Sane Americans Should Treat the Insane Green New Deal as a Deadly Serious Matter

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

I repeat, we must take this insane “Green New Deal” very seriously… – because the Democrats aren’t kidding, hard as that might be for any sane person to believe. You may have noticed that the only part of the “Green New Deal” that has disappeared from the news media since its hysterically absurd rollout a few weeks back is the details.

The raging Bronx nitwit Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez quickly removed her third-grade-level talking points document from her website after it was widely panned on social media, but that hasn’t stopped the fake, “mainstream” news media from doing its dead-level best to keep the hoax alive. The Climate Scammers who run the New York Times Climate section published a huge essay last week in which they twisted themselves into pretzels of illogic and outright lies in order to declare the GND to be “technologically possible”, but also had enough integrity to point out that it would cost many, many trillions of dollars we do not have and getting authorized legislation passed would be near-impossible.

Those last two points were pretty much the only true things in the piece, so of course the same scammers issued an apology for including them in their otherwise-fantasy-based screed when all the social justice warriors on Twitter went ballistic on them. Because in today’s fake news media, promoting leftist politically-correct fantasy always take priority over arcane things like reporting simple facts.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s Week in Review, detestable Senator Dianne Feinstein was accosted by a group of 8,9, and 10 year-old children whose abusive parents are using them as political tools. Which I guess makes the parents even more detestable than Sen. Feinstein, come to think of it. Anyway, when these kids tried to bully Feinstein into reciting the Democrat GND religious dogma, the Senator, in a rare moment of lucidity, proceeded to lecture them on what an unworkable fantasy the thing is.

Naturally, Feinstein later apologized after – you guessed it – all the social justice warriors on Twitter went ballistic on her.  See how this works?

Longtime NBC news hack Andrea Mitchell, a decades-long promotor of the Climate Scam, became the latest target the Twitter social justice warrior thuggery when, on NBC’s Meet the Press show, she – accurately, for once in her sordid career – chastised those abusive parents, saying “Who are the adults who bring their kids, who don’t understand this stuff, seven, eight, nine, ten-year-olds. I understand the passion of children and how important it is, but to ambush a senator this way.” You could hear the SJW heads exploding in the background if you listen closely to the tape.

Mitchell went on to get into a back and forth with some raging fake green nitwit named Heather McGhee about some of the same points the NYTimes Climate people raised: It costs trillions, and you’ll never get it through congress. McGhee’s responses ranged from promoting fascist thuggery (of course) to rank ignorance about the legislative process, but no matter. By the mere act of questioning the GND, which has now become nothing less than the equivalent of the Book of Revelations in the Church of Global Warming’s Bible, even a devoted leftist news-faker like Andrea Mitchell now becomes an enemy of the religious zealots.

And there is the bottom line on this, folks: This is a religious cult we are dealing with here, and the entire Democrat Party is now a captive of it. You don’t have to believe me – all you have to do is look and see the Party’s presidential contenders all lining up to unthinkingly endorse the lunatic “plan” like so many lemmings running off the nearest cliff.

Their own literature states that, even if you could do all the insane things they advocate during the next 12 years – capture all the cow farts (or hey, just kill all the cows), eliminate the miracle of air flight, destroy the fossil fuels that supply 80% of global energy and make modern life possible and replace it all with rail lines to Hawaii and London and China and Australia and millions of gigantic windmills and solar farms scarring the breadth and depth of America, you would, maybe, in a perfect scenario, prevent 1 degree of “global warming.”

Yes, half the population would die within a year due to lack of reliable energy, but in AOC’s mind, that’s a small price to pay and hey, all those people assuming room temperature means that’s just that much less CO2 being emitted, since they aren’t breathing anymore. If you think I’m kidding, you need to look a little closer into the former bartender’s dead, beady eyes.

But all those facts are irrelevant anyway, aren’t they?

