President Trump’s War of Attrition vs. The Deep State

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Paris Burning Update:

Things got calmer on the streets of Gay Pareee this weekend, as 8,000 heavily-armored riot police became more efficient and effective with their use of tear gas, pepper spray and water cannons to placate the masses. Officials estimated the crowds of Yellow Vest protesters mounted to “just” 66,000 or so, about half of what they had to deal with last week, and by the end of Saturday had arrested only 168 souls.

This is what boy Prime Minister Emanuel Macron and his Climate Change enforcers call “progress.” It’s a form of “progress” that will be brought to America soon thanks to your Democrat Party, which never gives up on a good scam.

Speaking of Democrats never giving up on a good scam… – I give you Joe Biden.  Joe’s old.  He’s 76 and would be 78 on Election Day 2020. That’s a year older than Ronald Reagan – our oldest in-office President ever – was when his second term ended.  That’s old, for a serving president. No offense to anyone that age or older, but it just is.

So Biden and his team have been looking around for ways to, um, deflect attention away from the boss’s advanced, ummm, seniority, as it were. And, according to the Associated Press, they’ve come up with a bright idea: Let’s recruit young Beto to be Joe’s running mate in the primaries! I swear I don’t make this stuff up.

I suppose the strategy here would be to say, hey, sure Joe’s 77 years old, but Beto’s just 46, and if you add those up and divide by 2 you get 61 and a half! That’s pretty young, right?

In all seriousness, are voters faced with a candidate who will be well into his 80s before his first term is over going to be placated by the knowledge that, if something happens to Biden, his replacement would be a fidgety skateboarding guitar player with no real qualifications for the office? I’m not sure this is going to work, guys and gals. Matter of fact, I’m pretty sure it isn’t.

It’s a war of attrition now for President Donald Trump. – This was the week when the Deep State’s strategy to force President Trump from office became crystal clear: The plan is to open up so many different investigative fronts that he ends up throwing up his hands in frustration and resigning the office.

And the investigations don’t just target Trump – they target anyone doing a good job on his behalf as well. We lost a great Interior Secretary in Ryan Zinke this week thanks to this strategy, after DOI’s IG’s office – still occupied by Deep State loyalists – had opened up half a dozen different investigations into petty administrative matters the IG studiously ignored for 8 long Obama years.’

The shameful Democrat hack just elected to become New York’s new state attorney general announced this week that she plans to investigate every facet of Trump’s personal and business life, as well as every member of his family. Hey, remember when America used to be a constitutional Republic, and law enforcement officials had a duty to investigate crimes, not individuals? Yeah, the Democrat Party is changing all of that right before your very eyes. Are you paying attention?

This week we saw ex-Trump attorney Michael Cohen sentenced to prison for a variety of crimes that had literally nothing to do with anything remotely related to “Russia Collusion”- in fact, they had nothing to do with his work for Trump at all. Cohen pleaded guilty to things like tax evasion and some nonsense having to do with New York taxi medallions, and for the process crime of lying to investigators, but not to anything related to his work for Trump. Yet, our fake news media has spent the entire week pretending Cohen’s plea is going to get Trump impeached. It won’t.

This week also saw Russian lawyer Maria Butina plead guilty to various process and failure to file charges that again had literally nothing at all to do with Trump or his campaign. Yet our fake news media and their Democrat masters spent the entire week pretending her plea is somehow “proof” of “collusion.” It isn’t.

There’s much more news fakery going on here, but the plan is for the Democrats and the media to keep pounding this drum, day after day, week after week, hounding Trump and anyone loyal to him until he has no base of support surrounding him in the White House and his job approval numbers fall so low that he starts to lose the squishy Republicans in the Senate. At that point, the belief among those in the Deep State is that Trump will pull a Nixon and resign rather than face a potential 2/3rds vote in the Senate for his removal from office.

There are a few problems with this strategy: Richard Nixon did not have the loyal base of support among voters that Donald Trump possesses. Trump’s polling numbers remain at the same level Barack Obama commanded at this point his presidency despite the 95% negative media reporting on him and the withering daily assault of leaks and fake news planted by the Mueller team and other investigators and Deep State snakes.

Nixon also did not have the personal fortune that Trump has at his command, a fortune that allows him to lawyer up and fight all the myriad investigations the Deep State wants to throw his way. Finally, Nixon was not the bull-in-a-China-ship fighter that Donald Trump undeniably is.

But that fighter had better start fighting even more aggressively, and soon. He can start by declassifying all documents related to the sham entrapment case Mueller and his evil team mounted against General Mike Flynn. Mueller refused yet again to comply with Judge Emmett Sullivan’s order to produce the original 302 document from the FBI’s entrapment interview with Flynn that took place in January 2017. Mueller and DOJ officials were also revealed to have erased thousands of text messages from the phones of disgraced ex-FBI skunk Peter Strzok and his paramour Lisa Page last summer.

The President has a duty to declassify every document related to all of that, so that the public can clearly see the Gestapo-like tactics Mueller has been deploying against American citizens in his quest to bring down this presidency.

