The Week in Review: Jussie, Alexandria, Ilhan and Various Other Frauds

The Campaign Update Week in Review
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

The Week in Review, courtesy of the @GDBlackmon Twitter Feed…

The week started with a really bad poll for the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez/Bernie Sanders Democrats, and went downhill from there.:

And now a moment for some funny stuff…:

If you doubt that leftists hate you, all you have to do is listen to what their talking head heroes say on national television every day. Then the doubts will disappear.:

Bernie Sanders misspelled “Democrats” so I fixed if for him.:

Matt Walsh didn’t need a documentary on HBO to tell him Michael Jackson was a media-protected monster. Neither did I.:

Nick Searcy was fantastic in “Justified.” He’s even better on Twitter.:


Amy Walter asks a very pertinent question, and I have a ready answer.:

CNN is garbage, Part 17,556.:

Actually, what drives people crazy is that she’s as powerful as an actual sentient human being.:

Oh, yeah, and this actually happened. No really, it’s not photo-shopped or CGI. Pinky-swear.:

The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman is a trained propagandist, er, “journalist”, oh yes she is.:

Here is Wisconsin’s new governor, announcing his effort to secure his state’s electoral votes for the Democrat nominee in 2020 via voter fraud.:

It’s a real blessing sometimes, this “Climate Change” thing.:

And now another brief comedy break…:

Oh, hell, and one more…:

Rep. Rob Bishop nails the essence of the Green New Deal.:

I’m sorry, but c’mon. Be serious.:

Dear Diary:

If “Global Warming” isn’t stopped soon, we’re all going to freeze to death.:

Leftwing propagandist David Corn won’t post photos here because he’s lying, and Sky Harbor Airport called him out on it.:

Kat Timpf is silly, and it’s showing.:

This is a big, big deal. Next, they’ll be writing off Florida.:

Hint: The backup plan’s name is Wendy Davis. No, really, I’m not kidding.:

Not surprising, since they can’t risk having any real journalist like Brit Hume or Bret Baier asking any tough questions. Utterly pathetic, but that is today’s Democrats for you.:

Oh, hey, Mitt Romney actually got to visit the Oval Office.:

Nick Short shows us how it all works.:

Please stop giving Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow Green New Deal promoters bad ideas!:

The Democrats were having a little trouble finding away to condemn Ilhan Omar’s rank anti-Semitism…:

Ok, c’mon – you know I’m right here.:

I’m right about this, too.:

He exists, he just doesn’t do anything.:

Finland provided us with another object lesson about socialism on Friday. Was anyone listening?:

I’m more than happy to concede the future of the Democrat Party to the likes of AOC and Ilhan Omar, just so long as we can concede the future of the GOP to the likes of Dan Crenshaw.

Traitors gonna traitor.:

Jussie’s in a bit of hot water.:

San Fran Nan applies the soft bigotry of low expectations to her new “rising star”.:

Just a thought…:

The week ended on a high note.:

That is all.

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Cortez & Omar certainly not two of the thousand points of light. Just spewing psychobabble. The dark side of the force is strong with these. Editorial page:

Jimmy MacAfee

Here’s the Weak in Preview:
Glenn Simpson is under investigation for lying, lies even more; Ann Coulter rides a motorcycle over a shark cage on her way to first date with Michael Avenatti; Wussie Smellett goes on a week long weep-a-thon, compares himself to Jesus and the Crocodile Hunter (“they stabbed me in the heart!”;) Princess Pelosi cuts AOC’s head off, AOC doesn’t even notice; Adam SCIF faces leaking charges, buys stock in Depends; Bernie is too far-right for New Dems, goes on rant about idea-theft; AOC, having blasted FDR, now says Stalin “too moderate;” HRC stumbles and has a medical emergency when a transfusion isn’t immediately available, then turns to stone like a troll; Jerrold Nadler, AKA “The Penguin,” (thanks to whomever posted that image) is shown to have deep Russian connections – (think: “Fiddler Made a Goof”); Barbara Streisand embraces Islam, wears a veil (thank G0D!); Ron Paul calls Ex-Lax “unconstitutional,” interfering with normal constitutional processes; George Soros blinded by his own eye-bags, admits having a secret crush on President Trump; Amy Klobuchar proposes legislation to force Americans to use combs instead of forks for salads, (therefore answering forever the question of which fork to use for salads and which to use for the entrée); Kamala (“Sutra” – thanks Roseanne!) Harris tries to legalize prostitution, uses her own behavior with a former mayor as an example of how it might be beneficial for women; Kama-Sutra Harris lambasts Weinstein accusers for whining.. The Weak in Preview! (all misspellings intentional)

Jimmy MacAfee

Can’t wait to see who will be next on Lin Wood’s list! You know, Spring is like a parade of sorts, with new flowers and trees blooming every day! Same with the list of people to be sued for trying to make Nicholas Sandmann’s life a complete hellscape. Spring is here! What will bloom next?

Just a question: without Wikileaks, would we have ever found out about HRC’s treasonous acts, via email system and otherwise? Sometimes the Pentagon Papers need to be exposed for all to see. Leave the girl/boy alone.

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