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Man, that global warming is wreaking havoc in California. Oh, wait… – Scientists have been recording daily temperatures in Los Angeles for 132 years.  In all that time, they have never recorded a month of February during which the mercury did not top 70 degrees Fahrenheit on at least one day.

But then 2019 came along, and the temperature in LA remained below the 70 degree level for the entire 28 days.  Can there be any doubt that the “scientists” at NOAA who have spent the last decade defrauding the historic global temperature records in order to make the modern era appear to be warming will soon issue a report claiming this February to be the “warmest on record”?

I give it maybe 30 days before that happens. The Climate Scam never ends.

Today’s Public Service Announcement: Just so no one forgets: Ralph KKK Baby-Killer Blackface Coonman Northam is still Governor of Virginia, one full month after his college photo was revealed for all to see. Thanks, Democrats!


Chief Justice John Anthony Kennedy David Souter Roberts strikes again. – In case you missed it, our squish Chief Justice made more moves this week to side with the liberal minority on the Supreme court:

“Roberts joined the liberals Wednesday in two rulings that left the conservatives in dissent. Most notably, he cast the deciding vote to order a new look at the mental competence of a death row inmate who says he can’t remember the crimes he committed.

The votes add to an unmistakable pattern, offering fresh indications that Roberts is in no hurry to oversee a conservative legal revolution. The chief justice has also joined 5-4 orders that blocked President Donald Trump from curbing bids for asylum at the Mexican border and stopped Louisiana from enforcing new abortion restrictions.”

Here’s my favorite part of that Bloomberg article:

“’Chief Justice Roberts’s voting pattern this year reflects a change,’ said Josh Blackman, a professor at the South Texas College of Law in Houston.”

You don’t sayyyyyy…

In reality, Roberts’ voting pattern simply reflects the pattern at-large for half of the Supreme Court justices appointed by Republican presidents going back to the great Ronald Reagan. Reagan gave us Sandra Day O’Connor and Anthony Kennedy, sandwiched around great justices in William Rehnquist and Antonin Scalia; Poppy Bush gave us the execrable closet leftist David Souter before redeeming himself with the stalwart Clarence Thomas; George W. Bush first served up Justice Roberts before trying to go even lower with the laughable nomination of Harriett Myers – who the Senate properly rejected – and then made a big comeback with the nomination of Samuel Alito.

So when you look at that history, the reality is that the three GOP presidents before Donald J. Trump batted .500 when it comes to putting strict constructionist judges onto the Supreme Court. Even Ronaldus Magnus had a hard time getting it all right, although in his defense he did first nominate Robert Bork before serving up Kennedy, after Bork was shamefully slandered by Senate Democrats.

Roberts gave us a preview of things to come nine years ago with his horrific “that fee is a tax except when I want to call it a fee for the purposes of this laughably twisted and illogical decision” Obamacare ruling. But he seems to have waited for Kennedy to be replaced by a real conservative justice before making his move to go all-in to become the squish vote on the Court.

After this week, there can be no doubt that that is exactly where his real comfort zone is, which only makes the 2020 election that much more critical for the future of our country.

President Trump needs at least one more appointment.

That is all.

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I have thought of Roberts as a closet liberal (conservative when it doesn’t count – when Kennedy votes liberal as in gay marriage – and liberal when it does, i.e. Obamacare) ever since he “ruled” on Obamacare as a “constitutional” tax. He will probably screw us and Trump on the boarder emergency.

The only solution to this activism is for Trump to get to replace both of Clinton’s judges. That way, the court will only have the two Obama bimbos on it and seven Republican appointees allows for two “conservative” judges to be turncoats. At that time when a swing vote won’t matter, Roberts will reemerge as a conservative to reestablish his “constructionist” bonefides.

I say Trump needs to get two more appointments because one of his judicial picks probably will turn out to be a dud. Judging from some of his cabinet picks, it could well be the case where he selects a Souter instead of an Alito. Especially since almost all judges seem to become naturally more liberal over time and none ever become more conservative.

What I really don’t understand is that when all Republican judicial nominees are trashed by the Democrats, they still often seem to side with the left – after confirmation! A logical person would think that their decisions would be even more conservative; not one toward appeasement of/to the left.

I might add to your comment that the GOP presidents bat only .500 on good/bad judges; Democratic presidents bat 1.000 in stocking the courts with leftist hacks masquerading as competent impartial judges whose decisions are always reliably anti-American and anti-Constitutional.

Dave, name the last conservative, or even moderate, judge that was appointed by Democratic President.

Dave Gaetano

We all should pray that a liberal justice leaves the Supreme Court soon.

Jimmy MacAfee

There needs to be an investigation into the rumors of blackmail of the Chief Justice – to put an end to the rumors one way or another. If the rumors are true, then an investigation must begin (with the cause for blackmail being set aside permanently.) The investigation then goes as follows:

Who holds the cards? And how will we deal with blackmailers?

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