Sunday Was the Day When Real News Ceased to Exist

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

The fake news appears to be undergoing a “quickening”, to borrow a phrase. As the fake journalists at the nation’s major media outlets carry out their increasingly frenzied efforts to carry water for the Democrats, the presence of anything remotely resembling real “news” reporting on the nation’s airwaves becomes little more than passing memories of a previous generation.

On Sunday, pretty much the entirety of the establishment news media focused almost exclusively on two stories that fake reporters had simply invented: a) the Buzzfeed report that claimed President Donald Trump had ordered his former attorney Michael Cohen to lie to congress and the Special Counsel’s office about a planned high-rise tower project in Moscow, and b) a completely manufactured story containing no news value whatsoever about some kids from a Catholic school on field trip to D.C. allegedly taunting an elderly Indian while wearing MAGA caps.

We talked here about the Buzzfeed fake story, which was debunked with 24 hours of its publication by the Special Counsel’s office itself, on Saturday.  So no need to linger there any longer, other than to point out that he story’s author and a Buzzfeed editor were given free air time by CNN’s Brian Stelter to continue their outright libeling of a sitting POTUS on Sunday. I refuse to use the names of these killers of real news here just as I refuse to use the names of mass murderers, and for similar reasons.

This story about the “taunting” of the elderly American Indian man and the Catholic high school kids may well be the literal end of the final few clinging shreds of the thing the journalism profession used to refer to as “ethics.”

There is literally zero reason for this non-violent confrontation to have become a “news” story in the first place, other than the predominant news media’s hatred of and bias against President Trump and anyone who expresses their support of him. The entire thing was obviously staged, as the old man, banging a drum, basically assaulted a group of minors, some of whom he noticed were wearing red MAGA caps, inserting himself into their midst unprovoked and invading their personal space and taunting them until a couple of them began taunting back.

The entire video recording of the incident was several minutes long, yet the anti-Trump, anti-Catholic, and lets’ be honest, anti-American amen chorus in the fake mainstream news media focused all day long on just the few seconds in which one teen in particular responded back at the old jackass and made some nasty faces at him.

Within minutes, the snippet of tape was up on CNN and MSNBC and being trumpeted by basically all of the despicable creeps who infest the hallways of those places as an example of how the bad Orange Man in the White House and private Catholic schools are turning the nation’s children into a pack of racist thugs.

Never one to be left out of a good old fake news frenzy, the New York Times weighed in within a couple of hours with a headline screaming “Boys in ‘Make America Great Again’ Hats Mob Native Elder at Indigenous Peoples’ March”.  Breathtaking.

Later in the day, desperate to avoid being named in the libel lawsuits that are sure to come out of this, the fake editors at the fake newspaper issued a second headline that reads “Fuller Picture Emerges of Viral Video Between Native American Man and Catholic Students.”

Oh.  You don’t say.

A better, more accurate headline published by a real, honest newspaper would have read something more like “Entirety of National News Media, Without Evidence, Knee Jerks to a False Portrayal of Meaningless Confrontation,” because that’s what actually happened. The confrontation itself was meaningless and not in any way a real “news” story at all. Minor confrontations between agitators like the old man and people who are minding their own business take place all across America every day and no one puts them on the nightly news because they aren’t actually news.

But the fake news creeps in our fake news media jumped all over this one because of one simple fact: It could be falsely portrayed to fit into the their false narratives about the President and private Catholic schools, which they all detest. And so, they all, with one voice directed by Democrat Party talking points, dedicated an entire day to libeling a bunch of 15 and 16 year-old kids who had clearly been assaulted by an old man who was determined to provoke an incident.

If you don’t believe by now that the news-fakers at CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the AP, CBS, ABC, NBC and all the rest of the grand pantheon of fake news outlets in America truly are the enemies of the people, then you really need to pay closer attention here, because you have lost touch with our reality in America today.

There is no such thing as real news anymore. It’s all just a narrative.

That is all.

