We Must Stop Giving the Democrat Party a Pass

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Soulless ghouls. – Last night, 44 of the 47 Senate Democrats voted against a bill designed to protect the lives of babies born into this world after failed attempts by abortionists to murder them while in the womb. The other three apparently didn’t have the courage to even show up and be counted. [Correction: Three Rs – Murkowski, Tim Scott and Kevin Cramer – voted against this bill, and 3 Ds – Doug Jones, Bob Casey and Joe Manchin – voted for it.] 44 soulless ghouls – including every one of the half-dozen or so Democrat senators running for the presidency. This is the state of your Democrat Party today. You can have it. Here is how the President responded to this sad event:

In 2002, a bill containing the same language was passed UNANIMOUSLY in the U.S. Senate.

If you’re a Democrat, are you proud of where your party is today? Understand that protecting the ability of abortion factories like Planned Parenthood to murder live born children (something they’ve allegedly been doing for many years) is the reason why Democrat politicians and pro-abortion activists have so viciously fought against bills in various states the last several years that would require the butchers who work at abortion factories to maintain operating rights at local hospitals.

These activists and politicians are so eager to keep murdering children – and that is what this is, outright murder – that they not only want to remove any responsibility on the part of the butchers to make the slightest effort to save a live-born child, they want to remove any possibility that they might be able to do so.

There have been so many horrifically low moments for the Democrat Party in recent years that it is now not humanly possible to catalog them all, but last night’s vote may represent an all-time nadir.

Time to stop giving Democrats a pass. – This brings me to a topic I’ve been stewing about for quite a while now. It’s an uncomfortable one for so many Republicans/conservatives because so many of us still have friends and family members who are Democrats, and it would require a change in a long-ingrained behavior on our part.

Simply put, we as a society simply must stop giving the Democrat Party a pass on all the rampant mendacity it creates and supports. Because conservatives have not radicalized over the last half-century like the Democrats have, we have been in the habit of pretending that our Democrat “friends” are not really responsible for all these horrible things – it’s always those other moving parts of the radical leftist movement who are doing all the damage to our society while the Democrat Party sits by innocently saying ‘tsk, tsk’ and clucking its collective tongue.

Whenever a bunch of Antifa goons cause a riot in some city in California or Oregon or anywhere else, our reaction is to point fingers at those specific radicals and the George Soros money that funds them. But George Soros and Antifa are nothing more or less than militant arms of the national Democrat Party – they are in fact inseparable and daily coordinating their efforts to destroy the foundations of our society. Like it did with the Ku Klux Klan in the wake of the Civil War, the Democrat Party literally created Antifa. George Soros would have no place to hide in our society if not for his Democrat Party enablers.

Whenever a mob of social justice warriors digitally assaults some poor slob on social media, our knee-jerk reaction is to point fingers at those “SJWs” as if they are some independent entity. But they all vote Democrat, folks – there are no Republican SJWs. It has been the radical policies pushed by the Democrat Party for the last half century that have perverted our education system and created all the SJWs and snowflakes in the first place. The Democrat Party did this, and anyone who votes for Democrats or runs for office as a Democrat is complicit and needs to be held responsible.

The same is true of the destruction of the profession of journalism and our nation’s news media over the last 50 years. That has all been done with the single focused goal of turning that profession and media establishment into nothing more than an American version of Pravda, the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party. The Democrats did this and need to be held accountable for it.

Trust me, I have been as guilty of making these distinctions without differences as anyone over the years. But over the past year I have made a conscious effort to stop that bad behavior.

Because make no mistake about it: Giving the Democrat Party a pass for all the horrific things it supports and does is very, very bad behavior. The Democrat Party is a festering and metastasizing cancer in our society, an existential threat to our nation’s future.

For every patient, the first step towards getting well is to accurately identify your problem. Only then can the proper treatment begin.

The Democrat Party is our nation’s problem. If the country is to ever begin to heal, we must stop giving it a pass for its chronic and ever-expanding mendacity.

That is all.

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Dave, you have an otherwise excellent article except for a very important factual error. No Republicans votes against the bill. Three Republican senators were not present and so did not vote: Murkowski, Scott, and Cramer. It is common for a handful of senators to miss any given vote. This only becomes an issue when their absence could make or break a given bill or nomination. You should correct this factual error, DB, as it mars an otherwise excellent article.

Gap-Toothed Redneck Hillbilly

Election cycle sign to post:

Support Baby-Killer Democrat Senator (fill in the blank).

“(S)He’s smarter than you are !!!


Now we know that the vast majority of Democrat Senators are murderers. How any American citizen can back any ONE of them is beyond belief. It is no wonder that the Commies are against religion.
Are we losing civilization? Civilized people do not arrogantly kill any human being that is without ANY way of defending herself. Next the sex maniacs will insist on using these poor babies for sex or God knows what…then kill them. Dear God, please help our country!

And if you are a Democrat, think about your now being an accomplice to murdering innocence. Switch your party today.


So when does the time frame on abortion stop? Would the demorat party make it to where murder is no longer a crime? If a baby 1 minute outside the womb is ok to kill, then why not at 1 year or 10 years? The demorat party is truly evil

Francisco Machado

The Progressives are now expressing the fear that Trump will pull a Hillary on them if he loses the 2020 election. Unfortunately for them, he may actually have something she did not: A broadly recognized reason for doing so. Gratuitously provided by the Progressives themselves, and they’re already hard at work providing it – as we have been witnessing daily since Trump’s election. Their irrational position: Such attacks are reasonable only when made by them.

Jimmy MacAfee

On the Demonrats support of abortion-after-birth: let’s say a mother takes an abortifacient early in the pregnancy, but that it didn’t work: does this mean that the baby can be left to die months later, after he/she is born?
No one is asking this, but it does happen. It didn’t work on me, and here I am, and here I remain.

I was also conceived by “force and intimidation,” allegedly. Only thing is, it was a lie, and the guy who was blamed was proven by DNA not to be my birthfather. From what I know of him, and what I know of my birthmother, I’d trust him – not her.

I see the Democratic Party as the progenitor of evil in our generation in our nation, having brought all sorts of uncleanness and wickedness upon us. We either reject this evil, or we will have no place in history, and will be utterly destroyed by our enemies. G0D uses a nation’s enemies too, you know, even if they are without Him. It is a pattern repeated in the Bible, over and over. As Dave said: you must make a choice.

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