It Was a Bad, Bad Night for Democrat Women

Today’s Campaign Update Part II
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Liz Cheney for the Win!: – GOP Congresswoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming properly summed up the behavior of the white-and-blue-clad Democrat women at last night’s State of the Union message with a single devastating tweet:

“Things my Democrat women colleagues wouldn’t clap for at tonight: America, freedom, free enterprise, law enforcement heroes, record low unemployment for women & minorities, the right of babies to live. Things they did clap for: themselves.”

During the hour and twenty-one minutes it took to deliver the speech, President Donald Trump was interrupted by standing ovations 104 times, according to Fox News’s count. Probably 90 of those were Republicans-only affairs, joined only by a few straggling Red State Democrats who stood only when they had prior permission from Chuck Schumer or San Fran Nan.

It is stunning that the Democrat women couldn’t bring themselves to applaud the record low unemployment for women the Trump economy has delivered over the last two years. They did manage to stand and cheer when the President mentioned the fact that 58% of the new jobs created the past two years had been filled by women – but the cheering was ironic in nature (as Democrat cheering for American greatness always seems to be these days), a celebration of the victories by a couple of dozen freshmen Democrat women last November, at least half of which were achieved by outright voter fraud.

As if to emphasize that last point, the Dems then rolled out Stacey Abrams, the failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate who benefited from massive voter fraud in her losing effort, to deliver their paint-by-the-numbers response to the President’s speech. Like every other such response delivered by a Democrat, if you removed the true passages from the text, the speech would remain 98% intact. In fact, if you overlaid Abrams’ recital over that delivered last year by an amazingly hoarse Joe Kennedy, they would almost be identical. The Democrat messages of envy-based socialism and environmental alarmism never seem to evolve.

They just keep doubling down on the lies and brainwashing, which coincidentally is also what the Nazis did in Germany back in the 1930s.

Irony was everywhere last night. – Hey, I wonder if Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her fellow raging anti-semites Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar were comfortable with the fact that their white-on-blue attire just happened to reflect the colors of the flag of … wait for it…ISRAEL.


Irony was everywhere last night, Part II. – This photo is perfect and really needs no explanation in light of recent events:


Man, the #Fakenews outlets have a big job of turning public opinion around today… – Viewer reaction polls taken in the wake of the speech by CBS News and CNN showed that viewers approved of the President’s message by 76% and 59%, respectively. You can bet the DNC/fake news media joint talking points monkeys had a sleepless night last night.

Like Morning Mika once said, telling people what to think isn’t President Trump’s job, it’s the fake news media’s job.

Fauxcahontas Update! – If you thought Senator Little Mouth Always Running had weathered her Fake Indian storm and lived to tell about it, think again.

Below is her application to be admitted to the State Bar of Texas, which she filed in 1986, claiming her “race” to be “American Indian.” This little bit of fraud was tweeted out by Washington Post reporter Amy Gardner about an hour and a half before the President began his speech last night. No wonder our fake Indian princess had such a concerned look on her face throughout the evening:


The most amazing part of this is that the Washington Post actually released this latest piece of Warren fraud rather than sitting on it like they normally do for their favored Democrats. This can only mean that the Democrat Party/Fake news media Axis of Disinformation has decided that Fauxcahontas is a sure loser in 2020 and wants her gone.

While that’s a noble goal, the problem for the American people is she’ll just be replaced by some other outright fraud like Kamala Harris or Irish Bob O’Rourke.

But hey, this is the Democrats we’re talking about here, so of course that will be the case.

That is all.

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Bennie Sprouse

I guess we should be opening our doors to the South Africans who are being slaughtered and run off their OWN land by the black led SA GOVERNMENT! They are confiscating land and other property without renumeration! I would think a lot of those hard working South Africans would be a POSITIVE in the Immigration program! Maybe we can get some of our libers to move to SA to take their places!!


Don’t celebrate too hard. Trump showed his colors when he said he wanted massive immigration. The way he played it sounds like more fake ‘multiculturalism’ where the only concessions come from the foolish hosts.

Jimmy MacAfee

Immigration from where? That’s the question. Obimbo brought in Islamists, and through Jeh Johnson, placed them all over the place using DHS as his placement service. Bad. Europe had hoped that immigrants would adopt the customs of their new home, not set up Caliphates and Colonies. Demographically the West is pretty much done – mostly because of low birth rates. Look at any major country, including Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Germany…low birth rates which guarantee future failure. This includes the US, too. However, the US Chamberpot of Commerce wants illegal aliens, in order to drive down wages and turn the US into Mexico-north.
They don’t want more legal immigration, because they want to import slaves, not bring in people with legitimate aspirations: they prefer illegals, because they don’t get unemployment or workers comp.
At least there are people from Central and South America, minus the criminals and welfare seekers, who would like to come here legally, and whose religion and culture are not alien and who don’t intend to overthrow. The illegals, on the other hand, bring their own flags and seek to dominate. Shoot ’em at the border if we can’t build a wall, but invite people who will contribute and can contribute their talent and energy.

william chandler

White is for Virgins, so ….. however …. The pathetic groveling of so-called White Christian Conservatives is nauseating.
Remember the Yankee/Jewish Carpetbaggers that flooded South and instigated the freed slaves to violence and corrupt practices in government were Republicans. The KKK was born out of their depredations against White Citizens. Look at your major cities ….

Ulmer Zille

Did see any Democrat women but it looked like the KKKlan Ladies Auxilary (sans hoods) was out in full force.


Loved the SOTU last night! I thought it was one of President Trump’s best speeches. He has the lunatic left spewing hate like crazy today. After all, what else do they really have to offer that is a plus to us lowly peons. Lisping leftie Inslee had his own rebuttal that was just more word salad for the faithful. He is dying to make a run for it and if he does, he will be touting his college day work ethic as he did during his campaign for Governor. It isn’t much different than Kasich and his mailman story. One thing Inslee will have to deal with is his refusal to cast his Superdelegate vote for Sanders, after Sanders won the caucuses with 63% of the vote. I’m not aware of any skeletons in his closet, because the guy is as boring and dull as watching paint dry.

Jimmy MacAfee

Mildly disagree about WaPo: parts of the Deep State have been turned, and Bezos the Billionaire is suddenly concerned that the Cortez monster and Aryan White ol’ Blue Eyes Liawatha actually might take away more of his fortune than his soon-to-be-ex. The WaPo also went against the Lt. “Gubner” of Va claim that they withheld the oral rape allegations because they were meritless. Quite a turn. Expect the WaPo, which now sees the War Against Trump is losing and will turn them into Buzzfeed, to begin rehabilitating their image of the President. Expect layoffs of old-time journalists, who no longer have Soros to help pay their salaries (call it a salary cap, or call it frozen bank accounts, either way.) Polls that say 70% of Americans want billionaires to be taxed heavily have Bezos and Schultz and others running scared. As I said during the campaign to elect President Trump: he’s the only candidate who can and will openly extoll the virtues of Capitalism. He will begin to have new allies, and his enemies who illegally attempted to frame him will be facing some real consequences.

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