Renewed Media Focus on Russia Means the Border Issue is Going Badly for the Democrats

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You know they’re in trouble when they start recycling fake news stories. – The fake editors at the Wall Street Journal have become so desperate they now feel the need to recycle Trump outrage stories in their unending efforts to keep the Democrat rabble roused.

Over the weekend the Journal recycled the story from a year and a half ago that President Donald Trump did not allow note-takers in his first meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in mid-2017. This is not news – this is a story that the entirety of the fake news media obsessed about endlessly in the wake of that long-ago meeting.

The lack of note-takers in the meeting between the leaders of these two countries is also nothing unprecedented or even unusual, as the fake reporters and editors well know. Hell, Barack Obama and John Kerry held secret meetings with the Mullahs in Iran for almost two years with no one taking notes, then shipped $1.6 billion in hard currency to them in the back of a jet, and no one at the Journal said boo about it. Yet the Journal’s fake reporters make it seem as if this is something only Donald Trump would have ever imagine doing.

As Trump pointed out at the time, he didn’t want anyone else in the meeting because he didn’t want the details of the discussion leaking out to the media. At the time in question, the President was so plagued with leaks that he was unable to hold telephone conversations with foreign leaders without the details being leaked and appearing in the fake media an hour later. Portraying this as anything else is a conscious lie, and a disgrace to the Journal and to the dying journalistic profession, such as it exists in America today.

The Journal’s disgrace follows on the heels of other fake media reports in the last few days about Trump and Putin/Russia, as the media/Democrat axis of disinformation desperately attempts to shift public attention away from the whole border controversy, which was not playing well for the Democrats as they vacationed at taxpayer expense on the beaches of Puerto Rico over the weekend.

Here are a couple of other headlines we saw from fake news usual suspects in the past few days:

FBI Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of RussiaNew York Times

Trump has Concealed Details of his Face-to-Face Encounters With Putin From Senior Officials in AdministrationWashington Post

The Times’ reporters managed to write 1,500 words or so on their subject without ever mentioning the fact that the “inquiry” in question was ordered in early 2017 by then-acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe.  Gosh, wonder why?

Could it be that the fake journalists decided to leave that key fact out of their story because McCabe is himself a disgrace, a snake who was fired for his repeated efforts to mislead internal FBI investigators and currently finds himself the subject of criminal investigation? Yeah, it could be that. That’s where the smart money is, anyway.

Look, McCabe was clearly a central figure in the corrupt DOJ/FBI cabal that attempted to fix the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton, abusing the FISA process to illegally spy on the Trump Campaign and Transition Team. That Cabal did its best to frame the President into an obstruction of justice charge that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has, after 20 months of trying, been unable to substantiate. Of course, this despicable deep state skunk had an “inquiry” going against the duly-elected President of the United States – he had been working to try to bring the man down for a year by then.

The Post story is just sort of an extension of the Journal’s bit of news-fakery, 1,000 words about pretty much nothing other than a President plagued by leaks not knowing who he can trust, trying to keep everything he says off of the front page of the Washington Post. Of course he isn’t sharing every detail of his conversations with Putin or anyone else with some of his senior officials, especially with those who no doubt served as the anonymous “sources” for this very story.

These are all nothing-burger stories planted by agenda-driven “sources”, written by agenda-driven fake reporters and approved by agenda-driven editors for the sole purpose of creating a new narrative.

Think about the timing of them: They all came right at the time several hundred thousand federal workers were about to miss their first paycheck due to the ongoing partial government shutdown. The reliable fake-newsers at CNN dummied up a fake poll over the weekend (because of course they did) that purports to show most Americans blaming the President for the shutdown, but the issue is obviously not playing well for the Democrats.  Otherwise, we would not be seeing this frenzied rash of Russia-related fake news from the Democrats’ media support system.

The key to remember here is that the Democrats and their media agents are always pushing a narrative based on their polling and focus group data. The fact that they are back to pushing this fake Trump/Russia narrative at this particular point in time tells us that they are very concerned with how the whole border security issue is playing for them. If the issue were playing well for the Democrats, the media would be pushing that narrative 24 hours a day.

All of this is why, if you’ve been expecting President Trump to be the first to blink in the government shutdown standoff with San Fran Nan and Chuck Schumer, you should probably re-calibrate your thinking.

That is all.

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Jimmy Macafee

Dave, please consider this: the enemies of the Constitution are going to go to the ultimate extreme to stop DJT, mostly because a sack of wind is about to blow out her last candle. Nearing a crescendo. Time to Declass FISA, which is as corrupt as they come, and remove some of the top players. Sometimes, a bunker mentality is needed; sometimes, a real bunker is required. Anybody listening?



The majority of the press is in HRC’s corner. They are not going to report on anything that hurts her or anyone in her orbit. The email scandal (home server, using non-gov emails, deleting emails), and accessing classified material outside of the SIPR system are all serious offenses and she skated clean with help from the FBI (complicit!). The MSM covered for her then and will now with FISA. Even if DJT declassifies it, the MSM will, 1. Limit the coverage, and 2. Downplay it with panels of wordsmiths to tell the sheeple what they are reading isn’t really what they are reading.

It would be great if justice could be served, but with the avalanche of Dem investigations and lawsuits coming, I don’t see how anyone is held accountable from the 2016 election. And if Dems win the White House in 2020, all of this will disappear into the rear-view mirror.

Jimmy Macafee

You’re right – actually, you’ve minimized the press issues, if anything. However, President Trump will be choosing the newest SCOTUS nominee, and there is a danger to his health and safety as a result of the hysteria from the Left. The bunker I refer to is the gargantuan underground bunker that was being worked on during the Obimbo administration, under the Whitehouse, and there is also said to be a huge IMF bunker right on Penn. Ave., dwarfing everything else in the neighborhood, only underground. (Perhaps we should co-opt this serpent-lair?) Don’t despair, however: if you watched the GHWB funeral (or the videos of the odd occurrences) you could not have avoided seeing the Deep State panic. The fact that the press is ignoring it is actually a good thing, because they won’t be able to rally their Aunty Fays in time to prevent a lot of people from being sequestered.

Jimmy Macafee

Why isn’t the press – including the WSJ – shouting from the rooftops the testimony of Christopher Steele, where he stated that HRC hired him to produce a dossier in order to overturn the election? We all know Brennan had the documents much earlier, and Steele likely was a hand-off man, but regardless of origin, his testimony implicates Hillary Clinton in a plot to overthrow a duly elected President. That rises far above any other crime, and is in fact a capital crime which should be dealt with by a military tribunal.

Keep your eye on this bright shiny penny, folks! (Russia Russia Russia!)
“China Girl” Feinstein needs to be on the docket, too. (But Russia!)
There are a whole list of traitors who need to join them. Where is the NSA
when they are actually needed? They have EVERY EMAIL HRC EVER SENT!
(Is the NSA guilty of treason, too? Just wondering.)

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