

Yes, friends, Democrats are so focused on obtaining political power that a majority of them in the U.S. House are willing to give voting rights to children whose main daily concern is where they misplaced their pimple medicine. The amendment failed by a margin of 126-305, but among Democrats alone, the vote was 125-108. So you can see where this is all headed.

That vote came two days before House Democrats voted as a solid bloc to confer voting rights to illegal aliens in communities, like San Francisco, where local officials have approved such dilution of the votes of actual citizens.

Again, as I’ve written 100 times before, Democrats’ preference for open borders and lax voting laws has literally nothing at all to do with things like compassion or human rights. It simply has to do with what always drives every policy position the Democrat Party takes, which is the acquisition and maintenance of political power.

The reason you see videos from 8-10 years ago of today’s Democrat supporters of open borders – Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, and on and on and on – haranguing against illegal immigration is because those were the talking points dictated to them at the time by the leaders of organized labor. But about the time Obama got elected to the presidency, the Democrat Party made the calculation that organized labor, as a voting bloc, was dying off, and that it could ultimately mine far more votes from all these illegal immigrants, either via voter fraud or, ultimately, conferring voting rights on them.

So the Democrat Party, as a whole, suddenly threw organized labor off the boat and started pushing open borders policies. It took organized labor until the 2016 elections to figure out it was the date that had been stood up for the prom, but its shifting votes towards the GOP side played a large role in Trump’s ability to carry states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio.

Today, we now see the Democrat Party making the very same political calculation on the Jewish vote, which it has always dominated. It is now quite obvious that Democrat leaders have made the calculation that its open borders policies will inevitably mean that Muslims will soon outnumber Jews in America, and thus, there will be more Muslim votes to be mined.

Which is why you saw the Dems completely unable to pass a simple resolution to condemn Ilhan Omar’s constant anti-Semitic hate speech last week.

None of this is hidden, folks. They’re doing this all out in the open, if you just pay attention.

That is all.

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The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


Jimmy MacAfee

Thank you!


The Dems will try anything to give them the advantage for the next (and following elections). Lower the voting age, open borders, tie with muslims, anything to get more votes. They can’t win if they don’t cheat.

Allying with muslims could destroy the Dem party and America with it. Can the Dems be so greedy they risk our nation just to be in power? If that sect does here what they have done in the UK, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Switzerland, they won’t assimilate into America, they will try to transform America to match their ideals. They are very good at taking advantage of minority rights in tolerant western nations, but once they are the majority, minorities have very few rights


I would also add that the media may come to the aforementioned “reckoning” quicker than the Dem party. I wonder at what point they might might break with Dems as the Mueller report comes out (whether released or leaked) and the endless house investigations in search of a crime drag on. Will they continue with endless coverage or will they pivot to the Dems 2020 campaigns? There will be what 15 to 20 running soon? That’s a lot to cover when you have wall to wall Trump=bad coverage now.

Jimmy MacAfee

Look up AOC Justice Democrats: AOC is just an actress. The people who are now being charged with FEC violations are her handlers, who give her every talking point. She auditioned for the job: she is not a real Congresswoman. Justice Democrats hope to primary every moderate Dem (an extinct species) and those whom they don’t control. Think I’m joking? Do the research.

As far as open-borders Dems: Bernie the Prune once said that open borders “was a Koch brothers fantasy.” He was as against illegal immigration as President Trump is now; then he went with the DNC line sometime in 2015. He has no core values other than resentment and envy, and his ethics are no more solid than a cow fart.

Preston Venzant

Most of what the Democrats do is political but there is a very strong resemblance to godlessness. They attack Jews, borders, Christianity, the country’s leadership, prayer, human life, police, the country’s opposition, and even tax payers. It sounds like some kind of horror show from the time of the narcissistic emperors of the Roman Empire. If they ever win the presidency again it will be the greatest horror unleashed on this nation. Even worse than the Civil War. Forced ideology over governing a nation.


At some point, soon, the Democrats will just completely DROP the pretenses and arrest Trump because they feel Hillary should have won. And the Right will sit by and watch it happen…


So now Jews are going to bring their liberal agenda to the Republican Party? Jesus, I hope not. We have enough diversity …..RINOs.

Jimmy MacAfee

One of their desired hopes about lowering the voting age to 16: lowering the “age of consent.” Eventually, they’ll attempt to lower the voting age to 14, then 12. Certain voting blocs will be pushing these changes for their own sick and exploitative purposes.

Just like AOC: she’s a fake candidate, a fake Congressman and nothing but a puppet. There is a group behind her, pushing all her talking points. She’s as vapid as most 14 year old children, as they intended. Kakistocracy, at its most basic definition.


The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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