AOC is Not Stupid – She’s Just “Educated”

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Don’t blame her, she’s just like 74% of other Democrats. – The pathetically misinformed, abject ignoramus Alexandria Ocasio Cortez told an interviewer on Monday that  “The world is gonna end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change and your biggest issue is how are we gonna pay for it?”

Yes, friends, it seems our planet has an expiration date now, and AOC has determined it to be the year 2031. So, to hell with saving for retirement or paying those bills, let’s just all go out to Vegas and blow it all on slot machines and craps tables between now and then.

Seriously, the most fascinating part of that statement is the phrase “how are we gonna pay for it?” Her dimwitted interviewer lacked the presence of mind to ask her to explain what, exactly, would we be paying for between now and then, and how rapidly we’d have to ‘pay for it’ in order to stop the dreaded boogeyman “Climate Change” from ending our world in a dozen years.  But wouldn’t it have been fun to have this particular socialist ignoramus’s answer on video so we could make fun of it for the next dozen years, and the dozen years after that?

I mean, do we have to, like, pay for it all now, Alex?  Fork over that 30 trillion dollars we don’t have to do what – build gigantic vacuum cleaners to suck all of that evil carbon dioxide out of the air? Can we wait for a few years and then “pay for it”, maybe just put a down payment on it now? And what do we do when all of that CO2 has vanished down the nozzles of those gigantic machines and all the trees and plants die and everybody’s starving? Do we fork over another 30 trillion or so we don’t have to put it all back out again? Or is starving everyone part of the socialist play, too? One can only imagine what might have come out of her never-closed mouth had the right question been asked.

Not even the alarmists at the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) claim to have discovered the world’s expiration date.  The most they’re willing to say is that we might have 3 degrees of warming between now and 2100.  The Pope of the Church of Climate Change his own self, Al Gore, keeps saying “we only have 10 years left!!!” to address Climate Change’s ravages on our planet, but he’s been saying that every year for the last 30 years, so it’s always hard to figure out exactly what he means at any given time and temperature.

But now the new darling of the Democrat left says we only have a dozen years to live, and hey, 74% of all of our country’s self-described Democrats agree and are willing to vote for her for president, if only she were old enough to run.  Yes, friends, I swear I’m not making this stuff up:

“Exclusive: A new Axios/SurveyMonkey poll finds that 74% of Democrats (and people who lean Dem) would consider voting for Ocasio-Cortez if she were old enough to run for president. (She’s 29; you have to be at least 35.)”

How does one even respond to that finding? What would an actual sentient human being even say to a friend who came up to them and said he or she would just love to vote for possibly the most ignorant public figure on the entire planet if she were on the presidential ballot? Is it the appeal of voting for someone whose mind is apparently just a blank slate through which false information flows like a rancid river?

We should not blame AOC for any of this, by the way.  She is simply the personification of the state of education in America today. If you follow her Twitter feed, it becomes quickly obvious that she is not dimwitted, not what you would call a “stupid” person. She’s actually pretty quick-witted and funny when she wants to be.

No, what she is is hopelessly ignorant.  She says all sorts of things that in and of themselves are incredibly wrong and stupid, but that’s only because she is just regurgitating what she was taught in school. She obviously managed to obtain a college degree without learning a single actual true fact, but has survived in life and managed to get elected to congress based on her wits and innate intelligence. That’s actually pretty impressive when you think about it.

Like everyone else, AOC is the product of her upbringing and education. Her parents didn’t fail her – her upbringing was apparently very solid since she is poised, articulate, confident and carries herself very well in public.

What failed AOC is what has failed so many millions of Americans over the decades (apparently that includes 74% of self-described Democrats) and that is our education system. Like so many other people we all run into and deal with in our daily lives, AOC is not stupid, she just doesn’t know anything that’s actually true.

It’s not what AOC knows that’s the problem, it’s what she thinks she knows that just isn’t so. Of course, that just makes her a pretty typical Democrat member of congress, doesn’t it?

Wait, who? – Hey, y’all, Pete Buttigieg is running for president!  Isn’t that fantastic?  Oh, happy day! Buttieg 2020!!!!! Wait, B-u-t-t-i-g-i-e-g 2020!!!!!! Yeah, that’s right.  Woooo-hoooo!!!!!!!!

Uh, ok, who exactly is Pete Buttigieg? Why, he’s the 37 year-old mayor of South Bend, Indiana. At least if the Washington Post is to be believed, and yes, I know that’s pretty much a crap shoot in and of itself these days.

