A Separation is Coming for Our Nation – Will it be Peaceful?

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

This is a good morning to just ruminate on the state of the nation.

Way back in 1994, when I was writing for a local newspaper in Texas, I wrote a piece about how dangerous it was for the future of our country that those on the political left, led by Saul Alinsky disciples Bill and Hillary Clinton, were in the process of destroying the entire nature of the Democrat Party.

Prior to the elevation of the Clintons, the Democrat Party had been a party that was basically a hybrid of a true “liberal” philosophy on national security and international policy matters (i.e., fairly strong on defense with an aggressive promotion of American priorities in international dealings) and a “socialist” party focused on redistribution of the wealth on the margins, designed mainly to provide what they called a “safety net” to provide for those incapable of providing for themselves.

But, with the elevation of the flower children of the 1960s into leadership positions in our nation’s academia establishment in the 1980s, this all began to change. As our country’s education establishment radicalized and went about filling millions of minds full of mush with their radical notions, the Clintons saw this as an opportunity to move the country to a more pure form of socialism, and to deploy the Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals tactics in support of that effort.

This all gave birth to Hillary Clinton’s failed, almost comical effort to nationalize the nation’s healthcare industry, and to the beginnings of the death actual political debate in our nation. As the Pantsuit Princess pursued her radical plan, those opposed to her became not just political opponents to be debated in the arena of ideas, but outright enemies to be portrayed as literal evil figures who want to kill fellow Americans.

Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals consists of 13 rules for the destruction of an enemy, not the conduct of political debate, and the last of them reads as follows:

“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

This is how the nation’s children had already by and large been taught to think about “big business”, “Republicans” and “conservatives” in general since the 1970s, and it is the main principle the Clintons and their spokespeople like James Carville, Paul Begala and Ann Lewis brought into the public arena as their main tactic. Republicans like Bob Dole and Newt Gingrich were no longer described as simply being wrong in a public policy sense, they were literally to be demonized and castigated on the Sunday morning talk shows as being the incarnations of Lucifer and Beelzebub in modern times.

Dirt from their backgrounds was collected and leaked to the rising numbers of mainstream media journalists who had come out of communications schools over the previous 15-20 years and who were willing to go to print or on-air with that dirt at times of the Democrat Party’s choosing.  This effort to collect dirt on enemies was what generated the scandal about Hillary illegally obtaining the “raw FBI files” on more than 1,000 political opponents, a scandal strategically dealt with by the utterly corrupt Justice Department led by Janet Reno.

Of course, once it embarked on this course and allowed it to fully take hold, the Democrat Party could never go back, which is what I wrote in that 1994 piece. The deployment of Alyinskyism is like a cancer that metastasizes within an organism – if not cut out early enough, its spread ultimately becomes irreversible and kills the host.

Had the 1996 presidential election gone the other way, the Democrat Party might have been saved – there were still enough leaders in the party at that time who truly believed in America and might have been able to retake the party and steer it away from its destructive course. But, just as they nominated the milquetoast and ineffectual Mitt Romney in 2012, Republicans in 1996 nominated the milquetoast and ineffectual Bob Dole, thus sealing the Democrat Party’s – and the nation’s – fate.

The increasingly-radicalized news media cheered.

And so it is that here we sit today, in early 2019, and the news media and Democrat Party have become completely indistinguishable from one another. Not only has the notion of actual political “debate” disappeared from the public arena, the entire notion of real, actual “news” has vanished from our nation’s airwaves and steadily disappearing newsprint.

As noted in yesterday’s Campaign Update, the jointly-determined Democrat/fake news media narrative is all we have left. That narrative dictates that Republicans and conservatives in general are evil, non-human beasts who are to be, in the words of Alinsky, “chosen, frozen, personalized and polarized.”

But, as we have seen over the past few years, this principle is not limited to the politicians, but to anyone who supports them, and now has even been extended to the children of parents who allow them to wear caps and t-shirts that contain a simple campaign slogan that talks about wanting to make their country great again. Indeed, the Democrats and their media agents have since 2016 consciously made an effort to demonize the 80 percent of mainland America that lies between the two coasts. The presence of Twitter, Facebook and other social media to serve as echo chambers for all of this divisiveness has only served as accelerants.

This is where the Clintons and their disciples have brought us. Electing the even more-radical Barack Obama to the presidency was seen as “progress” for our society’s destructors, and now the Democrat Party presents us with an array of choices for 2020 who make Obama and his unending efforts to divide the nation along racial-, gender- and any other lines he could think of on a daily basis look tame by comparison.

One of those 2020 hopefuls, Irish Bob O’Rourke – who the fake media wants you to believe is just like John F. Kennedy – openly questioned whether the U.S. Constitution is still relevant a few days ago, and no one in our fake media even blinked. I’m pretty sure JFK never questioned the applicability of the Constitution.

How do we come back from this?  How does our nation absorb more than a quarter century of one major political party willingly converting itself into a degradation mob, a conversion that has now absorbed virtually our entire media establishment?

The answer probably is, we can’t. If you think these people can be reasoned with to see the error of their ways, well, there are no words for you. How could anyone watch what they all conspired to do to Brett Kavanaugh, and still harbor such hopes?  How can anyone observe what they’ve been doing to a bunch of innocent high school kids the past 3 days, and still believe they are somehow redeemable?

The answer, pretty clearly now to anyone who is paying attention, must be that they aren’t. They aren’t redeemable, they refuse to be reasoned with, and that means that this is not salvageable.