If DOJ IG Michael Horowitz is really going to produce a report on all the rampant abuse of the FISA process and spying on the Trump Campaign and Transition Team that took place throughout 2016 and 2017, he needs to get that produced posthaste. And what about John Huber, the Salt Lake City U.S. Attorney who Jeff Sessions claimed in early 2018 was conducting his own investigation into all of this? If Huber’s really been doing anything at all, it is long past time to be showing some results.

The Trump supporter base is incredibly loyal, but one senses it is becoming weary and frustrated at the Administration’s unwillingness to defend its President. It made some sense to hold off on doing anything big during the election season, and also to hold off through the Holiday season as well.

But things had better start popping on the President’s behalf shortly after the first of the year, or those polling numbers could well begin falling. President Trump himself has the biggest weapon in his own hands – declassification. Once he does that, the pressure on Horowitz and Huber would escalate considerably to get their own jobs done, assuming they are doing anything at all.

January 2 would be a great day to begin.

That is all.

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Jimmy Macafee

Find the video of the Counter from Q: the look on the faces of Biden, his wife, Laura Bush, Jeb and Dubya:

What was it they read? A bad horoscope (or was it a horrorscope?) Someone’s puppy run away? The loss of a RINO “conservative” media site? Did JLO get bad reviews on her new “movie?” Jeb looked absolutely stricken, as did Laura, who has never appeared in public looking so…aghast. Biden and his lovely bride dropped their jaws quicker than Feinstein’s robe at a hotel; HRC looked stone-faced and angry, as usual.

marty lopez

Q Blah, blah, blah. Wake me when there is a criminal referral. If President Trump does not find a way to bring all these people to justice, his Presidency is finished and whatever he may have accomplished will be immediately reversed. Additionally, the wall must be built, the border controlled, all Sanctuary entities, cities and states must be dismantled. If he fails to do any of it, he is done and, his Presidency will have been of no consequence.

Jimmy Macafee

I’m sorry to have to explain it to you over and over again: the Clinton Foundation is being torn apart for being foreign agents masquerading as a non-profit. Remember the Chicago mob? Income tax evasion was the charge. And more and more things are being exposed, like Christopher Steele testifying in a British court that he was hired by HRC to prevent the election of Trump, to keep him from taking office, and to undermine him if he took office. This is evidence of treason (by HRC, not Steele, since Steele is not a US citizen.) You don’t seem to comprehend: The Brits are throwing the Clintons and their machine under the bus, in order for the Declass not to take place. There will be a lot of squealing people who fear Michelin in their own future. Blah blah blah? Sorry if this isn’t enough for you. Prosecutions take time to set up, and there are over 600 sealed indictments, with some convictions already. If you’re waiting for ABC News to report what you hope to hear, you will never hear it.

Jimmy Macafee

Depends upon your search engine. Links to British tabs on topic harder to find on different machines.

Jimmy Macafee

Dave, there is movement afoot; it’s just not fireworks. The whistleblowers of the Clinton Foundation have made it obvious: the Clinton Foundation should have registered as a foreign agent. This is huge, but the Controlled Media is not reporting it. Retro-taxes, fines, jail time – and a bunch of people desperate to turn states evidence in order to stay out of jail. HRC will likely meet a staircase in one way or another.

Also, Christopher (agent 000) Steele has testified in Great Britain that he was paid by HRC to undermine Trump,
both in his candidacy and in assuming office, and after. What this means is that MI6 and others are distancing themselves from HRC and the Globalists, because revealing the origins (as we would like the President to do) would be very dangerous for them, particularly since Great Britain is on the verge of Paris (using Paris as a verb.) HRC’s American allies are having to run away from her as fast as they can, and 5 Eyes is now acknowledging that she’s going to cost them more than they’re willing to pay.

Also, the numerous investigations will isolate Mueller. That’s why there are multiple investigations, and if his fake investigation doesn’t match multiple others, he will be more exposed than he is. In fact, he is said to be deep in Uranium One. A mule.

If you watched the videos of Biden and his wife’s face, and Laura Bush and Jeb’s face and Dubya’s body language (you can find it easily with a short search) you can see that Q has made a countermove to “D5.”

Why would they all look so shocked and deeply disturbed? The house is falling around their ears. Thanks to Tom Fitton, Q and President Trump.

marty lopez

If President Trump does not find a way to bring all these people to justice, his Presidency is finished and whatever he may have accomplished will be immediately reversed. Additionally, the wall must be built, the border controlled, all Sanctuary entities, cities and states must be dismantled. If he fails to do any of it, he is done and, his Presidency will have been of no consequence.

Jimmy Macafee

If President Trump is unsuccessful, you can count your Freedoms goodbye, as well as your Constitution and any hope of ever being free again. It’s not just a matter of Trump’s legacy: HRC was designated to finish the job Dubya, Billy Jeff and Barry Soetoro had been hired to perform. Had she won, you would not be writing your words of discouragement – we must understand that not every battle will be won, nor will it be public, and if anyone is just waiting around for a show-trial, they’ll be disappointed: much will take place outside of the view of the press (which won’t report it anyway, by design.) Be strong, be patriotic and keep your Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, our only Salvation! . If Trump fails, what you’re saying is not even close to the horrors that would await us – especially Christ-followers. And remember Proverbs 24:17-18. This is the reason Willy Jeff escaped justice. Pray sincerely and fervently! Don’t lose hope! Remember Luke 21:25-28.

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