The King of Fake News is Dead – Long Live the New King!

Today’s Campaign Update
(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

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Man, you gotta hand it to the news fakers over at the fake news site Buzzfeed (even its name screams out “fake news!”, doesn’t it?) .  After all, how many news outlets can brag that they have out-faked CNN and the New York Times when it comes to reporting about President Donald Trump?

After Thursday and Friday, when it first fake-reported a story – based solely on “anonymous sources” of course – claiming that then-Candidate Donald Trump ordered his crooked ex-attorney Michael Cohen to lie to the Special Counsel’s investigators about a planned real estate development in Moscow, and then was smacked down by Robert Mueller’s own spokesman in a statement disputing the tale, Buzzfeed is truly in a class of its own, now claiming the title atop the smelly, putrid fake news heap.  I’m sure they’re proud.

To those who, like yours truly,  have been chronicling the grand pantheon of fake-newsery as it relates to Donald Trump from the beginning in mid-2015, the story had the stench of fake news slopped all over it. It had all the usual earmarks – vague “statements” (some of which were no doubt made up out of whole cloth by the writers) from “sources” who may or may not even exist, turned into definitive allegations by creative authors and editors, allegations that, if true, would mean that Trump – who any rational person understands is an incredibly intelligent individual – would have to be an abject idiot, all centered around the alleged bleatings of Cohen, who will obviously say anything to save his skin, as Mueller’s office has repeatedly admitted.

It was a story so un-founded in its origins, so transparently written to alarm, so fantasy-based in its narrative that only the mentally-deranged or politically-jaundiced would give it the time of day.  Thus, of course, the entirety of the fake news universe spent 24 full hours talking about pretty much nothing else.

That included the news fakers at CNN, who will now be desperate to once again prove their mettle as the kings and queens and little fat bald-headed creeps of news-fakery, and regain their rightful place atop the heap. No doubt, they will succeed with an even more deranged bit of fake newsery soon, because, as we have learned a thousand times since Donald Trump, accompanied by his wife Melania, rode down that escalator in Trump Tower to announce his candidacy, no fake news outlet, whether print or web-based, radio or television, can compete with CNN in either the quality or quantity – or indeed, the sheer bald-faced audacity – of abject fake news spilled out into the public domain each and every day.

The news fakers at Buzzfeed should enjoy their moment in the fake news sun for all its worth, because the odds are they won’t retain it for long.

Will it be the Art of the Deal, or the start of the fail? – Speaking of President Trump, he will be making a major announcement on the border crisis this afternoon from the Oval Office, and depending on which fake news media reports you’re inclined to believe, he could either be about to score a big win in the border fight, or put himself on a path to lose his re-election bid in 2020.

If you believe the Associated Press – which is admittedly a fool’s errand most of the time these days – then the President is about to announce a deal in which he gets somewhere between a billion and 1.5 billion dollars for “border security enhancements” in the form of additional Border Patrol agents, border judges and advanced technology tool, but no money for a wall.

On the other hand, if you believe the Dallas Morning News, he may be about to announce a deal in which he gets his requested wall money in exchange for a path to citizenship for the so-called “Dreamers” who have been the center of immigration-related wrangling in Washington for two years now.

If the Morning News is right, then Trump will have scored a huge win from every standpoint. He gets his wall money and follows through on a humanitarian gesture he has vocally supported since the day he took office. Yes, Ann Coulter and other hard core anti-immigration advocates will scream about it, but that particular deal would be hugely popular with most of Trump’s base and with independents.

If the AP is right, then the President will have been talked into a deal that greatly harms his chances for re-election in 2020.  Building a border wall was perhaps the premier centerpiece of his 2016 campaign, the promise he made more often and more vocally than any other. Settling for a deal that give him nothing to advance that promise would be the worst option he could possibly take here.

Today is a fateful day, folks. Pay attention, because it is probably one we will remember for many years to come.

That is all.

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Jimmy MacAfee

Who woulda thought? The Address is so reasonable, so full of wisdom and common sense, it’s almost impossible to conceive that anyone on the Dem side would reject it…
President Trump can now continue the shutdown and let the Demonrats eat themselves.
As James Bond said in Skyfall: “last rat standing.”


We are also approaching day 30 of the shutdown. Perhaps he will announce an RIF?

Jimmy MacAfee

You have a good sense of possible/likely scenarios; what you infer would be a welcome surprise if he did, and you accurately state something within his power to effect as President. Like Reagan firing the ATC who were on strike. Along those lines. Good job.


While the possibilites you mention in your article are interesting and fraught with danger for 2020, I have another idea which may be the reason for the upcoming announcement.
Perhaps, POTUS will announce he is declaring a national emergency in order to utilize the military to build the barriers(wall, fence, landmines, whatever). And until further notice the border will be closed except at a few entry points which will be heavily manned by CBP, military and various LE personnel. The rest of the border will be patrolled by armed military and the above mentioned personnel.
It is our southern border. In order to maintain our soverignity as a nation it needs to be protected and the rule of law must prevail. Not feelings about the folks being herded north towards the USA, the rule of law.
Maybe its just me, maybe. But I think not.

Jimmy MacAfee

I suspect you’re right, but I would also be inclined to look for a deal where Congress agrees to pass a law that allows the US to deport those who are here illegally, without a court hearing. Remember that the courts have made him release illegals. This would be a law preventing the courts from mandating this ever again. A law that will allow him to immediately deport illegals, and monitor those who claim they’re “refugees” would be a winner – ankle bracelet etc. i.e. a locator device. The problem with illegals is that they never show up to hearings once arrested and released, and they continue to ravage the country unmonitored and without consequences for not appearing in court. Then again, he could be making an announcement that he’s declaring martial law, and will begin military tribunals for HRC and Brennan and others. I’d be OK with either scenario, preferably both.

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