The Week in Review: A Rat, A Duke, A Dress, A Bug-Eyed Schiff and AOC

The Campaign Update Week in Review
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

The Week in Review, courtesy of the @GDBlackmon Twitter Feed…

The week kicked off with a controversy about a 48 year-old interview in Playboy Magazine with John Wayne. A friend had the best take on that one:

Things only went downhill from there. Here SkyNews, the very liberal and very British affiliate of Fox News, asks possibly the least relevant question of the century thus far:

On the Sunday morning talk shows, California Democrat Bug-eyed Adam Schiff was doing what he always does…:

…and then CNN jumped into the competition with SkyNews to see which could post the most absurd story of the day, because of course they did.:

Charlie Sykes thinks we need Mitt Romney. I properly set him straight on when it was that we really did need him. It was a long, long time ago, and he failed us.:

Speaking of The Duke, let us bask in his greatness. Oh, and look who smiled and hugged him when she presented his award.:

Oh, yeah, the Oscars were Sunday night. Here’s how the ummmm…er….welllll….’men’ dressed for the occasion this year.:

The news-fakers at USA Today did their best to describe Mr. Porter’s attire a something it wasn’t, and I wasn’t in the mood for it.:

Ok, let’s just move on, shall we?

It was an exasperating week during which even the smart people were doing dumb stuff.  The normally astute Byron York asks a very dumb question.:

No further explanation required here.:

Like AOC, Harry Reid needs a self-awareness coach.:

As President Trump prepared to fly out to Vietnam to meet with the Crazy Little Fat Guy, the memes were flying. Here’s one of the very best.:

Speaking of lying California Democrats, I give you Kamala Harris.:

Offered without further comment, because none is needed.:

You really can’t make this stuff up, folks…:

Sometimes the future looks incredible, but then you think things through…:

Steve Goddard succinctly and hilariously sums up the #ClimateScam, something he does about 26 times every week.:

A blast from the past that never gets old.:

Hey, wonder which way Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s staff voted on this one?

Mere pocket change to today’s Democrat Party.:

The depravity of the Democrat Party has never been on more blatant display than it was this week.:

James Woods doesn’t like shaking hands, so I offered a solution.:

Here I thank AOC for her incredibly generous stupidity and shamelessly promote my website, all in 280 characters.  I can be efficient when I want to be.:

My Twitter feed also has its very own handy FACT CHECK service. No need to thank me.:

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up, and who would really want to?:

Lara Logan continued her campaign to tell the truth about our fake news media. Our fake news media was not amused.:

Speaking of fake news, the news-fakers at Slate did their dead level best to avoid the point of the new HBO film revealing the true nature of the monster Michael Jackson, so I tried to set them straight. It probably didn’t work, but it made me feel better.:

Oh yeah, and the Rat was testifying on Capitol Hill most of the week. So tiresome.:

Shameless self-promotion, in case you missed it.:

The horrific outcomes of Democrat Party policy choices, part 23,252.:

Back on February, 7,  I wrote that Irish Bob O’Rourke had better Fish or Cut Bait on his decision whether or not to run for the presidency, speculating that he was running the risk of missing his moment.  That speculation looked pretty prescient this week when he made his announcement and almost nobody noticed.:

I couldn’t have said it any better…:

The Olympics have been trending towards PC fakery for many years now, but this week, they went all-in. No need to waste time watching anymore.:

This candidate for congress doesn’t know the difference between a fully-automatic weapon and a semi-automatic weapon. Needless to say, she’s a Democrat.:

If you don’t follow  Nick Searcy on Twitter, you are missing all the fun.:

Seriously, are there really people out there who are so damn dumb that they thought these two were doing anything other than promoting a film?  Really?:

If you missed this, you need to watch it, and I’m not kidding.:

Here I sum up Joe Biden without even having to talk about all his creepy handsy-ness with women and children.:

Some other guy jumped into the Democrat presidential race.:

Hey, you can’t blame a guy for hoping, can you?:

Good Lindsey Graham continues its takeover of Bad Lindsey Graham, a trend that’s been ongoing since John McCain left this life last August.:

Just in case anyone has forgotten…:

Glad he was finally arrested, but why did it take so long? Oh, yeah, because he assaulted a conservative at Berkeley. Stupid question.:

President Donald Trump (I never tire of typing those three glorious words) set the house on fire with a two-hour stemwinder at CPAC.:

Finally, Saturday was Texas Independence Day. God Bless Texas, y’all!:

That is all.

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Michael Zimmerman

Not to nit pick, but your fact check on fully automatic weapons is incorrect. You can still purchase them, and the process is pretty straight forward. Find one for sale (a M-16A1, non-Colt runs about $16k), pay for it, and have it transferred from a Class 3 FFL to another close to you, submit your paperwork and pay the tax to the ATF. Wait a long time for approval, and eventually you will receive your tax stamp back, and can pick your M-16 up from the FFL dealer.

Jimmy MacAfee

The picture of the NPD “thing” in the dress? Well, grampa always used to say (no, he didn’t, but he might have)
“The bigger the dress, the less under the dress.”
Guy has a real poofy dress, billowinf and like Mary Poppins; in one word, we’d call it “overcompensation.”


It was a very interesting week for sure in Donald Trump’s America. There is NEVER a dull moment and I cannot wait for the upcoming week. One never knows what will be at the forefront in the slow roll Democrat meltdown in America.

Jimmy MacAfee

Great tweets, Dave!
Was thinking about competitive swimming and transgenders: will the female-to-males wear tops? Full body suits are banned by FINA for men. Hmmm. And how will the men-to-women cover their nut-butters? Dromedary digits galore! (For anyone who has ever participated in competitive swimming, you will know exactly what I mean!)

Jimmy MacAfee

The Deep State read Romney in to classified information, knowing that he couldn’t use Benghazi and other issues; he had already wiped the floor with Obama in the first debate, but inexplicably rolled over for a tummy rub after he was read-in – and asked politely for a saucer of milk. Mittens lost the election because he’s a strategic moron. This represents his thinking as he was offered to be read-in:

“Oh, boy! I’m in the Big Time! They’re reading me in to national security secrets! They must think I can win! I’m a Big Boy now!”

No, they didn’t think he would win: they used what they gave him to keep him from wiping the floor with Obama again; Mittens lost because of his vanity and arrogance, and the misuse of Intel by the Deep State.

Jimmy MacAfee

Hi Mockingbird! Can’t post things that are unacceptable to the Deep State again?

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