Democrats Eating Their Own in Florida is Always a Great Day for America

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Things I wonder about… – With all the amazing, near magical things mankind has invented in modern times, isn’t it sort of amazing that no one has been able to come up with a banana that lasts longer than five days after you bring it home before it starts to spoil?

Liberals, liberals, where are all the liberals? – Gallup released a new survey last night that claims to show that self-identifying “liberals” outnumber self-identifying “conservatives” in only six states, and get this – California is NOT among them.


Yes, friends and neighbors, the survey results indicate that voters in the Golden State call themselves either “liberal” or “conservative” in equal 29% ratios. Not sure what the other 41% of Californians identify as being, but we can be certain it is very odd.

Meanwhile, only in the states of Massachusetts, Hawaii, Vermont, Washington, New York, and New Hampshire do more people admit to being liberal than conservative. What do these results tell us? Well, first of all, they tell us that Gallup isn’t going out to cemeteries and including all those dead Democrat voters in their polling sample, nor are they making any effort to poll all those illegal aliens who vote Democrat in higher numbers with each passing election cycle.

The results also tell us something we have known for decades now, since we watched our very “conservative” yellow-dog Democrat grandparents go out to vote for communists like George McGovern and closet leftists like Jimmy Carter, Lyndon Johnson and Hubert Humphrey. There are an awful lot of “conservatives” out there who simply do not pay enough attention to politics to understand the true nature and goals of the Democrat Party.

And so it is that we get poll results like this one from Gallup, polls that make absolutely no sense at all when viewed in the context of recent U.S. voting patterns. Like most other political opinion polls these days, this one is worthless.

News you won’t see on CNN… – Military troops loyal to Venezuelan socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro are now openly murdering opposition protesters on the streets as the situation in that country continues to deteriorate. Maduro also continues his efforts to starve his own people by blocking convoys of food and medical supplies from entering the country from neighboring Brazil and Colombia.

This is always the end game with brutal socialist/fascist regimes, isn’t it? They ultimately always run out of other people’s money to steal, their economy collapses, people start starving and dying from lack of medical care, they take to the streets to protest and the government responds by killing them. This is not an aberration – it is indeed the inevitable outcome.

And yet, it seems that American leftists are incapable of learning from the dozens of similar object lessons we have seen over the decades in countries all over the world, as evil socialists like Maduro and Stalin and Castro and Mao and Pol Pot and too many others to name have ended up starving, shooting, beheading and otherwise murdering well over 100 million human beings in the past century.

Indeed, the most prominent American leftist – you know, the guy who we see praising breadlines in 30-year-old videos – Bernie Sanders is so stubbornly incapable of learning that just yesterday, he enraged members of his own party down in Florida when he could not bring himself to admit that Maduro is a “dictator,” or even that he should be deposed from power:

“I think there are serious questions about the recent election,” Sanders said. “There are many people who feel it was a fraudulent election. I think the United States has got to work with the international community to make sure there is a free and fair election in Venezuela. Clearly, [Mr. Maduro] has been very, very abusive. That is a decision of the Venezuelan people.”

This refusal by Sanders had the old Clinton-era nitwit and current Florida member of congress Donna Shalala rushing to Twitter to condemn the old Bolshevik: “I’ll make it clear,” Democratic Rep. Donna Shalala tweeted Thursday. “@SenSanders does not reflect the majority of the Democratic Party. And our support for Venezuela’s interim president [opposition leader Juan Guaidó] and the Venezuelan people. Maduro is a dictator and must go.”

So, why is it Democrats in Florida who are so upset by Sanders’ remarks? Why, because Florida is where tens of thousands of Venezuelans have immigrated, become citizens and registered to vote in recent years. The mollycoddling of Maduro by Democrats like Bernie, in stark contrast to the aggressive anti-Maduro position assumed by President Trump in recent weeks, is threatening to turn the “swing state” of Florida into a GOP stronghold.

If bad things have to happen to some group of people, it’s always a great thing when they happen to leftist jackasses like Breadline Bernie and Shalala.

That is all.

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Cameron Howe

I think I can shed some light on why Cali didn’t make that list. My credentials: I live in what is likely the second most liberal county in the state (after SF); a university town run by raging progressive nitwits. My GF is one of them.

Based on observation, for some reason they don’t like to refer themselves as Liberal or Progressive, even though they are so left wing that if they were in Texas they’d probably be commited. Instead they like to say they “don’t like labels”, or are “independent”, or like to “hear all sides then make up my mind”. My GF is so delusional in this regard that she thinks she is a Libertarian.

Speaking of Libertarians, I am kind of surprised that New Hampshire made that list, with the Free State Project and all that.


Crazy Bernie is correct. The Venezuelan muds need to do their own dirty work and not depend on the U.S. to get involved. We will only phuck it up more than it is now.

Kevin Cowlishaw

“There are many people who feel it was a fraudulent election” I thought he was referring to the US in 2018.

Jimmy MacAfee

By the way, Bolshevik Bernie is an old banana, and hasn’t adapted – he’s a tub of moldy old ideas that are now being exposed. (Ever pull apart a mold-packed compost pile? It’ll choke you!) Best to feed discarded banana peels to the chickens. Bitter old Bolsheviks like Bernie aren’t quite so attractive, once you see how quickly they compromise their values. He sold his integrity, and then he sold his integrity. Like Bernie’s position on illegal immigration, for example: Bitter Bernie for sale! Cheap!

So now they dance out AOC! A new Chiquita Banana girl! (hope that’s not racist!) A NEW banana! Same old mold, though. Watch the perks flow her way – a girl’s gotta live in style, ya know! – and she’ll sell her integrity just as she’s sold her integrity.

Jimmy MacAfee

Answer to first question: better invent a new cultivar anyway. Better bananas prior to 1965, until that cultivar died out due to Panama disease, according to a CNN report in Jan. 16. (I just quote from that report for alacrity.) Not sure if they’ve developed new varieties since the threat of the demise of the new spieces, but the old banana was superior. That’s the trouble with monoculture, and the Cavendish is in trouble. The Market should figure it out, because the Market corrects.

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