The Commie is in, Oily Rod is Out, Kamala is Confused – the Clown Show Never Ends

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

In the future you might want to read your own Twitter feed, Senator. – Trust me on this, you do not want to be the staffer who runs Kamala Harris’s Twitter feed today. At a campaign event in New Hampshire, the not-ready-for-prime-time presidential candidate was asked an actual question by a non-CNN reporter who wasn’t interested in helping her try on clothes, and mass stammering and dissembling ensued:

Many observers marveled that she didn’t have a ready answer to this exact question, given her absurd knee-jerk reaction to the first reports about Smollett’s obvious hoax, in which she tweeted in part that it was “a modern-day lynching.”

Well, that statement appeared on her Twitter account, anyway. But the obvious answer here is that Harris does not run her own Twitter feed, and her staff had failed to inform her about the idiotic and inflammatory nonsense they’ve been posting there.  Thus, when this question came up, Harris had no earthly idea what the reporter was referring to. The issue here is not about Harris having a bad memory about something she tweeted; the issue is about her staff who actually wrote and posted the tweet not having sense enough to brief her about the stupid sh*t they’ve been saying on her Twitter account.

Seems like a management problem to me, and managing staff is one of any president’s most important tasks. Not a great start.

Hey, the Commie’s running again – isn’t life grand? – In case you missed it because your fake news media mavens are too busy talking about the fall of their favorite “Empire” role-player, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders will kick off his 2020 campaign to secure the Democrat Party’s presidential nomination by promising all sorts of free stuff to young people with lots of student loan debt today. So, the old Bolshevik is making another run at nationalizing all of your assets and doling them out to people who vote for him, keeping a healthy skim off the top like all good Commies do.

Bernie’s problem this time will be one of figuring out a way to stand out from the crowd. In 2016 he was just running against this crazy life-long grifter in a pantsuit who kept coughing and fainting and lying about her illegal email server. This time he’ll find himself in the midst of a field filled with younger fellow commies who are all doing their dead-level best to run even further to the political left than your ordinary, every day commie. Oh, and Joe Biden will be running, too.

The problem is, if you’re Bernie Sanders, how do you get even further to the left than you already are? He’s already out there for $6 to $10 trillion to forgive all those outstanding student loans (dammit, sure wish I hadn’t already paid mine back!), $40 trillion for his “Medicare for All” scheme, and $100 trillion for the hare-brained “Green New Deal” nightmare. As the great Margaret Thatcher famously said, “the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money” to steal, and that applies even in a country as wealthy as the United States.

But hey, Bernie’s just another Democrat – yes, yes, I know he pretends to be an “independent” but I’m trying to be honest here – who is appealing to voters who can’t be bothered with references to reality or have their brainwashed minds be distracted by facts. And that makes him little different than Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand or any of the other two dozen or so competitors who will ultimately be in this clown car race.

But, for better or worse, the Commie’s in! Let the Bolshevik games begin!

As the Commie jumps in, Oily Rod plans his exit. – The news fakers at CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post are all down in the mouth this morning over reports that our perpetually oily Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, is planning to leave his post by mid-March. Your fake reporters and fake talking heads are all depressed because of the assumption that this likely means that Gestapo Chief, er, “Special Counsel” Robert Mueller will also be wrapping up his fake investigation at the same time.

Rosenstein, seeing the handwriting on the wall, announced back in late January that he would voluntarily step down shortly after new Attorney General William Barr was confirmed and had assumed office, an event that happens today. Multiple reports citing sources out of the Justice Department indicate that Mueller, with the exit of his utterly corrupt over-seer, is planning to shut his failed coup attempt down at the same time.

Now, America will get to see whether Mr. Barr is a well-intentioned patriot intent on doing what he can to restore a one-tiered system of justice in our country, or just another Deep State thug who will perpetuate the thinly-veiled cover-up of all the crimes committed against the Trump Campaign and Trump Administration by the Comey/Rosenstein/McCabe-led cabal that operated within the DOJ and FBI throughout 2016 and well into 2017.

Our country has seen enough of the McCabes, Comeys and Strzoks being fired and allowed to walk around shooting their mouths off and making millions writing books and giving speeches while no one at DOJ makes any effort to hold them accountable for their roles in the outright coup d’etat attempt they created and managed. Neither Jeff Sessions nor Matthew Whitaker seemed interested in lifting a finger to correct this unjust situation.

Barr has an opportunity to change all of that, starting today. But the most disturbing thing about Barr is that those who know him keep describing him as this “stand-up guy”, an “old pro” with an “unimpeachable character.”

You know, the exact same things we were all told about Robert Mueller back in 2017.

So if you’re expecting some sort of swift action to bring all of these Deep State skunks and snakes to justice now that Barr’s in office, well, a healthy dose of skepticism appears to be in order here.

It’s like my Dad used to always respond whenever I’d say “I wish” something would happen: You can wish in one hand and spit in the other and see which one fills up faster.