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I wonder what level of catastrophe it would take for the media to reverse course?? They’ve been caught lying, destroyed reputations and nothing…..will they have to be found directly responsible for the deaths of innocents? The kid and his family are receiving all kinds of threats – what if someone acts on them? The hate spun up this time was some old leftist Indian with the media in his back pocket, what if next time antifa is there to act? Dangerous times!

Jimmy MacAfee

One day soon, the courts may turn on Big Media, and hundreds of billions of dollars will be spent by Big Media that will mirror the Big Tobacco settlements and asbestos cases. I hope the boys will obtain attorneys and begin the litigation, because the threats against them and their families actually constitute harm, if only in the fear such threats create. Too bad the Duke students didn’t sue Big Media, setting instead with Duke University, when the main promulgators and promoters of the lies were the NY Slimes, FOX News “professional witness” Wendy Murphy and a whole lot of other scum. No change in the Constitution is needed when harm has been done.
If nothing is done, and the boys and their families aren’t willing to stand up and sue the crap out of
CNN and others, then they will be at least partly responsible for allowing this to continue.


If things don’t change, at some point in time we will need to cut the cancer out of America. If we fail to do so, we will fail as a nation. My personal belief is the time for action is not far down the road.


Actually, the young man whose personal space was invaded by Nathan Phillips, never made “nasty faces” at the agitator. He kept a smile on his face, a few times almost seeming as if he would burst into laughter when he thought initially it was all in fun, but he never made faces. And to be fair, the “venerable,” conservative (?) publication National Review also jumped on the knee-jerk train and condemned the students, who were clearly innocent of the charges being breathlessly thrown about and were indeed themselves the party attacked by the Black Hebrew sect agitators.

Mad Celt

Cable and Network news died decades ago. They lay there, brain dead, on life support systems while insurgents pass off op ed as ‘news’ and contribute to creating a widening gap between every group in America. The gap maybe unbridgeable now so the final resort is to transform it into violence. We should ask when does op ed stop being just opinion and become activism?

Daniel Staggers

Something must be done. Now they’re going after innocent children. They may be white children, but they’re children just the same. They all need to go to jail!


The only quibble I have with your story about “Real News Ceasing to Exist” is that it (honest news reporting)ceased to exist decades ago.

The media censorship by omission of real news and the outright lies conjured up by today’s media monopoly go at least as far back as the NYT’s USSR “correspondent” (Walter Duranty?) printing stories about how great life in the USSR was in the 1930’s during the Great Depression to undermine American Capitalism.

Yellow Journalism has existed forever, but the 1930’s was the time when the liars and propagandists really took hold American “journalism” – they just kept it well hidden until the era of Trump. Walter Clondike, and his butt-boy: Dan Rather, et al have merely built their “legacy” from that point.

President Donald J. Trump has done the nation a great (perhaps his best) service by repeatedly showing open-minded objective people/critical thinkers how absolutely rotten, childish, and corrupt the media is.

Jimmy MacAfee

Another chapter to the story:

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”?

Who said this? William Colby, C_A Director, to Ronald Reagan. We know that the NY Slimes and Washington Compost are both C_A assets (No I in there, because there’s no intelligence left) and CNN is now an official mouthpiece, and we know that Adam SCIF (on board the Flight to Nowhere) was C_A. Other agencies as well. And the press has been bought and sold, subverted and perverted. Follow the money.


Indian Old Man banging a drum in my face….

“Hey”, still smiling at the man as he is being annoying. I tell him something

Pull out $20.

Hold it out to the man for him to take.

“What is this for, a bribe? You can’t buy me off?” Takes the $20 dollars.

“Oh that wasn’t a bribe. You couldn’t hear me very well banging your drum.”

Smash hole in drum.

“I bought your drum.”

Carlos Dangler

Hilarious, Rockgod! I thought you were angling to say something about Andrew Jackson (an infamous Indian fighter) appearing on the $20 bill and the hypocrisy of accepting that denomination as a bribe.


Stop calling it ‘Fake News” It is complete and well funded propaganda. They don’t even attempt to hide it anymore.

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