Why 2020 Will End With a Trump Landslide

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Donald Trump is going to be re-elected in a landslide in 2020. In reality, the Democrats are behaving as if they already know their fate is basically sealed. That’s what all these congressional investigations are really all about – a panicked effort to keep portraying a duly-elected President as if he’s a criminal in the wake of the impending end of the failed Mueller Witch Hunt.

Those investigations will fail, just as Mueller has failed, to “get” the President, because the President is not a crook. Jerrold Nadler and his House Judiciary Committee sent out 81 subpoenas on Monday as the opening salvo in an effort to dummy up a case of “obstruction of justice” against Trump. This is a case that Mueller and his band of Clinton/Obama hacks has been trying to construct for almost two full years now, and utterly failed.

Are we really to believe that a congressional committee with far less investigatory power and fewer resources is going to be able to succeed where Mueller failed? Please.

In a few weeks, Bug-Eyed Adam Schiff and the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee will be kicking off their own witch hunt effort to try to dummy up an “abuse of power” case against Mr. Trump. Mueller and his hacks have also gone down that road over the last 22 months and discovered a big, yellow “Dead End” sign.

Also along around the first of April, Elijah Cummings and the Dems on the House Oversight Committee will start their own witch hunt attempt to paste together a case on “public corruption.” Again, Mueller and his fellow American Gestapo members have been there, failed at that.

But the Democrats will go down these various dead-end paths anyway, and keep them all alive right through Election Day 2020 for one simple reason: President Donald Trump is running an extraordinarily successful presidency. The economy is humming, the stock market is booming, retirement funds are growing, ISIS has been utterly destroyed, and America is at relative peace in the world for really the first time in this century.

The Democrats hate all of that.

Even worse, the Trump presidency has been economically fantastic for Hispanic and Black Americans, with both demographic groups now experiencing all-time record low unemployment and high wage growth. The same is true for women, whether they realize it or not, and polls show Trump’s approval ratings rising among all those critical demographic groups.

So, the Democrats fully understand that they cannot run the 2020 campaign on issues and have any hope at all of winning. Thus, they devised this highly-coordinated plan of attack involving three House committees shortly after the 2018 election, exactly as they devised the whole “Russia Collusion” fairy tale in the days following the 2016 election.

Those of us who read Mollie Hemingway’s writings at The Federalist knew all this was coming last November 7, just three days after the election. That was when she posted her piece summarizing the conversation he had overheard Nadler loudly conducting in an Amtrak rail car they shared that day. This is all pre-planned, well-coordinated with key propagandists in our fake news media in order to ensure maximum coverage and reinforcement in traditional and social media.

This is who the Democrats are – it is what they spend pretty much all their waking hours doing. Nothing they do is about policy or what’s best for America or our people – everything they do is about the acquisition and maintenance of political power.

Here’s why none of this will work: Because the Democrats have no credibility with the public outside of their own, hate-blinded voter base. The three chairmen conducting these witch hunts – Nadler, Schiff and Cummings – are three of the most toxic partisan hacks in the entire congress.

Valid or not, Robert Mueller at least had the initial presumption of impartiality in the public’s mind, thanks to completely inaccurate and glowing media coverage. But these three Democrat thugs have already been written off by all but he most highly-partisan Democrat voters as having no credibility whatsoever.

Nothing any of these people say or “find” during the course of their witch hunts is going to have the slightest impact on the independent voters who really matter. To the contrary, those same independent voters will be driven away by the inevitable over-reaching and rank demagoguery to which various Democrat members of these committees will regularly resort. We already saw that happen in Cummings’ hearing with Michael Cohen.

All of which is why, as I told you way back in February 2017, Donald J. Trump is destined to be a two-term President, and a truly great President.

2020 is going to be a landslide.

That is all.

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That one guy from the South

David, as much as I love your daily wisdom, I cannot start my day without reading your blog, I am concerned over your exultations that President Trump will win in a landslide. Those type of statements may have the unintended consequence of having those in support of Mr Trump decide that “he can win without my vote” and stay home to watch reruns on TV Land. To ensure a Republican victory we need to mobilize every voter possible in order to make your predicted “landslide” come true. You can be certain that the other side will be out rounding up voters, both living and dead, legal and illegal, along with faked absentee ballots.

Moving on to Hillary and her campaign that she is not running, I have a suspicion that Hillary is hoping that the Democratic convention will not be able to settle on a candidate and Hillary will be selected to be the “dark horse” candidate for the nomination. It’s a guess but I think it is safe to say that Hillary still has aspirations to be President of the United States. Just saying!


This article completely missed the point. Ongoing investigations are required to protect the guilty. As long as there are “ongoing investigations”, evidence can be withheld from the public.

The swamp stinks, but the creatures that live there aren’t stupid.

Ludo Sator

I’m an independent. I was also a #NeverTrump in the last go round.

However, the Democrat have now made it imperative for me to vote for Trump and support him and his administration in any way possible, as have the RINO Republicans. I think they way they are acting is despicable and creating a frightening prospect for the future.

Can you imagine getting on the wrong side of a Democrat Congressman, or a friend of yours getting on the wrong side of the Democrats and having your whole life examined by a Congressional committee as a result ? This is NOT the way to govern.

I cannot imagine that a single true independent will reward the Democrats in any way come 2020 and that will spell the end of any opportunity to impeach.

I believe the radical Democrats are being extremely foolish and will pay the price. I will also be praying that this is the case.


I’ve been a conservative Constitutinal independent for a long time. The last time the dims got my vote was for JFK, then they killed him.
Anyway, by the way the dims/progs/commies are behaving now just further cements by opinion that they are not truly Americans who believe in the Constitution nor the rule of law.
The left is exposing their true colors with each flap of their pieholes. And the bonus is that they are driving more of the undecided and some others over to support the POTUS. It is gonna be entertaining to watch the self-destruction of the jackass party.
Their clown car is way over capacity this time around. I don’t think they realize it, fully, yet.
Gotta get more popcorn.

Jimmy MacAfee

Nadler “believes.” That’s all he has. (I believe Jerrold Nadler eats pine cones and poison dart frogs, and passes goat wind, but that’s just a belief.)

AOC was brought in to eliminate Princess P’s competition; she got too big for her britches, and the Ds are in a civil war and she’s being scrutinized. Pretty soon, she’ll be dismantled. But she’s still temporarily being propped up for the time when the Clinton Machine is brought down – (which is almost the entire party.) The fear is that if the Machine is brought down, AOC and the White Haired Snake Oil Salesman (Bernie) will take over. The Machine already went faaaaar left on baby-killing, in order to secure those walls of support, and that’s already blowing up in their faces (Northam); the Green New Duhhh was supported with temporary supports by the lower IQ Ds, and that’s blowing up in their Collective schnozes. They don’t know what to do if the Clinton Machine is brought down, Podesta and all, and there is fear at the same time Nadler ruffs and puffs and threatens to bring the W House down. (Nadler is a goat, not a wolf.)

Result? No D party. Finished. More like a pile of fizzled fireworks. (Wait until declass!) Walls come tumbling. Many Ds turn to Trump, press is exposed for collaboration with F. Eyes and Big (corrupt) Media is finished. Real Media takes over.

Mongo Guy

I believe Nadler blows dogs for a nickel and gives change. But that’s just a belief.

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