They’re irrelevant because arguing facts and logic and objective truth with people who are nothing more than zealous adherents to a religious cult will always fail. Any facts or logic or truth that fall outside of the dogma dictated by Pope Al Gore and Cardinals like AOC and that actor who was on the Titanic when it sank, or something, will fall on deaf ears, have you branded as a heretic and tarred and feathered on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

And that’s how they treat their philosophical supporters. Think how they will be prepared to treat all of you common people out there in flyover country if they ever regain the power necessary to really push this insanity, like they did with Obamacare in 2009-10.

This is serious stuff, people.  Deadly serious.

That is all.

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David, AOC will own the narrative on this until the GOP counters with something viable. Something that both sides can compromise on. The #GreenNuclearDeal (converting all non-hydro portions of the electrical grid to Gen IV melt-proof reactors) is a win-win-win-win-win-win for:

CO2 – Regardless of opinions on the climate science, eliminating CO2 emissions from the grid will not harm the planet and should be a huge selling point to the Left.

Safety/Environment – A properly educated public should be clammering for the safety record and elimination of mercury and other by-product emissions by Gen IV reactors. No bird blenders and infrared cookers. And this technology can be paired with desalinization plants to solve long term drought issues in several states.

Solving the nuclear waste issue – Gen IV reactors can be designed to burn 95% of today’s nuclear waste as fuel. the remaining 5% is 99.9% inert in just 300 years. How can the Left say no to that?

The Economy – A reliable, cheap, virtually limitless source of electricity will drive an economic boom. Fossil fuels will still have plenty of demand from transportation, plastics manufacturing, etc.

JOBS – Tens of thousands of jobs – engineering jobs, construction jobs, operations jobs, jobs from the booming economy. How can the Right say no?

Trade Balance/National Security – Decreased production and transportation costs from cheaper energy drive better competitiveness for exporting US goods. Stable, predictable, decentralized energy makes us a safer, stronger country.

Any conservative nitpicking or joking about the GreenNewDeal instead of pushing for a workable affordable compromise is just handing the issue to the Left. You can’t counter something with nothing with today’s media completely in the tank for the Left.

Trump can’t introduce this because anything he proposes is an automatic non-starter. It has to come from people like you and build into a consensus. There are already a few nuclear proponents on the Left. It’s time to build an alliance.

Jimmy MacAfee

In case you haven’t been awake for the last, oh, 12 years or so, the Demonrats aren’t interested in solutions, and the “mainline” Dems are still run by the Clinton Crime Family, which is only interested in power, power and power. And negotiate with AOC? She doesn’t know what she doesn’t know; she doesn’t know THAT she doesn’t know, and she (and all the signatories on the Green Deal) have no capacity for creativity. Unless “creativity” means something you imagine in a THC haze. No dealing with the devil.

The difference between AOC and the President is that President Trump actually has and continues to create solutions, while the other side can only whine and throw monkey poo and deliver ridiculous schemes that are beyond stupid. Negotiate with that? Or negotiate with those who would destroy the American Worker, the American Border, the American Constitution, like the Deep State? No dealing with the devil. Never.

Jimmy MacAfee

AOC says it’s probably best that people don’t have children – you know, because of Climate Change and all that!

Well, I remember a sad time in US history when someone with AOC’s perceived intellect would be forcibly made unable to have children. Eugenics would have reduced the possibility of even having an AOC! Margaret Sanger might have even referred to her as a “human weed!”

Jimmy MacAfee

While we need to take their foolishness seriously – think of a crazed Bernie in a tool section firing up a chainsaw and terrorizing the customers with it (if he weren’t so lazy to actually pick UP a tool) we need both a combination of dead resolve and sharp humor. The Left can’t deal with satire aimed at them. Remember when Southpark, an equal opportunity offender, went after them? They freaked. They also went ballistic when memes were aimed at them: Leftists can’t meme.

Get your quips ready.

Robert Gaines

I do agree we need to take Sandy O very seriously. They are a cult and I don’t want their kool-aid.

Robert Gaines

Um… What will we cal “flyover country” under the GND? Asking for a friend.

Carlos Dangler


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