Tuesday Was a Huge Policy Day For President Trump

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

I’m in a hurry this morning as I rush to head out for vacation through Christmas day (Campaign Updates will be sporadic through that time), so this will just be a series of short takes on news that everyone should be aware of today.

First, Tuesday was a huge day from a policy standpoint for the Trump Administration:

This was the most important policy news from Tuesday, regardless of what the fake news media tries to tell you. – The Trump Administration is planning to reverse the insane Obama-era school discipline rules that led directly to the mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida early this year. Here’s a link to the piece I wrote on this subject on February 25:  “How an Insane Liberal Money Grab Led to the Parkland Shootings”.

This was the second most important policy news from Tuesday. – By a vote of 87-12, the Senate passed a prison reform bill written by Utah Senator Mike Lee and endorsed by President Trump. This is long overdue and much needed.

This was the third most important policy news from Tuesday. – The Trump Administration bans bump stocks. Before anyone starts haranguing me about the 2nd Amendment, let me stop you from wasting your time.  Bump stocks are toys. The 2nd Amendment does not guarantee us a right to keep and bear toys. Get over it.

Personal Note:  I just love the Chuck Schumer pressers where Patty Murray and Dick Durbin stands behind him doing their dead-level best to look like actual serious people.  Tremendous entertainment value there.

Ocasio Ortez Watch: Speaking of tremendous entertainment value, here our intrepid heroine complains about being the victim of fake news without actually denying anything that is in the story she’s complaining about:

She’s so cute.  And how ironic is it to see the Democrat Party’s new Socialist queen echoing the exact same complaints about the fake news media we see daily from President Donald Trump?

Self-awareness is a wonderful life skill, Alexandria.  You should try to obtain some.

Teen Drama Queen Update: Here, James Comey deploys Hillary Clinton’s “at this point, what difference does it make?” post-Benghazi tactic in a non-answer to a question from Mark Meadows…

Note also that Comey repeats the lie – which he knows is an outright lie – that the fake dossier was initially funded by “Republicans opposed to Trump.” That contention was debunked many months ago – it is simply not possible that Comey is unaware of that fact.

The fact that James Comey actually led the FBI for several years is one of the most distressing historic facts of the 21st century. No one has ever done more damage to any law enforcement agency. Well, except for that Sheriff Israel clown down in Broward County.  But other than him, Comey’s the King, er, Queen.

That is all.

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I think what we are seeing from the left and their propaganda arm, the MSM, is a preview of what the next two years are going to be like with a dim House. Never ending allegations with no actual evidence or facts to back them up. Just the usual, but more of it. Gonna be interesting.
We, as supporters of President Donald J. Trump, need to be prepared to continue to encourage him in his endeavors to right the ship of state. Even more so in the coming tsunami of opposition to anything which may be successful for the POTUS. And, We the People.

Jimmy Macafee

On the other hand, noise suppressors are not toys – (not good for hunters’ hearing) and should not require a permit. But they do.

I’d be for bump stocks by permit only – not a permit to possess one, a permit to have one assembled on one’s firearm. I’m not against ownership. Someone could manufacture their own easily enough. Shouldn’t be a crime.

Daniel Staggers

Bump stocks are toys? Who writes this garbage? You know MORON, Switzerland has a law forcing all it citizens to have and maintain a machine gun in every household. When was the last time the Swiss ever had a crime wave of ANY KIND!?

Jimmy Macafee

If you want a fully automatic weapon, get a permit.

Jimmy Macafee


Wonder why Wallstreet is in a panic? As Hips reported in September:


I can think of a lot of non-Russians whom this Executive Order might apply to: can you? Now you can see why stocks are tanking; pheromones are running high – (and not the sexy ones.) A lot of money is moving. Trouble for them, though; if you hunt, you’ll know this: both prey and predator focus on movement. At this writing, look for things to settle – the prey knows they’ve exposed themselves.

Yes, this will be an interesting week.


Actually the fact that Hussien Obama “led” this country is THE most distressing historic fact of the 21st century, closely followed by all of those he chose to fill any position he had the authority to fill. What a disaster.


Well except Bobbi Mueller

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