Mueller Bites Into Another Ham Sandwich

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Robert Mueller has a passion for ham. – The Special Counsel’s office nabbed itself another ham sandwich in the dark of night, arresting former Trump adviser (prior to the 2016 election campaign) Roger Stone with CNN’s cameras conveniently present for the festivities. Funny how that works, huh?

The 66 year-old Stone, who is one of the most recognizable people in America at this point and not any sort of flight risk at all, was arrested at his home as FBI agents pounded on his door shouting “FBI! Open the door!” as they would if they were playing Elliot Ness in a Hollywood-produced film. Stone, after opening the door, was naturally taken away in handcuffs.

The arrest of Stone on a variety of process crimes having nothing to do with any “collusion” with anyone from Russia comes after 20 months of a Mueller-led rectal exam into every facet of his life. The obviously-coordinated media event also conveniently comes in the wake of recent releases of transcripts of the congressional testimonies of a series of FBI/DOJ anti-Trump cabal participants like Lisa Page and James Baker which contained revelations of all sorts of violations of law and process committed as part of the efforts to get Trump during 2016 and 2017. You know, actual news that CNN couldn’t be bothered to report.

Timing is everything if you’re a Special Counsel.

Stone was charged with a series of terrible-sounding process crimes like “obstruction of justice” (as if this Mueller and his band of Clinton/Obama shills were engaged in any sort of pursuit of actual “justice”), “witness tampering” and “lying to congress”, all of which sound great when trumpeted by the news-fakers at CNN. But God help him if he ever screwed up on a tax return, because at the end of the day all these other charges will almost certainly fall away and that is what he’ll end up going to jail for.

Just another day in the pursuit of “justice” by the American Gestapo.

And now for something completely different…: Here’s Irish Bob O’Rourke in a Sheep Suit.  No, really, I’m not making this up…

Conservatives like Jim Hanson making fun of Irish Bob over this video are just whistling past the graveyard.  Democrat voters eat this kind of stuff up. In their minds, O’Rourke in a onesie just makes him cool and hip and they’re all out there on Amazon this morning trying to figure out if they can buy one for themselves. And that sheep mask will be all the rage at Millennial Halloween parties this October.

At the end of the day, the release of this little snip of video will get Irish Bob another 5 percent in the Democrat 2020 nomination horse race polls.

He’s a shoe-in, folks.  Just get used to it: Beto-In-A-Sheep-Suit 2020!!!!

Actually, Mitch, you’re wrong. – The news-fakers at The Hill report this morning that GOP senators “Read the Riot Act” to Vice President Mike Pence at a closed-door luncheon yesterday. Led by Mitch McConnell, this group of half a dozen or so establishment unreliables informed the Veep that government shutdowns are “bad strategy”, with McConnell reminding Pence of his “favorite country saying” which is “there is no education in the second kick of a mule.”

Whatever that means.

We hear this nonsense all the time from McConnell and the GOP Squish lobby in the Senate and House. But every time we hear it, it is instructive to review the last time the GOP got blamed for a partial fake shutdown of the government.

That took place in October, 2013, when Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Utah Sen. Mike Lee – two actual, real conservative Republicans – led filibusters of a horrible budget bill to force a shutdown that lasted from October 1 through October 17 before they finally relented and agreed to a compromise.

As we see happening today, Democrats and their coordinating agents in the fake news media reacted to that action by Cruz and Lee with glee, assuring the public that Republicans would pay dearly at the ballot box when the 2014 mid-term congressional elections came around.  Because, that is what D.C. Swamp logic told them would happen, right?  Right.

But what actually did happen in the 2014 mid-term elections?  Why, the GOP base turned out in droves, and Republicans swept to huge gains in both the House and Senate.  In fact, this was the election in which Republicans gained control of the Senate for the first time since 2006, the election that put Cocaine Mitch into the Majority Leader’s role he holds today.

One would think McConnell might actually remember such a red-letter day in his career.

I have been involved in and written about politics for almost 40 years now, and it never ceases to amaze me how so many Republicans are simply incapable of recognizing the single most important lesson the great Ronald Wilson Reagan taught them: Republicans will always be rewarded by voters when they stand on principle and keep their promises, and will always be punished by them when they fail to do so.

In this government shutdown, President Donald Trump is standing on principle and keeping his promose, and he will be rewarded by the voters for doing so in 2020 so long as he does not capitulate.  Republicans who stand with him will also be rewarded. Republicans who do not stand with him will be punished.

It really is that simple.

That is all.

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I sincerely hope that when Mueller wakes up from his dream he finds that the ham sandwich he bit into was real hind end of a pissed off boar hog. This abuse of the system and all of it’s traitorous players have a lamp post with their name on it.

Jimmy MacAfee

This should keep the House from taking the investigation from Mueller and moving forward with it after Mueller has reached his conclusion, which will be that President Trump did nothing wrong. Enough already!


The Gestapo like tactics used by the FBI in this raid, should scare the hell out of ALL Americans. IMO It is nothing more than a tactic to instill fear into the public. It was not needed in this instance. Weissman likely contacted CNN to attend the dog and pony show in an effort to make them appear less fake. The only people that will fool are folks with a low IQ. It will however, allow the Clintonistas to grab onto it in their hate. I would bet that most of them know the witch hunt is contrived, yet their hate allows it to proceed anyway.


This may be the last “ham sandwich” the mueller gets to charge with something or another made up charge. If there is any justice(I sometimes wonder these days) then this one should blow up in the face of the phony special counsellor. That he used the gestapo tactics, once again, for a nothing charge shows that he is hoping that intimidation of others is the name of the game. Again. Manafort and Cohen just didn’t seem to stick nor shut folks up about all the nefarious dealings of mueller in the past. I don’t think it will work this time either. Nothing charges with specious evidence will result in further loss of the mueller’s credibility. Except as the leader of a kangaroo court type of ‘justice’. Sick of it. Have been for a while. It needs to end, yesterday.
I’m watching the self-destruction of the dim party with their new, and some very old, members going after President Donald J. Trump and relishing the thoughts of their demise. The next two years are going to be very instructive of how un-American and anti-Constitutional the leftists in the legislative branch has become. Should result in the repubs regaining the House and a majority in the Senate in ’20. Along with the Oval Office, of course.
Maybe its just me. I hope not.

harry langdon

As with all of Mueller’s indictments,this one is to shut up someone who has information damaging to Mueller or one of the rest of the criminal class of the last administration.Stone knows a lot,and unfortunately for Mueller,Stone has already disseminated what he knows to a number of other people,many of whom Mueller doesn’t know about,many of whom have further disseminated that information.The information can’t be unlearned by Stone’s friends and colleagues,or the others outside of Mueller’s knowledge.It will come out.Game on,Jowls.

Jimmy MacAfee

Geranium Won, anyone? (spelling is key)
Mueller thinks he’s gonna do a plea, a hostage exchange.
NO deal! The plant has a foul odor.

Why wasn’t Cankles put under oath? Why hasn’t the DNC server been seized?
Why did Cankles’ cronies get immunity, then never be required to testify?
Why is Jowls (good name!) not looking into Russian/collusion?
(I have an answer to that: because he would be incriminating himself.)

So much for some people thinking Jowls turned, and is now a whitehat.
Looking forward to his trial at GITMO!



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