That is all.

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marty lopez

The President signed a trick bill, which no one bothered to read. It is amnesty that is now on solid, legal ground & not any emergency declaration that we need to concern ourselves with. The Trump Administration has once again shot itself in the foot, managed to further imperil the nation, if not finally destroy it this time due to the lack of simple, due diligence. Was it just a rookie mistake, or more treachery, still another betrayal?

Of course, there still remains a way out, one last chance to save America, but it would involve truly committed leadership willing to take bold & decisive action, but unfortunately, the President doesn’t appear capable of functioning in such a manner. He doesn’t seem to understand the nature of the struggle.

Despite whatever laudable qualities, talents & intentions the President may have, the country continues to slip from our grasp. We are losing. Steve Miller, an Administration hard liner devastated Chris Wallace’s arguments, phony assertions & falsely premised statements on Sunday TV, but neither Miller’s understandings brilliantly delivered, nor the President’s tweets and rallies are sufficient. Tactical maneuvers in & of themselves while necessary, are insufficient. If the President truly intends to save America, he would do that, which must be done with incisive tenacity & determination.

America’s survival, as an independent, sovereign & culturally whole entity is the issue. Should the President prove unable to protect the nation’s territorial integrity, the entire effort becomes just some vanity, retirement project.

America’s struggle is existential, to be, or not to be. Make no mistake. The globalist plan consists of a giant redistribution of middle class assets. That’s our country & our assets, our jobs, wealth, standard of living, values & belief systems that these globalists want to redistribute to third world immigrants. If I can tell you what to do & how to stop it, then real question becomes: why can’t the President?

Jimmy MacAfee

I was in doubt at the end of the budget shutdown, in despair. I’m not now; I see several paths forward. I’m sure I’m not alone in the administration in seeing the ammunition the DS has given us. Capture the enemies’ guns, and turn them on him! Barr has some useful qualities – personality traits: he’s a smooth operator, clever, and he knows how to bring to bear many of the hidden state mechanisms that have been used against us, and turn them against the DS instead. This increases the danger for the enemy to use lethal means – assassinations, in particular. All of us are on a timer anyway. With this, I pray for the safety of President Trump.

For example, see how quickly the Jussie the Wuss narrative changed? And now the Postal Service is investigating, along with the FBI. Don’t mess with the Postman! Sending yourself a fake hate-mail with fake terrorist material is a federal crime, misusing the mail system (Headlines With a Voice). Just heard a video on the topic. See how quickly outcomes change? How will you feel one day, when suddenly, the victory is had; the enemy is routed, the sun is shining? Or will you have gone back into hiding, waiting for the eventual day of ruin.

In war – and this is war – there are ebbs and flows; no one said it would be easy. While this all seems as hopeless as The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, (and the Deep State are the Pod People,) there is a lot to be revealed, all in its time. More to the point in warfare: never put yourself in a position where you have to retreat unexpectedly; plan the retreat, and use it to collapse around the enemy. Genghis Khan strategy. What may appear to you to be a retreat could end up being a route of the enemy.

The enemies of Freedom know this, to some extent; they are helpless against a MI campaign. See how desperate McCabe is? Flailing about – implicating others? I’d be worried if I were James Comey; the rats haven’t begun to eat each other, to quote a James Bond villain.

Stand tall or stand down.

Jimmy MacAfee

Barr will have extensive knowledge of the use of Presidential Executive Orders. I will say nothing more on that.

Jimmy MacAfee

Kamala Harris looks oilyand greasy (sorry, just an observation that I’d also used for Ted Cruz, whom I respect) and Booker is low IQ couldn’t get into todays Army, and Warren may have some contract issues, (if she or her husband used “Native American” in order to secure government contracts of any kind (we’re talking about real criminal prosecutions, if she actually did this.) Bernie can’t put the genie back in the bottle, though: he should be one of President Trump’s biggest allies on the border. Shows what a weaselly, spineless coward he really is. If he’s nominated, Trump can wipe the floor with him! Too bad he didn’t continue so support the border wall and get the Dem nomination: Trump would still have won, but they could have been allies. Now? Where is Bernie? No principles!

Jimmy MacAfee

Funny thing about Bernie: as late as July of 2015, he said this about illegal immigration:

“Open borders? That’s Koch brothers proposal.” (Daily Caller article) “That’s a rightwing proposal, which says essentially that there is no United States…What right wing people in this country would love is an open border policy.”

He actually had a better chance against HRC until he switched sides, regardless of the DNC rigging of the nomination process. One wonders what he was threatened with, what kind of blackmail? He and HRC became one on the issue.

As for the Koch brothers: they’re some of President Trump’s most vigorous backstabbers.

Chump Change

Barr is deep state…Hillary is completely safe as is her cabal of Justice Department protectors.

How come Trump keeps surrounding himself with establishment trash?

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