Ordinary Americans see all of this happening – it has become impossible not to see it in recent years – and wonder what to do about it? The election of Donald Trump was largely a reaction to this phenomenon. But that outcome has only created focused and increasingly violent reaction from the radicals.

It make take another quarter century – by which time this writer will probably be long gone – but at some point the non-radicals who occupy the 80% of this nation out in “flyover country” will be left by the radicals with no choice but to either submit the will of hopeless ignoramuses like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or find a way to separate from them.

At that point, the question will become whether or not the Alinskyites in the Democrat/fake media establishment will allow the separation to happen peaceably. Given their history, how can anyone believe the answer to that question will be anything other than a very hostile “no”?

That is all.

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Of course it won’t be peaceful, the left will see to that.

Joe Shirt

Pantsuit princess? Really?
Maybe you should have picked out a dress for her.
Is the author’s name “woman-hater”?
Seems appropriate.

Charles Morgan

There is no way the Libtards will allow change to come peacefully. They have all turned violent and seem to want Civil War 2.0
It’s a good thing that the right conservatives are more than prepared. Thank you Obama for being the best gun salesman in history ! We are ready……Bring it !

HalYourPal G

Yes the Primary Tool of the deep state is Marxism…but most don’t know that Marx was a self confessed Satanist…read his poems. We are no longer dealing with HUMAN Politics….but with the coming Biblical Last days and Tribulation….you either believe or you don’t but that won’t change what’s coming. The deep state wins for a while, until Jesus cuts them off with sHis Return.

Read John 3:16 for your personal solution.


I can still remember how indignant Hillary was after she was removed from the healthcare committee, that Bill appointed her to participate in. I began watching her a little more closely from that point on. Over time I reached the understanding of how corrupt Hillary Clinton really is/was. In fact it was why I supported Bernie (way more than most) in 2016. I knew that I couldn’t pull the handle for the most corrupt politician in modern times and perhaps the history of our Nation. When she screwed Bernie and he didn’t say a word, I dumped the party of cheats and lars. I worked Patty Murrays initial campaign for Senate, and was active in the party. I wasn’t the only somewhat active party member to dump them in my area. My first R vote went to POTUS and I’m voting for him again. In fact, I vote strictly R and will for the rest of my life. It is the only punitive measure that I have.


Alonzo, many are waking up to what the Democratic Party has become. Too little too late in my opinion but hope is never lost until we are either dead or on our knees. I won’t be taking a knee myself.

As for my opinion on the fight that is coming…WHY WAIT!
If, as Mr. Blackmon concludes, this is a foregone conclusion (I agree 100%), why wait for the left to dictate the battlefield? Let’s GET IT ON while we hold the high ground.


About 10 tears ago the Russian and French secret services both informed their governments that the US would break into 5 0r 6 pieces “soon”.
This article is spot on. No one could look at the Obamas and their “enforcer” Eric Holder and not mentally see them on their college Quad handing out pro Che and Castro Literature.
I just hope the Right leaning parts are smart enough to get the oil reserves and the Air Force.

Jimmy MacAfee

Even before that: no sooner than the Soviet Union dissolved, a Russian nationalist history professor claimed that we would be broken up into 9 or so districts or distinct entities. The Russians want this, because they want Alaska back. Why? Ice-free deep-water ports. This has always been a sore point with the Russians, even before the Communists came and murdered millions of their own citizens. When it was pointed out in a blog that Putin wanted Alaska, he announced publicly that he had no ambitions for Alaska. Which is why we are now opening up oil fields there – because they’re ours and will remain ours. Nyet, Vlad. The prediction of our national dissolution has been around for over 30 years – and partly because they wish it so.

Bill Garrison

Great article, however the 80% who live in flyover country, like you, are slowly dying off and are being replaced with generations who have been indoctrinated in the progressive (sic) pablum through the public school systems.
Our Republic is at the end of the path and I am sorry that my grandchildren and great grandchildren will never know the freedom that I had when a youngster.


I sure hope it’s not peaceful. The Left won’t allow it and don’t deserve it.


Great topic, David. I think the great existentialist split was best expressed by Ronald Reagan, when he said, “We are a people that have a government, not a government that has a people”. The US is exceptional, in that (unlike almost every other developed nation) there is a significant percentage of the people that believe their propert belongs to them, and that it is wrong to the government to assume control over all economic matters. Even right wing parties in Western Europe believe it is appropriate for their governments to direct the economy, and that taxation and expenditures are appropriate tools for molding the nation they desire. That is how you get to where the modern left is- this idea that it is moral (and not merely expedient) to tax individuals in order to redistribute income and wealth; why, every bit as virtuous as paying charity out of your own pocket!

I wish I could say that all of the GOP believes in limited government (and limits on government’s appropriation of individual rights in pursuit of goals).

Jimmy MacAfee

Worried about a civil war? The Deep State would like one, if that’s what it takes to bring down the US and to make us into the un-United States of Banana. The Deep State has bigger fish to fry, and American Exceptionalism stands in the way of their plans for Global Conquest.

When did the Deep State begin? I submit to you that it killed JFK, because he opposed it. THAT is the point when everything went off the rails. And the press was made into a gigantic fraud by the same Deep State, as they were the ones who put the memo into the hands of Walter “Duranty” Cronkite, which signaled the end of the False Flag war known as Vietnam. The Deep State giveth, and the Deep State taketh away.

Screw the Deep State; long live Donald Trump!

Cameron Howe

I submit that you are correct about the timing of coming off the rails;

LBJ put this country into a nose dive that we haven’t yet recovered from.

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