Trump Does the Right Thing on Border Securty – Will John Roberts do the Same?

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See something, say something, do something. – President Donald Trump has seen a national emergency developing along our southern border for several years now, and he’s been saying that for a long time. On Thursday, left with no other choice by ineffective Republicans who have no spine and Democrats who refuse to negotiate, the President did exactly as he has been promising to do and declared the situation to be a national emergency.

Naturally, the fake news media/Democrat axis of disinformation portrayed the declaration as the end of American society as we know it, because of course they did. That’s what they do anytime this particular President exercises his obvious legal and constitutional authorities.

How obvious is said authority? Barack Hussein Obama – America’s Worst Mistake – declared no fewer than 13 national emergencies in his nine years in office, at least nine of which are still active. On October 24, 2009, he declared it a “national emergency” when 12 people died of the Swine Flu. I swear I don’t make this stuff up. Who could?

All of the Obama “national emergency” declarations that are still active have to do with seizing the personal assets of various minor international bad actors, people you’ve never heard of. Funny he couldn’t find it within himself to take similar actions against the Iranian Mullahs or the socialist thugs down in Venezuela, or against the radical Islamic terrorists who assaulted our embassy in Benghazi and murdered four U.S. diplomatic personnel.

How do any of Obama’s “emergencies” remotely compare to a situation in which our country is literally being invaded by thousands of mostly-military-age males across our border with Mexico each and every day? It is important to note that, when America’s Worst Mistake exercised his clear authorities to declare said “emergencies,” no one in our fake news media or in the Democrat Party uttered a peep of protest. Nor did a single Republican squish like Marco Rubio, who appears to be auditioning for John McCain’s old role as the Senator From The News Media on this issue.

Jonathan Turley, Constitutional Law Professor at George Washington University, told Fox News that the leftist interests who will inevitably challenge the President’s authority to declare this emergency will “fail spectacularly” in the courts on that question. He also thinks that the President has full authority under laws passed in 1977 to reallocate funds from other parts of the budget, and in 2005 to target them towards building the wall.  Why? Because congress gave presidents those powers – reaffirming his already-existing constitutional authority – to do those things, and has never acted to try to repeal them.

So what you’re seeing in the fake news media this morning is – you guessed it – more fake news!

Some things never change.

Having said all of that, there are at least seemingly legitimate political arguments to be made against President Trump’s actions. I don’t agree with them, but they are fair.

Many Republicans reeled in horror yesterday when San Fran Nan implied that a future Democrat President might use the same authority to seize guns. But this is an absurdity. There is no authority – statutory or constitutional – that would allow any president to effectively amend the Constitution or reverse decisions by the Supreme Court via an executive order. It’s typical Pelosi idiocy.

Late last week we saw Rubio and other GOP squishes fret about the potential that a future Democrat would declare “climate change” to be a national emergency and enact the lunatic “Green New Deal” via executive fiat. That’s a concern that’s at least understandable to some extent, especially were we to elect someone like Bernie Sanders or Fauxcahontas, neither of whom will ever become president.

But the declaration of a “national emergency” is not the same as a president appointing himself to be a de facto dictator. The actions he takes under a national emergency declaration still must be founded in a legal authority, either statutory or constitutional. Where the “Green New Deal” is concerned, there is no such legal authority that would allow a president to, for example, unilaterally triple the price of gasoline and your electricity and home heating bills in order to make you stop using fossil fuels, or force privately-owned companies to go bankrupt building thousands of miles of railroads to nowhere, which is exactly what that mindless plan contemplates.

Look, if that were going to happen, Barack Obama would have already tried it and failed. So quit worrying about it.

The real wild card in this is Chief Justice John Roberts. In recent months, Roberts has made several decisions in which he has sided with the leftist minority on the Court, indicating that he may be turning into another Anthony Kennedy, an unreliable jurist with no real principles.

At least one of the inevitable court challenges to President Trump’s declaration will ultimately come before the Supreme Court. That is when we will find out once and for all whether Justice Roberts still respects the Constitution and his role in interpreting it, or if he has become just another Deep State skunk.

Might as well find out now.

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

There’s a lot of money – several billion – which is going to be used to build the Wall that is not part of the emergency declaration. Nothing they can do that can stop it!

