The Enemy Within, Ilhan Omar, Now Has a Seat in Congress

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

The Enemy Within now has a seat in congress. – Her name is Ilhan Omar, a radical Muslim activist who hates Jews and Israel, supports Sharia Law, supports Hamas, ISIS and other terrorist groups, and is an actual elected representative from Minnesota. Her hate-filled, anti-American, anti-Semitic views are all on display in this 2013 interview:

This Muslim radical is feeling increasingly emboldened by her new position and the friendly attitudes towards her views displayed by her fellow Democrat members of congress, which is no surprise given that the Vice-Chairman of the DNC during 2017 and 2018 was another well-known anti-Semite, Keith Ellison. Oh, yeah, and Ellison now just happens to be the Attorney General in … wait for it … Minnesota!

Rep. Omar now feels so enabled by her increasingly anti-Israel party apparatus that she went on an anti-Israel Twitter storm last night, chronicled here by Grabien News. In her storm, she accused Israel of bribing members of congress (wonder if she’s also concerned about Netflix giving Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez $10 million for rights to the documentary they did about her?), and incorrectly identified the American Israel Political Affairs Committee (AIPAC) as the source of those “bribes” (AIPAC is a 501(c)4 organization that does not make political contributions).

Desperate for some support after pro-Israel Twitter users slammed her for her racist remarks, Omar then re-tweeted a message from Joshua Zeitz, which she obviously failed to read all the way through the end of its 280 characters.  Zeitz’s tweet begins by sounding supportive of Omar’s anti-Israel position, but then ends by slamming the obvious anti-Semite by stating she “might as well call us hook-nosed.”


If you wondered why almost no Democrats stood to join all of the Republicans in applauding President Trump’s State of the Union messages about support for Israel, well, it should be coming more clear now. Any Jewish American who continues to vote Democrat in the future is casting a suicidal vote.

It’s fair to note that if a Republican did any of what Omar did last night, he or she would be hounded from office by fellow Republicans and our fake news media. Omar, being just another anti-Semitic Democrat, will be given a pass from our increasingly anti-Semitic fake news media, because that’s how this stuff works.

Speaking of Minnesota… – Oh hey, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar is running for president in 2020!  Aren’t you all just so darn excited?  Yay!

Speaking in the midst of a massive Minnesota snowstorm, Klobuchar told her dozens of supporters that, on her first day in office, she would address “global warming.”

You seriously cannot make this stuff up.

I thought she’d already done this. – Fauxcahontas is running, too! But didn’t we already know that?  I’m confused. Anyway, the pathologically lying fraud Senator from Massachusetts tossed her headdress into the campfire ring on Sunday and sent up smoke signals notifying supporters that she now needs to raise some serious wampum for her 2020 warpath.

Meanwhile, in the Commonwealth of Virginia… – The white guys in black face and Klan robes are gonna survive, but the black guy isn’t.

That appears to be the math the Democrats and their fake news media enablers are setting up to be the ultimate outcome to almost unbelievable scandal that has unfolded among the state’s Democrat Party leaders over the past couple of weeks.

The fakenewsers at CBS gave Governor Ralph Northam a 30-minute softball interview with Obama buddy Gayle King, who pretends to be a “journalist” in her role as a host on the network’s low-rated morning program. Picking King for this interview basically gives Northam the Obama seal of approval and tells all Democrats to stand down where Northam’s concerned, so he’s going to survive.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Mark Herring, caught up in a similar “black face” scandal, has been laying low, and if you Google his name, you’ll see that no major media outlet has bothered to even file a story on him since February 6. So, the fake news media fix is in, and he will also survive to serve out his term.

Then there’s the only non-black face-wearing Democrat in this mix, Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax, who doesn’t need shoe polish because he happens to be African American. Fairfax has now been accused by not just one, but two women of being a sexual abuser, and both accusations are backed up by contemporaneous evidence, unlike any of the accusations leveled last Fall against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

USA Today is reporting that Fairfax – unlike Northam or Herring – will likely be facing an impeachment effort this week in the state’s House of Delegates. No one in the fake news media is awarding him softball interviews with Obama friends or otherwise giving him cover. He’s toast, whether he realizes it yet or not.

The lesson from the Democrat Party and the fake news media here is clear: If you’re a clearly racist white guy who also, like Northam, supports murdering live-born babies, you will survive as long as you can stick it out past the initial furor. But if you’re a black guy who is accused of abusing women, you are going to be tossed to the wolves.

That, friends, is your Democrat Party in action.

That is all.

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keith sherlock

Amen Buzz


A Muslim should NEVER be elected to public office in this country. Muslims are bound by Islam to follow Sharia law. Islam and Sharia law are not compatible with our Constitution, our freedoms and our way of life. We cannot assimilate people who are hostile to our government, our laws, our way of life, demanding and intent on conquering. Islam should be banned in this country for that very reason.

Jimmy MacAfee

I haven’t seen too much written about “Bugs Bunny” Cortez’ Green Deal in the area of ending jet travel and building high speed rail. There are several problems with this – more like hundreds, but here are just two very big ones:

1. High speed rail in California is a fiscal disaster; expand that all over the country? WTH?
2. Putting rail all over the country in numbers sufficient to replace airlines would be an ecological and environmental disaster. A quick analysis would show this, if anyone is interested in the logistics.


I am seriously beginning to worry about the future of our Nation. AOC and Omar can’t speak anything other than word salad and I would like to know their IQ. The average American IQ is 98, while the average Somali IQ is 68, which explains a lot for one of them. The only way AOC could have possibly gotten a degree is if it was purchased for her. They appear to be teenagers trapped in adult bodies and I’m serious about that. The GND is nothing short of insanity that would bankrupt us, with a portion of America backing it without a clue as to the prohibitive price tag of the scam. I’m convinced most folks will smell the coffee at some point in time, however I have been wrong before.

Then we have Tlaib and Jayapal (from my state), who have a little more on the ball and think themselves experts on any subject, while slamming the current administration in the most ridiculous of ways. IMO: All four of these folks haven’t a clue as to how America became a great nation. I’ve worked my entire life by the hour never being un-employed and I’m over 60. I have a handful of years that I worked more than a thousand hours of overtime in a physically grueling job. Everything on million plus horsepower turbines and associated equipment, is quite large. American greatness was determined by hard work and innovation of American citizens. We now see people representing citizens who obviously haven’t a clue as to how we evolved as a Nation. If they know so little about the past, how can they possibly chart the future with ANY success?

Jimmy MacAfee

I don’t think Northam’s gonna survive; I just think he’s gonna be moved out AFTER Fairfax. No one in Va. seriously thinks about the Lt. Gov position, and they’re usually unvetted. More stuff is likely to come out against both Herring and Northam, because now they’re getting some real scrutiny and HRC isn’t there to Arkanside them – but Northam has actually helped with the discussion re. replacement of Justice Ginsberg, showing their “mainstream” Dems to be abortion extremists and infanticide supporters. Timing is everything. Third witness against Fairfax, according to one source, but may not make herself available. Takes awhile for a house to fall, even in the heaviest wind.

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