The Democrat Party’s Descent Into Full-Throated Fascism is Now Complete

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

This was a really important week, and it is crucial that we all understand why. This was the week when the mask of socialist fascism came completely off the ugly face of the national Democrat Party, and there is no going back, hard though they will try.

Simply put, all the Democrats had to do over the next two years to have a real shot a regaining all levers of power in our nation’s capital was not be batsh*t crazy, and they couldn’t do it. They can’t help themselves. This is, after all, their true nature, and has been for almost a full century now, when communist loyalists began making real inroads into their ranks, our media and our educational system.

Prior generations of the party’s politicians were able to hide their real desires to turn our nation into just another failed socialist/fascist third world country behind an ever-evolving series of false talking points. But that has all been ripped away thanks to the all-consuming hatred of President Donald Trump (I never tire of typing those three glorious words) harbored by the latest collection misanthropes, racists, women-abusers, ageing Bolshevik grumps, fake Indians and mindless children who now represent the party in congress and Virginia’s state government.

It wasn’t just this week – the batsh*t craziness has been accelerating for a long time now. Anyone paying real attention recognized the Democrats’ lurch to full-fledged fascist thuggery with their creation and full endorsement of the Antifa movement in response to the 2016 election. That move was Adolph Hitler 101 for anyone who’s ever read a book about 1930s Germany. But still the party’s leadership and fake news media agents maintained the fiction that the old Bolshevik Bernie Sanders was some sort of outlier among its ranks, just an old grump – who’s really an “independent” after all – who just got lucky and caught a flukish wave of young voters in his challenge to the Pantsuit Princess in 2016.

But then came the catalyst – Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a cute, 29 year-old unabashed socialist/fascist with a bright smile, a never-quiet mouth, and a middle-school backpack filled with half-baked socialist “ideas” lucked into a win in a Bronx congressional district and became an instant media star. This hopelessly ignorant but social-media-savvy cretin has increasingly become the “thought leader” – to the extent she can be credited with actually having “thoughts” – of the Democrat Party, and that has led to a growing competition among those who aspire to be the Democrat 2020 presidential nominee and other party leaders to see who can be the most leftist and thuggish among them.

Over the last two weeks we have had multiple Democrat presidential hopefuls endorse a 70% income tax rate, one endorse an even more punitive 90% rate, and another throw out the coup de gras, a clearly unconstitutional tax levied not on incomes, but on assets. To top it all off, another aspirant to the party’s nomination – Irish Bob O’Rourke – went so far as to publicly question the continued validity of the entire Constitution itself, a thought pretty much all Democrats have harbored in their minds but only expressed in hushed voices when among friends.

So the Party’s mask was already slipping, its elastic headband fraying at the edges from the constant strain of having to hold back its members’ true intentions for all these decades, when Ocasio Cortez dropped the figurative socialist/fascist Mother Of All Bombs into the public domain this past Wednesday night: Her “Green New Deal.” Oh, my. The mask didn’t just fall to the floor, it disintegrated like Humpty Dumpty, never to be put back together again.

Within hours of rolling her GND outline onto her congressional website, Ocasio Cortez’s paper version of the Bolshevik Revolution had attracted the endorsements of no fewer than 70 Democrat members of congress and almost all of the currently-announced presidential candidates. 43-year veteran of congress Ed Markey of Massachusetts went in whole-hog, announcing himself as a co-sponsor of this fake green Communist Manifesto.

After a fierce backlash from the public and in some parts of the media, someone – probably Nancy Pelosi – convinced Ocasio Cortez to pull the atrocity down from her website, and she and her staff have been out there for the last two days denying the thing was ever posted in the first place, because lying and scrubbing history is what socialist fascists do. But that action was, as they say, a day late and a dollar short – there is no going back from the crossing of that particular Rubicon.

So now, President Trump will be able to pound his opponents over the head with their full-throated endorsements of all the key elements of socialist fascism for the next 20 months, presenting American voters with the clearest choice they could possibly have between the America they’ve always known or a lurch into the same third-world status now enjoyed by the starving people of Venezuela.

It didn’t have to be this way – all the Democrats had to do was to not be batsh*t crazy. But hey, when you actually are batsh*t crazy, it’s really hard to keep up appearances.

That is all.

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The next two years are gonna be spent by the dims trying to not appear crazier than they are, and have revealed themselves to be via the “Ocassionally Coherent” rep from the Bronx. She and her cohorts will surely come up with more totally off the wall stuff before the ’20 elections.
The dim party is looking for a way to keep from imploding before then. I don’t see a way, not with all the nutjobs jumping on the various bandwagons of faux investigations. Just gonna make things worse for the dims.
I’m also thinking the American people are going to get an education in how corrupt and anti-American the left is in the next two years. Should be quite a show.
Get more popcorn.


I found her college transcript in a dumpster. It says here she flunked Arithmetic 101. Twice . . .


Has she forgotten her oath of office already? A. Ocaisional Cortex should be immediately charged with treason as a domestic enemy of the constitution.


she runs more than da bronx,a place she hasn’t inhabited since age 5-She has stable areas,yuptardia in astoria,sunnyside ,woodside,parts of corona on and on accounting for her win along w/gawd only knows how many ineligible voted as no IDs required etc etc and theee boards of elections are run by the diMs.
I post as a JOKE that she is on the GOPee payroll,but hey,ya never know ! many a truth spoken in jest.
but she is crazed in appearance-could it be hyperthyroidism OR WHAT ?


Her eyes give her the Linda Blair look.
Call the Exorcist.

Jimmy MacAfee

Yes. Hyperthyroidism. Same as GHWB. In addition to low IQ and being out of touch with reality. NPD big-time, if I may use the term.


Cortez certainly not one of the thousand points of light. The dark side of the force is strong with this one. Editorial page:

Mark Webb

The more the left exposes who they really are, the better for America.


Important to publicize the foreseeable consequences of this proposed atrocity. It being ridiculous will not deter the Left from imposing the GND if given a chance. On just one facet, energy, the likely consequences are –

* the USA makes do with 1/12 of the current energy budget at our disposal in 2019. This is actually optimistic since radical enviros want to do away with hydroelectric power, which is the bulk of “renewable energy”

* the last time the USA used that much energy was around 1900. This means the USA retrenches to a lifestyle and the population carrying capacity of 1900 (~76M people)

* since the current population of the USA is ~320M people, the NGD plan has no provision for feeding ~250M people.

The NGD advocates must be forced to own and explain this, in public. AOC and her cohorts are proposing a holocaust that dwarfs what any 20th Century totalitarian did.

Jimmy MacAfee

AOC and the Green Deal’s supporters are more exposed than Jeff Bezos in his selfies.


You left out one important detail: AOC’s backpack is a Gucci backpack! 😉

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