Democrats/Media: Believe the Women!!! uh, unless they’re accusing a Democrat…

The Evening Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Your Democrat Party in action!: – Can the situation with the Virginia Democrat Party possibly get any worse?  Well, yeah, sure it could. After all, every one of these people went to high school, the potential for more embarrassing photographs to surface are as numerous as the number of elected Democrat officials multiplied by at least 4, by 8 if they received an undergrad degree, and by up to 12 for those who went to grad school. My goodness.

In a state where it was apparently customary for white kids to be made up in black face or wear KKK robes for school photos, the possibilities are almost endless. The latest to be found out is Attorney General Mark Herring, who admitted today that, like Gov. Ralph Northam, he got all dressed up in black face at the age of 19 so he could impersonate a rap artist in some talent show or something. Herring only made this admission because he became aware that a photo of his “talent” had been discovered in one of his school annuals and was about to be released to the public.

Ironically, Herring was among the first Democrat public officials to call for Northam to step down from his office last Friday, when Northam’s own college-yearbook foray into putting shoe polish in his face was made public. It’s not exactly a case of the proverbial “pot” calling the “kettle” black, but it’s pretty comparable.

But things got even more ridiculous for the Virginia Dems later in the day as their African American Lt. Governor, Justin Fairfax, was credibly accused of having committed sexual assault some 15 years ago. The accuser, Dr. Vanessa E. Tyson, released a statement to the press describing in detail an incredibly ugly attack she claims Farifax committed on her person when both were working at the Democrat National Convention in Boston:

“With tremendous anguish, I am now sharing this information about my experience and setting the record straight. It has been extremely difficult to relive that traumatic experience from 2004. Mr. Fairfax has tried to brand me as a liar to a national audience, in service to his political ambitions, and has threatened litigation. Given his false assertions, I’m compelled to make clear what happened,” she said in a statement.

I won’t go into the ugly details of the accusation here, other than to say Dr. Tyson’s claim is that Fairfax forced her to perform oral sex on him. The Fox News story linked above contains a link to the full statement.

Very predictably, the reaction from all the Democrat scumbags who spent weeks helping the fake news media and a procession of non-credible accusers smear Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh with the mantra “all women deserve to be believed!!!!!” has been…silence. See, you’re only supposed to “believe the women!!!!!!!” when their accusations are leveled against non-Democrats.

Meanwhile, no one should come into contact with this story without learning of the FACT that the news fakers at the Washington Post had this story a full year ago – directly from Dr. Tyson, who proactively contacted a reporter she knew at the fake newspaper – and chose to sit on it because, you know, uh, well, because Fairfax is a, um, well he’s a Democrat, after all.

It is also extremely important to keep in mind that the Washington Post was among the most guilty of perpetuating the false accusations against Kavanaugh, and all the while was doing everything it could to keep Dr. Tyson’s accusation against Fairfax away from the public.

Is it any wonder – any wonder at all – why so many millions of Americans hate our fake news media and consider fake news outlets like the WaPo to be their enemy?

No, no wonder at all.

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

The Three Stooges of Virginia remind me of the movie White Chicks for some reason.


It’s taking some adjustment to get this straight in our heads: Always believe the woman; even if it’s just “he said, she said” and not a scrap of evidence, even if everyone who has known him throughout his life vouches for him, whatever he’s accused of is always bound to be true. But if the “offender” is a Democrat, then throw the woman to the wolves, and the sooner the better before she has a chance to be believed.

Jimmy MacAfee

Nina Burleigh, AKA “Kneepad Girl,” has threatened to sue after the Daily Telegraph apologized for her fake article. Wasn’t enough that the paper had to shell out massive bucks; Kneepads for Bill doesn’t know when to stop. Maybe the First Lady should consider suing ol’ Kneepads in addition to the Telegraph?

Jimmy MacAfee

Fairfax’ accuser remembers the place, time and didn’t have to have psychologists “help” her to remember the perpetrator. And remember: there were THREE false accusers of Kavanaugh, not one of them with a shred of credibility. Fairfax’ accuser also is a Democrat.


….absolutely amazing – after all the “believe women” mantra, the silence is deafening

Don McCoy

The usual RANK hypocrisy from our friends on the Left…

Jimmy MacAfee

Sorry: Fairfax allegedly said: “Eff that B.”

Jimmy MacAfee

Worse yet, there are two witnesses who claim that the Lt. Gov. called the accuser an “effing b.” Smart!
With two dimwit white boys prancing around in blackface, and a black moron who brings up some of the worst images his race has tried to dispel, how much worse can it get! Stupid. Three Stooges. But again I ask: why didn’t the Virginia GOP do opposition research? And Herring was connected to the plot to bring down Sweet Briar, before he backed away. All three of these Stooges should be hitting each other in the face with a large, overripe mackerel.

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