Uh, ok, so how do you pronounce his last name?  Hell, I don’t know – maybe AOC can tell you.


That is all.

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J. Hope Murphy

Great write up! I have to question if she ever took a U.S. Government class. The three branches of government is basic knowledge. Now we have Elizabeth Warner mirroring AOC in unflattering light. Identity crisis? I wrote a piece on AOC as well, check it out ?! I look forward to reading more of your articles.

millard fillmore

Back in the 60’s,a southern comic said that a liberal is merely someone educated beyond their capacity to learn.Case in point, congresscritter cortex.

Bea Berean

AOC is not educated shes indoctrinated! Her comment on Corbert’s show that she doesn’t give a ___k is true she doesn’t give it away, she sells sex on the beach!


and I thought Gomer Pyle was stupid

Jimmy MacAfee

Gomer Pyle and Forrest Gump were both oblique references to “McNamara’s Morons.” At least they served, or tried to; the bulging-eyed bimbo serves her Commie handlers.

Jimmy MacAfee

Want real Climate Change?
Almost happened in the Obama administration.
Yipyip Errordog shot down a Russian jet, and tried to make it appear that it was NATO/US generals
who instigated the shoot-down. NATO backed away – slowly at first, but most deliberately about a month later.
Why did Errordog do this? To restart the Ottoman nightmare, after the US and Russia destroyed each other.
Real climate change.

You’re welcome.

Charles Aronowitz

The federal government should have no role in education.


Exactly what I’ve been saying for years. It’s the curriculum, stupid. For example, check out Econ 101 reading list for every so-called “good” school (many of which I attended when they were good)–not a single Austrian school proponent. It’s as though Milton Friedman (or Ayn Rand) never existed. My poor son (one of the 74% because I didn’t catch on quick enough) studied–not Macbeth–but the “feminist” version of Macbeth. Sigh.


When I first read that 74% of Democrats would consider voting for AOC, I was frankly shocked. I watch her from time to time when I want a good laugh (seriously). My kids had more common sense than she does and that was before they were ten years old. The survey indicates that the dumbing down of America has been extremely successful. Couple that with the hate constantly generated by the Democrat party, and the result is what we have today. Every day I become more and more concerned, that America’s days may actually be numbered, and not numbered by climate. The shear hate of President Trump has 74% of one political party willing to vote a bimbo into office as their leader. Think about that for a bit. It should send chills down every patriots spine.

Trump2020 The Man

Nope, she is stupid.

Jimmy MacAfee

Look at her eyes: whites surrounding pupils. This is a sign – you can ask the experts – of a person out of touch with reality. She may be stupid, but she’s also delusional and demented. Insane.


The best part is when she acts like worrying about how we’ll pay for her nonsense is simply insane!


I believe it is warmer now than 50 years ago. I believe carbon content has some impact on heat retention (how much? I don’t believe we have modeled that exactly, and that it is at best a secondary factor, far behind solar exposure as the primary factor).
I am unconvinced that the situation is as dire as advertised by the IPCC (who have backed off their even more dire 1990 forecasts). I will believe it is dire when:
1. The Netherlands (the canary in the coal mine) start spending the tens of billions they first estimated as the cost of reinforcing their dimes fifteen years ago, in response to the predicted sea rise.
2. The leaders yelling loudest about the looming AGW threat start proposing nuclear power (our second most cost effective energy source, with no carbon released into the atmosphere) as an alternative. Until they do that, I am convinced their beliefs are more “green philosophy-based” then “science-based”.


Do you know anybody who heats their home with wood? You build a fire in the stove and it heats the house. The coal fired powerplant I worked at pulverized coal finer than talcum powder dried it and blew into the boiler using air. Two 665 MW units completely consume a 100 ton boxcar of coal every 6 minutes. There are lots of coal fired powerhouses around the world. It is the same with gas fired generation adding heat loading to the atmosphere while being more efficient than coal. Nuclear power generation simply accelerates the decay of radioactive material to generate heat to make steam to turn a turbine. The accelerated radioactive decay, once again adds heat to our atmosphere. Power generation puts quadrillions of BTUs in the atmosphere on a regular basis. In 2013 world energy consumption was 157,481 TWh. A terra watt is one trillion watts. Then we have the internal combustion engine that primarily power our transportation. When you think about it, the mass consumption of fossil fuels isn’t any different than heating a home with wood. Over time, the temperature increases like it does in your house, if all other factors remain unchanged. We need to pay attention to global warming for sure, however we don’t need to freak out about it.

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