Trump Forgets He’s Putin’s Puppet, Moves to Depose Socialist Thug Maduro

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This is not how this whole “puppet” thing works.  Not how it works at all. – President Trump apparently forgot on Wednesday that he’s supposed to be a “puppet” for Vladimir Putin. Yesterday  morning, the President recognized Venezuelan Opposition leader Juan Guaido as the rightful President of that country, essentially de-legitimizing the socialist thug Nicolas Maduro.

Surely the “puppet” of Putin had to be aware that is putative “boss” – according to the Democrat Party and the fake news media – has, over the last two years, poured tens of billions of dollars into Venezuelan oil assets, spending billions more to prop up Maduro in the process. Indeed, it appears to actual neutral observers that the advancing Russian hegemony into the South American nation is a major reason why the Trump Administration is hoping to depose Maduro and replace him with a leader who plans to restore the democracy and freedoms Venezuelan citizens formerly enjoyed.

This is not the behavior of a puppet. Indeed, the Administration appears deadly serious here, with the President himself warning that “all options are on the table. Always,” related to the situation. To reinforce that point, when Maduro announced he was ordering U.S. diplomatic personnel to leave Venezuela within 72 hours, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo responded thusly:

“The United States does not recognize the Maduro regime as the government of Venezuela,” the statement said. “Accordingly the United States does not consider former president Nicolas Maduro to have the legal authority to break diplomatic relations with the United States or to declare our diplomats persona non grata.”

Pompeo went on to warn Maduro to avoid endangering U.S. personnel, or face “appropriate actions.”

Reports late in the day had Venezuelan troops loyal to Maduro shooting at some of the millions of citizens who took to the streets in support of Guaido. It’s easy to shoot and kill innocent people who stupidly allowed themselves to be disarmed by the country’s previous socialist thug, Hugo Chavez. It’s much harder and more futile to fire back at U.S. Marines backed up by American air cover and gun ships.

It is long past time for Maduro and his fellow thugs who have been starving the Venezuelan people (the average Venezuelan has lost 24 lbs. in the past year) to be deposed, and we should all hope the Trump Administration is intent on backing up its words with force if necessary. Unlike all of Obama’s mis-adventures in the Middle East and Africa in support of radical Muslim interests, this conflict, right in America’s back yard, is worthy of U.S. involvement.

It’s your move, Nancy. – With a pair of late-night tweets, President Trump, for all appearances, seems to have backed down to San Fran Nan in the famous battle over the State of the Union address:

This decision is, to say the least, odd. President Trump, as we have repeatedly seen, is not a man to just back down from a fight, so that is most likely not exactly what this is. There are most probably other factors at play of which we are not currently aware, but probably will be soon. The key thing to remember about Donald Trump is that he always, unfailingly, treats every situation as a negotiation.

Over the past couple of days, for example, we have seen both House Majority Leader Stenny Hoyer and Majority Whip Jame Clyburn assume positions in conflict to Pelosi’s related to negotiations over border security issues.  Clyburn has even proposed legislation containing the President’s requested $5.7 billion in border security funding, but with the caveat that it could not be deployed to build a “physical” barrier along the border.

That’s a giant step away from Pelosi’s offer of one dollar. It also represents a compromise that would allow both San Fran Nan and the President to save face.  Trump would get exactly the amount of money he requested and still be able to work to find other means of expanding the border barriers. Meanwhile, Pelosi has never said that enhanced border “security” is immoral, just a wall.

Ann Coulter and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would both go nuts, which would be the clearest sign possible that it was a pretty solid deal.

So, it could well be that there are negotiations ongoing behind the scenes that are about to get the fake partial government “shutdown” resolved over the next few days, and the President decided that it is best not to rock the boat, at least for now.

But as we have also seen many times before, Mr. Trump keeps his options open, and can turn on a dime. So it would be foolish to think these two tweets represent the end game here. They were simply Trump’s next move in some ongoing negotiation.

That is all.

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In 3 weeks time we will see if you are correct

Robert Gaines

I think President Trump was waiting for San Fran Nan to explicitly say he could not give the State of the in the House of Representatives. That way she shows up in history as the only leader of the House who refused a president a State of the Union Address, especially when she already invited him and gave such lame excuses for uninviting him. He wanted her on the record. Mission accomplished. A parent learns which battles to pick, and crying Chuck and San Fran Nan are indeed children.


I’m tired of Ann Coulter’s whining.

Robert Gaines

I too am tiring of Ann Coulter. She does have very insightful commentary, but I feel she is very short-sighted when it comes to the actions of President Trump. It’s all right to disagree, but she has become a shrill harpy at times with commentary on the president’s actions.

My grandmother really did say if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Since even mainstream Republicans do not support our President she should just keep her negative comments to herself unless you truly believes they will help. In this political atmosphere anything negative from anyone is turned up to Volume 11


No Wall ? Dig deep ditch .

Jimmy MacAfee

Filled with alligators, cottonmouths, piranha, sewerage and HRC clones.

sam Dennis

apparently neither Putin nor Trump have realize exactly what is expected in a Master/Slave relationship.

Jimmy MacAfee

No. No deal. A physical barrier, period. Build the wall!

As for Manuro; he looks like an escaped warthog from a Venezuelan zoo (if a warthog had actually been there, it would have already been eaten by the starving populace.) Not only that, but the fat moron could stand to lose 24 pounds himself. Big worry: if he does an “Iran” on our Embassy, don’t expect a Jimmy Carter response. At the same time, some people are eager to go to war, any war at all will do. Manuro had better fit himself with a golden parachute, and go to Iran. I suspect he’s already in someone’s reticle from beyond Venezuela.

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