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Which “indigenous” people would those be, Senator? – Kirsten Gillibrand, who actually is running for president in 2020 even though pretty much no one but the fawning press appears to be aware of it, agreed with a leftist activist yesterday that a border wall is “absurd” because it “cuts off so many indigenous people.”

Which “indigenous” people would those be, I wonder? It certainly wouldn’t be the tens of thousands of mostly-male, military-age “asylum seekers” from Central and South America who now form the great preponderance of those illegally crossing our border with Mexico. Nor would it be most Mexican citizens, the vast majority of whom have zero ancestral claim of being a “native” of Texas, or any other southern state, although there are Mexican citizens who appear to have legitimate claims to ancestral lands in the U.S. today.

Could the Senator have been talking about the Karankawa people, a band of rather tall early Americans who inhabited the southern Texas gulf coast when the Spaniards first arrived in the 16th century? Probably not, given that these folks are widely believed to now be extinct.

To be fair, Gillibrand might possibly have been referring to the Tohono O’odham, who claim to have “resided in what is now southern and central Arizona and northern Mexico since time immemorial.” That claim may or may not be true, because there are no real records that would prove it, but it has been formally recognized by the U.S. government, which recognizes a “nation” that straddles 62 miles of the border with Mexico in Pima County, AZ. Maybe that’s who Gillibrand was talking about.

Or maybe, just maybe, she doesn’t have the slightest clue who she’s talking about, and she was simply reciting a talking point that had been written by someone else, a politically-correct platitude designed to show sympathy with some group of people to whom she hopes to appeal with her pandering. Yeah, that’s the odds-on favorite, since that’s what Democrat politicians do for a living.


I was going to write about other stuff, but this just happened while I was compiling this piece:

So much truth in that little 280 character message. And so much greatness.  Never stop tweeting, Mr. President.  Please never stop.

In all seriousness, I used to cringe at many of President Trump’s tweets. Some were unseemly, beneath the office of the presidency, I’d think, because my frame of reference has always been what would my political hero, Ronald Reagan, do, and he’d never do that. I mean, for God’s sake, at least have someone proofread the damn things so nothing’s misspelled, right? I’ve never taken a poll, but I’d imagine millions of fellow conservative thinkers in this country felt the same way for the same reason.

But at some point in early 2016 I realized that, as much as some of these little messages bugged me, they absolutely drive leftists and people in the fake news media nuts. Even better, they strike like Mike Tyson blows on the tiny brains of the whole #NeverTrump contingent, as all the Bill Kristols and David French go apoplectic over every omitted comma.

The reality is that Twitter remains the President’s most effective outlet for communicating over the heads of the fake news media. And even though they are by necessity brief, most of them convey humor and a variety of distinct thought processes.

The message above is hilarious, at least if you aren’t a fake journalist, mindless progressive or #NeverTrump nitwit. But think about the thoughts it conveys.

First, there are several shots at the fake news media, and its constant attacks on the President. The press has “never been more dishonest,” “no basis in fact,” “never even call…for verification.” Think about why these particular thoughts are at the top of Mr. Trump’s mind this morning. Might it be the fact that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas chose yesterday to call for the Court to reconsider the current construct of libel laws as they apply to public figures, specifically its 1964 ruling in New York Times v. Sullivan that made it virtually impossible for public figures to prove libel against a media outlet?

Yeah, it might be that.

Then there’s “Sadly, I kept many of them in business.” Which is unquestionably true. There are two reasons why, for example, both CNN and MSNBC have become little other than 24-hour Trump-bashing garbage receptacles: 1) because the fake journalists who work there have been given complete license to express their personal biases in every report they file, and 2) because Trump drives ratings. Before Trump came along, MSNBC was a pathetic also-ran in the nightly cable news ratings race. Now there are days when that channel actually challenges Fox News for the most viewers in certain times slots.

And finally, this magnificent tweet ends with the hilarious troll: “In six years, they all go BUST!” I could imagine heads exploding not only at the CNN and MSNBC headquarters, but in all the Democrat campaign offices as well. That seven-word sentence conveys not only the President’s knowledge that the fake media outlets rely on attacking him to drive ratings and readership, but also his confidence that the two-dozen or so Democrats who are lining up to run against him in 2020 are competing for the honor of being the next Democrat loooooooooooser.

Basically, when analyzing Trump’s tweets, we should act like we are on a visit to the Museum of Modern Art, which I love. That tweet – and so many of his others – is a work of art, if you just take a moment to analyze it and appreciate its beauty. Someone should transfer it to canvas, frame it, and hang it in a major gallery, alongside about 10,000 other of this President’s Twitter masterpieces.

Here’s to another 6 years of fun!

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Dave, as you said, most (all) of President Trump’s “misspellings” are for a purpose: sometimes to bring attention to a point (as the press howls over what they see as his illiteracy.) There are also certain Q-proofs hidden in the tweets (especially in the misspellings, which are usually (always) over the heads of the Lamestream media, and Google will determinedly try to prevent you from seeing.

Example (a good one:) when President Trump used the term “Scott Free,” everybody jumped on him: “It’s not spelled like that!” “It’s scot-free, not SCOTT FREE!” and “Waaah!” (well the last one wasn’t a direct quote, but an interpretation of the braying sounds.

Well, a little story behind that: Ridley and Tony Scott had a production company: Scott Free Productions. Ridley directed White Squall. One of the excerpts from the movie: Captain Christopher Sheldon: “Where we go one, we go all.” You see that a lot on Q maps.

In an inspiring line from the movie, Chuck says: “In the end, it comes down to one thing…You can’t run from the wind, you face the music, you trim your sails and keep going.” And so we shall as the waves roll up and the wind becomes a gale.

Jimmy MacAfee

Hey Dave! Got a Big Un for ya!

When does a hate crime become not a hate crime?
What happens to the hate crime designation when the race of the perpetrator is not the same as first claimed?

The well-built dudes who were allegedly paid to give Jussie a little “rough trade” were at first alleged to be white, and they used racial epithets. Hate crime!

The well-built dudes who were allegedly paid to give Jussie a little “rough trade” were later discovered to be African Americans who allegedly used racial epithets. Non-hate crime!

When does a crime become a non-crime? The real issue is the language: a very wise school bus driver who doesn’t tolerate racist lingo says this: “If I can’t say it, you can’t say it!”

Meanwhile, where did the crime go? Do crimes just vanish?


Great article, DB. I continue to chuckle with each of President Donald J. Trump’s tweets, or other statements. They don’t see the humor which POTUS uses to slam them. Of course, that’s cuz they don’t have any sense of humor.
Luvin’ it.

Jimmy MacAfee

Brilliant conclusion, Dave! Bravo! Never interrupt a painter or sculptor mid-masterpiece.

So let’s talk about “indigenous people,” shall we, Ms. Gilligan (spelling intentional.) Thank you, Dave, for some really phenomenal historical references.

On Native Americans, I’ve been thinking for several months about how the Spanish seem to be getting a perpetual pass for their atrocities in Central and South America and along the southern North American coast and Florida. While they gave up slavery before the Portugese, they have a sordid history. And does the name “Cortes” ring a bell? No Z, but maybe some genetic research is necessary. Common names, but who knows. The Spanish treatment of natives continues to be horrible in some areas of Mexico and in certain South American countries. Cortes certainly wasn’t alone, but he’s not my main point anyway.


The reason MSNBC is catching up to Fox may be that many, like myself, have greatly reduced tuning in to Fox because of its leftward shift.

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