Pelosi Hands Trump a Golden Opportunity to be the Disrupter Again

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

By dis-inviting President Donald Trump from delivering the annual State of the Union address to a joint session of congress, Speaker San Fran Nan provides the President with a golden opportunity to do one of two great things for our nation:  Eliminate the State of the Union tradition entirely, or move it to America’s heartland, where it belongs, and deliver it to real Americans.

Contrary to all the bad information spread all over social media yesterday, no president is under any constitutional obligation to give this speech.  All the constitution requires of the president is that he or she “from time to time give to Congress information of the State of the Union and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.”

Right up until the despicable Woodrow Wilson decided to start making a speech in 1913 to congress to satisfy this obligation, American presidents had done it in writing. Somehow, the nation survived.

The truth is that this annual bit of Kabuki Theatre is a tremendous waste of time, nothing more than a tedious opportunity for a president to brag about successes that may or may not be real, for members of the opposition party to sit on their hands and scowl while he does so, and for mental midgets like former Illinois congressman Luis Guitierrez to get up and walk out. The entire exercise is incredibly tiresome and frankly not good in any way for the country.

President Trump would be doing the nation a huge favor by dispensing with this nonsense altogether. Just put the final version of the speech in the U.S. mail on January 29, addressed to Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and spend the rest of that day getting rid of more of the un-American legacy of Barack Hussein Obama. Productive work is always a good thing.

But if the President decides he must deliver a speech in order to take advantage of the opportunity to speak to the nation on national television unfiltered by the preening peacocks in the national fake news media, then why not take it out of the cesspool that is Washington, D.C., and move it to a place where real Americans live and work and breathe the flyover country air?

Take it to Pittsburgh, one of the great cities of America’s Rust Belt, which is experiencing a tremendous renaissance in recent years, and which led the way in delivering Pennsylvania’s electoral votes to Donald Trump in November, 2016. Rent the city’s largest arena and deliver the speech to 15,000 appreciative Pennsylvanians.

Or take it to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the state the Pantsuit Princess couldn’t be bothered to visit, or Detroit, Michigan, states that hadn’t voted for any GOP presidential candidate in this century, but that helped put Trump in the White House in 2016.

If you want to take it to the heart of the Heartland, there’s always St. Louis or Dallas, both great cities with big, secure airports and millions of real citizens who would rush for the chance to witness a formal presidential speech.

But if he really wants to make an impact, if he really wants to focus on the border security issue, take the speech to San Antonio or even the Rio Grande Valley, fill the arena with 15,000 Texans, and invite every mother and father and sister and brother who have lost loved ones to violent crimes committed by illegal aliens to occupy the seats closest to the stage.

Regardless of where the speech is held, invite every member of congress to attend as well, but ensure that they all must stand on-line with everyone else, enter the arena along with everyone else, and sit in random seats out among the real people, so that they can experience the speech as real Americans experience it, and maybe even have a conversation with a real American or two while they’re doing it.

Wouldn’t that be something?

Donald Trump is a natural disrupter – always has been, always will be. He doesn’t just ignore stuffy and stupid and non-productive traditions – like the annual White House Correspondents Dinner – he destroys them. It’s why he was elected to the presidency in the first place.

By sending him her incredibly dishonest and embarrassingly vapid letter, Speaker San Fran Nan has handed Mr. Trump a golden opportunity to play the disrupter again, and do it in a way that turns a tedious and tiresome Washington D.C. tradition into an event that involves and benefits real, ordinary Americans.

Of course, the most likely outcome here is that the President will, later today, simply inform the Speaker that her concerns about “security” issues are absurd, and that he will be at the House Chamber at 9:00 ET on January 29 to deliver the speech as she invited him to do on January 3, which by the way was already two weeks into this fake, partial government “shutdown.”

But wouldn’t it be wonderful, wouldn’t it be a fantastic thing if he did something else?

Yes, yes it would. Just do it, Mr. President, do it for the people.

That is all.

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Pilot Dave

There is very little the US Constitution requires of Congress each year. Passing a budget is one of them. It does not say “balanced”… Yet, we have not had a budget since G W Bush !! These CS or CR (continuous spending or resolution) are not a budget.

Why do we pay for a Congress that does not do their basic job ? Use the savings from these “NON Essential” Federal functions to fund the WALL.. build it TALL

Jimmy MacAfee

On the other hand, the idea of the SOTU without Ginsberg shows the degree of her illness; that’s why Pelosi doesn’t want an address. But something bigger is afoot: with the increasing number of plots against the President, she doesn’t want to be in the same room with him in a public place. Mostly because it’s people ON HER SIDE orchestrating the attempts, most likely the most recent one some warned about (remember “bunkers?”) Pelosi doesn’t want to taste the bitter taste of the medicine she’s in the process of administering to others, but she should be right there next to President Trump, and whatever her people have planned, she should share. (By the way, food tasters are critical in these days, as in the days of GWHB.) And the SOTU should go on as planned.


I really like the idea of President Donald J. Trump giving the speech(rally style) in the heartland somewhere. To a packed arena, with the members of both houses sitting amongst the audience.
Will it happen? Nah. At least, not the latter part. For the most part, the members of the senate and house would feel too threatened to rub elbows with the general folks. Not to mention that the leftists and rinos feel above them as well.
Maybe its just me.

Daniel Staggers

I can’t believe how many well meaning people think they have to give our President advice. He got where he is WITHOUT YOU! And he’ll do just fine WITHOUT YOU!

Jimmy MacAfee

President Trump is the only President I can remember who actually asks for input from Americans; he solicits our views, not like the Deep State, which tells us to STFU and go be good little serfs and to enjoy being overrun by illegals and submit to our jobs being shipped overseas. That’s the Deep State way, not this President’s! And how many plots against him have been stopped by warnings from ordinary people? (That’s what the FBI said about this recent threat, if you are uninformed.) IN the end, he makes up his own mind, but he is a good listener, in case you weren’t watching his debate with Illary (cough cough) Clinton.


Hilarious that NanPo thinks she gets to decide when the SOTU will be given! Democrats are such buffoons. They’re like a set of dominoes that SET THEMSELVES UP! ALL Trump has had to do, REPEATEDLY, is walk by and give one of them a flick…and grin as they all go down. And then they even set themselves up all over again!

Trump needs to move the address to somewhere without NanPo or Chuckie. Just have the party without them!

Jimmy MacAfee

I don’t know, Dave: awfully good time to talk about the administrations accomplishments, and to pound home the “endless war” theme. Might also be a good time to subtly talk about phony collapses of buildings in New York, false flag events and duplicate operations. The Deep State has never been so hated. And maybe it’s time to put an end to talk of raising taxes, and speak instead of putting billionaire criminals who misuse our electoral system in jail, along with their co-conspirators.

On the other hand, Barr wanted the Ruby Ridge murderer to be exempt from his own criminal activity, for which the government paid out around 3 million. Barr is not a winning number, not with LaVoy Finisum being murdered by the FBI similar to Mrs. Weaver. Barr sucks, and that’s a loss just him being on the docket.Let’s hope Ginsberg’s replacement isn’t so disappointing, too.

So maybe the President should stay home? Leaning that way.

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