What surprises me is how effective the enemies of the Wall must believe it to be, or they wouldn’t be so opposed to it’s construction! It’s one thing when we who support the Wall understand it’s usefulness; it’s quite another to recognize that those who oppose it believe the same thing! Bottom line: Walls work, and everybody knows it.

Jimmy MacAfee

I haven’t read the bill, but I’ve heard it allows an exclusion for those communities who don’t want a Wall. Fine! Build the Wall where it is wanted, and let the criminals, terrorists, drug traffickers and human traffickers dump all their filth in those communities which are so self-righteous that they won’t permit themselves to be defended!

Reminds me of San Francisco, where many areas are open to nudity and defecation in the street. Need galoshes to gallop through the glop, wade through the waste, trip through the shi…? What you permit has a way of sticking to your community. Border communities that don’t want defending will one day be begging for help. Kind of like Cuomo the Penitent, appearing before the President with hat in hand, looking for a bailout, while darling AOC dances her applause of the demise of the Amazon facilities and sprinkles yet another little yellow shower on his grandiosity. Thus will be the fate of the border deniers.

James Carpenter

Ruthie made another public appearance today, showing up at her workplace. Again, no photos. The MSM is crowing about her return but are only showing stock photos from days gone by.
Seems to me that if she were getting better and truly able to return to work, her admirers would be splashing full photo suites of her everywhere they could.
No photos? Hmmmmm….

Matthew M

the fear that dems would declare a national emergency on climate change, has nothing to do with president trump’s decision now. If they could get away with it they would have done it back in the clinton era in the 90s, this particular declaration doesn’t make it any easier or harder whatsoever. to assign ease or hardship to possible future emergency declarations based on this one by either side is horse hockey.

If the dems get the presidency and enough political will by the people, they will most certainly use an emergency declaration, but it will require both…….. the law is almost irrelevant to democrat political wants and needs, even most republican ones too.


RGB’s health takes on greater significance as this is destined for the Supreme Court. The world will come to an end when she passes for all the leftists.


Trump should pull the trigger on the national emergency, build the wall, and not look back. He gave congress 2 shots at doing this and they are absolutely worthless. There aren’t enough R’s in congress with the spine to play hardball with the Dems and get something meaningful passed. What they did pass was anemic and full of of outs for the Dems to further obstruct construction of the wall. If Roberts doesn’t follow the constitution, we’ll just have to wait until RBG is replaced to get enough votes from people who do.

Jimmy MacAfee

Pelosi’s nonsense is projection: she fears that President (by G0D’s Grace) Trump will act with the same impunity that her spray painted Trojan Horse did while occupying the Whitehouse, defying the courts and largely getting away with it. There will come a time when the President is faced with a decision that forces him to ignore the belly-crawling vermin who think that their courts get to make law and overturn legitimate Constitutional authority given to the President. Think: national emergency.

It also recognizes that Senator Reid left the Senate with the ability to vote up-or-down on the SCOTUS nominees, majority rules. Reid’s actions resulted in unintended consequences for the Demonrats.


For the most part CJ Robert’s has been reliably conservative with only 5 out of 800 cases where his vote changed the out come to a liberal swing according to 538 that was consequential. I believe he would support the president’s legal authority to declare a national emergency. Having said that we need one more President Trump appointment to the SCOTUS.

The argument about President Trump not making the declaration because of something the Democrats might do in returned is just plain a load of crap. It’s this kind of thinking that has paralyzed them Republicans into doing nothing to help out the presdent.


Judging from Roberts past compromising behavior, I think the deep state has something about him to control him.

Roberts poised to be swing vote on high court…

Remember this:
US Supreme Court decides (coerced?) CO2 is a pollutant for the Obama EPA to seize expansive power.
What does the deep state have on Roberts?

… does the deep state have compromising information to control Roberts?

Conservatives steamed at Chief Justice Roberts’ betrayal – POLITICO

“Obama admitted he did not swear on a bible for this second administration of the oath, but insisted in was binding anyway.”

Was the flub planned so it could be done again out of sight… Hmmmm can anyone one say Quran?
President Obama messed up the oath of office on his inauguration ……(What say you Justice Roberts?)


Where is Ruthie? She reportedly went to some sort of event a few weeks back and there were ZERO pictures. No phone pics NADA. I thought that was somewhat odd given her unearned rock star status. Where is Ruthie and is she capable of performing any tasks? Someone needs to make a bed check to verify how she is doing.

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