The Fake News Enemies of the People Promote Our Constant State of Outrage

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These particular white supremacists don’t appear to fit the profile. – If you’ve been keeping up with the whole Jussie Smollett hoax, you’ll know that the cat finally rushed out of the bag on Friday, when Chicago police released a photo of the two “attackers” who Smollett had described as being white supremacists wearing MAGA caps and screaming “this is Trump country!” while they assaulted him. Here’s the photo of the “white supremacists”:


Turns out these are two brothers from Nigeria who are now confirming to police what some of us have known all along: That the entire episode is a hoax schemed up by an incredibly insecure person to smear President Donald Trump and everyone who supports him.

It’s important to remember that pretty much everyone in our fake news media spent an entire week participating in and perpetuating the hoax, just as they participated in and perpetuated the smearing of the Covington Catholic School kids a couple of weeks earlier. If you want to understand why so many Americans spend their lives in a near-constant state of outrage, look no further than the talking head on your television screen or editorial board of your local newspaper.

CBS news is perhaps the most guilty of participating in this brand of outrage fake journalism this week, dedicating its “60 Minutes” program to airing a puff piece fake interview with disgraced ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe in yet another effort to revive the rotting corpse of the media/Democrat “Russia Collusion” fantasy play. It is an absolute disgrace to the journalistic profession – whose own corpse is getting pretty smelly at this point – that a major media outlet would grant so much airtime to the promotion of a book that is little more than a 300-page smear of a duly-elected President of the United States.

Oh, wait, McCabe’s book is more than that, isn’t it? It is actually a 300-page outlining of a coup d’etat attempt that was organized and managed by a cabal of Obama holdovers at the FBI and DOJ. It is an outright admission of high treason, a plan to overturn the result of a national election. In a sane world, Mr. McCabe wouldn’t be on national TV being interviewed by the terminally smarmy Scott Pelley, he’d be sitting at the defendant’s table at a trial before a jury of 12 of his peers.

And we can’t blame the media alone for our state of perpetual outrage: They only do it in their unending efforts to support and provide cover for the Democrat Party, whose entire model for “success” relies on the Saul Alinsky/George Soros tactic of pitting one class of people against another.

In the latest of a million examples of this reality, Heather Nauert withdrew her name from consideration to become our country’s new ambassador to the United Nations late last week due to the constant assaults on her reputation and family from the Democrats and the fake news media. Her biggest crime? She apparently employed an illegal alien as a maid and paid her in cash.

Yes, friends, the exact same people who promote open borders so that all these poor people from Latin America can come into our country and “do the work Americans won’t do” went after Ms. Nauert for employing a poor person from Latin America for “doing the work Americans won’t do”. You seriously cannot make this stuff up.

Nor is the tactic limited to the national media – it is a constant feature in more local media, too. In Texas, out here in flyover country where I live, both the Fort Worth Star Telegram and Houston Chronicle were forced to retract a story from last week in which they accused Texas Republican Lt. Governor Dan Patrick of under-paying his property taxes.

When a friend commended the newspapers for correcting their story, I pointed out to him that no apology would have been necessary were both media outlets not so overly-anxious to smear any politician with an “R” next to his or her name. Indeed, if Dan Patrick were a Democrat, no story would have ever been printed, much less rushed to press without doing the 2 minutes of research needed to figure out that the reason why Patrick’s taxes on his home had gone down instead of up from one year to the next was because he had properly filed for the state’s homestead exemption, a tax reduction program to which every Texas citizen is entitled on their place of residence.

There is nothing to admire in what the Star Telegram and Chronicle did, just as there is nothing admirable about CBS promoting a criminal’s book or CNN and MSNBC spending 24 hours a day, 7 days a week promoting the latest smear du jour. It’s all just a part of the same tactic, the same business model, the same effort to fake the news in support of a favored political party.

When the news media is fake, our entire society suffers. If you want to see the true enemies of the people, just pick up a newspaper or turn on your TV. You can’t miss ’em.

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Probably no one will see this, but…
Jussie was “beaten” by two very large African American males, and they used racial epithets. I thought African Americans were allowed to use those epithets against other African Americans? Therefore no hate crime!
(I may repost this – too rich!)

One principle I use with such words that I learned from a wise school bus driver:
“If I can’t say it, you can’t say it!”

Jimmy MacAfee

You can tell that Smollett has never been around country folks; they’d never start a sentence that way. The words have a distinct lisp to them.

Jimmy MacAfee

Addendum: not suggesting that homosexuals are all limp-wristed, petite pansies. I’ve known quite a few over the years, and some of them were the toughest, most masculine dudes you’d ever want to meet. But histrionic, and attention seeking? Jussie Smollett: “look at me, look at me!” What a spas.

Jimmy MacAfee

Jussie Smollett. OK, stop laughing.

Not only is he having a histrionic hissy fit – look up “histrionic disorder” he’s stupid. Imagine what a real redneck would say (being a redneck by birth, I know something about that.) No white boy would say: “This is MAGA country!” Not the right language; more like language imagined by a gay black urbanite. The words have a distinct lisp to them: “Thith ith MAGA country!”

Maybe he needs a better writer.


DB, or anyone here, can you please show me definitive evidence (i.e. video or a documented “law” register from the website) that President Trump actually signed the 2019 budget bill that is so in question?

Gary Miller

The CBS interview with McCabe was fake? I just watched it. Didn’t seem fake.

Robert Gaines

This all reminds me of Teddy Roosevelt and the term he coined for the yellow journalists of his day always looking for sordid news… Muckrakers.

I think it should be revived.

Jimmy MacAfee

Something to consider: has :Lizzie Warren ever done a project as a “minority contractor?”


There is something about that “Do the work that Americans won’t do” phrase that is troubling to me. I have built fence, dug ditches, shoveled poop from more than one species, bucked bales, picked chickens and a whole lot of other work when I was young. There is a great personal satisfaction when looking back at the end of the day seeing ones accomplishments and saying, “I built that”. I have never been unemployed and I am over 60. If I was hungry today, I would gladly do the same jobs even though I would have far more aches and pains performing the tasks. Work is work and somewhere along the way, many Americans have forgotten what actually made us a great Nation. Hard work and tenacity built our country as much as anything else, and many have lost sight of what really made America great.

Ricky D Church

I agree that was a great comment.

That one guy from the South

What a great comment. Thanks for speaking up. God bless you.

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