Dan Crenshaw, the Anti-AOC, Perfectly Sums Up the “Green New Deal”

The Evening Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Devastation in 280 characters or less. – He isn’t as flashy or bug-eyed crazy as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but in his own quiet way, Texas freshman Congressman Dan Crenshaw is every bit the rising star on the right as the infamous, roof-top-dancing AOC is on the left.

After two days of hilarity and 800-word detailed analyses of AOC’s Climate Scam wet dream that she refers to as the “Green New Deal,” Congressman Crenshaw – a rare Republican who actually “gets” the potential power of social media –  took to Twitter this evening to completely dismantle the farce in three short sentences:


OMG, AOC, the ball’s all, like, totally in your, like, court or something. You know?

Here is just how perfectly devastating and succinct Crenshaw’s tweet truly is:

Sentence 1: Gets directly to the critical point that conclusively demonstrates this particular document produced by the Global Climate Scam is not about “climate” at all;

Sentence 2: Lays out the absolute truth about the way socialist/fascist brutes throughout history have always operated – you must first destroy before you can begin to “build” your socialist paradise.  Like Venezuela, for instance;

Sentence 3: Thanks the Democrats for so starkly and absolutely showing their true brutish face to the public, an event so rare in modern times that those of us among the thinking must do everything we can to appreciate and preserve it for posterity.

Thank you, Congressman Crenshaw, for posting what is in fact a truly perfect tweet.

That is all.

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Horner, Fentress C.

A good article regarding the Hon. Mr. Crenshaw of Texas. He appears to be one of the future bright lights
of this country, should she outlast the libs and their crazy stuff.

The problem, of course, is that the libs have control of the public schools. By the time the Hon. Mr. Cren-
shaw is up for president, he might not win. Not that he would have bad ideas, but that he would just be
out-numbered by libs, and perhaps their latest… lump their electoral votes to the popular winner.

Mr. Crenshaw, you have my vote when you decide to run.

Fentress C. Horner

fch sends

Lionel Mandrake

He controls the public schools who is allowed to control the public schools. Remember the second amendment.

william chandler

About these “hispanic” SJW like Occasional Cortex who adopt a “Holier Than THOU” piety and denigrate White Males. It was you Spanish-Hispanics that were the most diabolical evil cruel slave abusers. Look what they did to the Natives — pouring molten gold down their throats, etc.

SF Jeff

The “GND” has been a great relief for me: its not just my regular hamburger, its not just my SUV; its other people in airplanes that are changing the climate. Other people’s choices, other peoples liberties are the problem, so my virtue is in tact.

Jimmy MacAfee

AOC is Tom Perez with a better smile and crazier eyes and some real hair; he couldn’t woo a she-goat in estrus, and she would be nothing if she didn’t have those enthusiastically bulging eyes and a set of massive chompers that Mr. Ed would be proud of. Both are cut from the same ideological cloth. Cut’n paste. I’d give two weeks salary to see a cage match between Congressman Crenshaw and the wretched Mr. Peres.

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