ICYMI: President Trump Tells Sarah Sanders “Don’t Bother” With Press Briefings

The Afternoon Campaign Update

(Because the Campaign Never Ends)

Just a week into his presidency, I briefly advocated in this space that President Trump should cancel the idiotic, 45 year-old tradition of holding daily press briefings at the White House. In May of 2017, I penned a longer piece on the subject that can be read at this link:  Kill the White House Press Briefings Now.

For those too lazy or time-constrained to read the whole thing, here is part of what I said in that piece:

“The briefings lost all meaning in 2009, when the fake news media decided to simply perform as pathetic lapdogs to their hero for 8 long years.  Obama could have ended them at any time he wanted to, and you’d have never heard a peep of protest from CNN.

In the Trump Administration, the briefings have devolved into nothing but forums for aspiring peacocks like Acosta to get his relished camera time and for belligerent dopes like April Ryan to throw out the most idiotic questions their tiny minds can come up with.  Trump’s two press spokesmen – Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders – are assaulted on a daily basis, cross-examined by hostile reporters who in fact consider them and the President they represent to be mortal enemies, and none of the Administration’s points of view are ever given fair treatment in any media reporting outside of Fox News or the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal.”

That was 20 months ago, and the situation with the fakeness of our national news media has only progressed to the point at which one can no longer trust anything they see on television anymore.  Ryan Fournier had a very insightful tweet about this phenomenon today:

Yes, that’s it exactly. Americans no longer receive anything resembling “news” from our news media – all we receive is a string of talking points developed in unison each day by the major media outlets and the national Democrat Party. When this narrative falls apart – as happened with the infamous fake news report from Buzzfeed late last week – then a new narrative is invented to take is place, i.e., the “incident” faked-up by a professional agitator who assaulted a bunch of Catholic high school kids in Washington.

When the major news organs refuse to report anything that conflicts with the dictated narrative, what is the point of briefing their fake reporters each day in the White House Briefing Room? Clearly, there is no point.

When I wrote that piece in May 2017, I noted there had been just 10 such briefings in the previous 32 days. Steadily over time, the frequency of these useless events has fallen off, from a few days per week to a handful of days each month, to almost none at all thus far this year. During that same period, the frequency of the President’s own engagements – which are a far more effective means of getting out his message than through a spokesperson – with the fake reporters has steadily increased.

This has obviously been a planned phasing-out of the briefings, and earlier today President Trump basically said as much in this tweet:

Thus, this becomes yet another useless feature of the D.C. Swamp done away with by our current POTUS.

Next Step: in a few months, formally announce that the briefings are cancelled entirely and severely restrict the broad access to the White House grounds currently enjoyed by the pack of enemies of the people known as the White House Press Corps.

This, friends, is progress.

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

I didn’t agree with you in the past – (I once thought the President’s tweets should be phased out, instead) – but it appears that your assessment is about as close as you can come: there is no reason to continue. For example, every article – nearly 100% of Microsoft “news” is false, and 100% of it about President Trump is false. I don’t even bother to read it. And while it’s entertaining to watch Sarah Sanders slaughter the ignorant horde masquerading as news media who pretend to ask her questions, while merely morally preening and prissing, and while I enjoyed the manner in which she eviscerates them, reminiscent of Gaming (which sword or other weapon will you use to decapitate the flying pigs this time, Sarah?) there is no more value in the effort. Wrestling with pigs makes the pigs happy, while you get soiled (as the saying goes.) Stop the pig wrestling.

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