Just Another Day of Democrats Stealing Elections in America

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Why do we have to be this crazy? – Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is “back up and working” according to a relative after taking a fall and breaking three ribs early Thursday morning. That’s good news for the 85 year-old Ginsburg, and something every thinking American should be happy about.

But of course, that’s never the case on Twitter, where some right-wing idiots responded to the news that she was in the hospital with glee over the prospect of yet another Supreme Court nomination for President Donald Trump. C’mon, people.

Meanwhile, left-wing nuts kept the operators and security guards at Ginsburg’s hospital busy by calling and showing up with offers to donate their ribs and even vital organs to keep the octagenarian alive and working. These ghouls believe it is Ginsburg’s solemn duty to remain on the court until 2025, when she would be 92, if necessary in order to deny President Trump the opportunity to name her replacement.

Supreme Court appointments are supposed to be lifetime appointments, not life sentences, folks. And to you right-wing nuts, it really is fine to hope Ginsburg decides to retire soon and enjoy life a little bit in her latter years, but it really isn’t ok to hope she dies.

My goodness.

And just like that, Broward County was suddenly finished “finding” fake ballots. – As news spread yesterday that Democrat officials in Broward and Palm Beach Counties of Florida were up to their old tricks and attempting to steal the U.S. Senate and governor’s races there, Governor Rick Scott – who happens to be the legitimate winner in the Senate race – made the decision to send state law enforcement officials in to clean up the mess.

Miraculously, just minutes after the law enforcement officials had arrived, Broward’s despicably corrupt elections supervisor, Brenda Snipes, suddenly announced she and her evil minions were done counting ballots.

There are still several thousand military and overseas ballots outstanding that have until November 16 to show up and be counted, but with state law enforcement supervising the process and both Scott and Republican Governor-elect Ron DeSantis still holding sizable leads, there is no chance of these two outlaw counties reversing the legitimate decision made by the voters.

Thanks to the likely illegal votes already counted in Broward and Palm Beach, however, both races are now within the .5% margin that triggers automatic recounts under Florida law.  Thus, the nation will be treated to yet another fake news media circus thanks to rampant voter fraud operations by the Democrats in South Florida. These people make Lyndon Johnson and George Parr look like rank amateurs.

Meanwhile, out in Arizona… – Speaking of Democrats trying to steal elections, post-election day counting in Maricopa and Yuma Counties in Arizona miraculously “found” enough votes to change Republican Martha McSally’s 17,000 vote “win” into a 9,000 vote deficit to Democrat Kyrsten Sinema on Thursday as the Republican governor there did nothing to intervene in the process.  But don’t give up hope yet- there are reports that the remaining ballots left to be counted over the next few days are largely from areas that are normally Republican precincts.  Of course, unless state law enforcement is called in to supervise the process, those Republican-leaning areas have a way of turning into Democrat-leaning areas.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

And in Georgia, the peach still hasn’t conceded. – Ultra-leftist Democrat Stacey Abrams, who has lost the governor’s race to Republican Brian Kemp by more than 73,000 votes, still refuses to concede in the hopes that Democrat election officials can follow the lead of Broward County and “find” boxes mysteriously filled with votes overwhelmingly cast in her favor. Unless state officials there intercede, don’t be too surprised if that happens.  These people are soulless ghouls and will do anything to “win.”

Speaking of Lyndon Johnson and George Parr… – By the time the mysterious “Box 13” was “discovered” by election officials in Jim Wells County, Texas (not in Duval County, as is often misstated) to give that 1948 Democrat senate primary race to the man who would go onto become a president, President Harry Truman – himself a Democrat – had sent in FBI agents to begin an investigation at the request of Texas Governor Coke Stevenson, also a Democrat.

While it is probably premature to make any such move related to the shenanigans going on in Arizona and Georgia, the situation with utterly corrupt election officials in Palm Beach, Broward and several other counties in Florida has become so outrageous that it really does seem as if federal oversight would be appropriate. Every election cycle, we end up with a situation in which these Democrat-run counties are in violation of Florida’s law requiring votes to be counted and submitted within 48 hours of the polls having closed on election day. This does not happen in any Republican-run part of the state, or in some Democrat parts of the state, like Miami-Dade County.

Of course, the problem here is that the FBI was itself so utterly corrupted during the Obama years that we can’t be sure federal agents would do anything effective to stop the fraud. In any event, it is crystal clear we simply cannot trust any vote count coming from these Florida counties and many other Democrat-run areas of the country, and that is a blot on the legitimacy of our entire system.

Voter fraud is real, it is rampant, and it is exclusively a Democrat-run monopoly.

That is all.


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Attorney Shawn Lucas with a firm commitment to Social Justice and Truth in Politics, who served the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz with election fraud papers in early July found dead
Democrats were responsible for the death of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich


“Blue Wave” was democrat-speak that = rigged elections

There is a blatant pattern here. Democrats try to rig the elections, and when that fails, they stall until more votes are mysteriously “found”. If they got stopped in the middle of manufacturing said “found” votes for an outright win, the goal is to have enough to force a recount, in which case more votes will be found to swing the total when the count is completed.

These election officials need to be held accountable. I’m afraid though, just as everything else with the democrats, there will be clear criminal acts and no one will go to jail. The IRS scandal, Clinton email-gate, FISA, Kavanaugh accusers, and on and on, no one gets so much and a grand jury hearing, let alone actually held accountable.

Johnny Patti

The author of this this story is correct on Democrat fraud. But you try to be above it all on ‘right-wing’ chatter. It amuses me, the RBG talk. I like it morbidly. You realize this corrupt soul Ginsberg is abusing our judiciary system. She disgusts me. Fainting liberals have no idea what 2016 meant. The end of Democrat SCOTUS for the next 40 years.


Everywhere the left pushes to make voting easier for their ignorant slavish followers:

The left Gerrymanders when Democrats run the state – no problem; only GOP redistricting gets challenged
The left got the constitution changed to get the voting age down to 18
The left is allowing illegals to vote in sanctuary cities in CA on “local” (sure) races/issues
The left in Washington DC is trying to allow 16 year olds to vote in their elections
The left’s (Bill Clinton in 1993) “motor-voter” allows anyone getting a driver’s license to register/vote. CA and other states give licenses to illegals…
The left’s judges routinely keep polls open after hours due to “voting irregularities” in predominately Dem strongholds/cities
The left pushed for and got (in many states) this “early voting” concept – gee, no chance of voter fraud there
The left always fights against any sort of voter ID law – but I, a 59 year old – needs to show picture ID to buy beer
The left via the bogus polls routinely seeks to suppress GOP vote turnout
The left fights against states/counties purging voter rolls due to inactivity (deaths, moving out of the district etc.)
The left constantly pushes for ballots to be printed in foreign languages
The left always has dead people vote (not a well kept secret in Chicago – Nixon/Kennedy, 1960 Daily’s machine)
The left engages in voter intimidation at the polls (black panthers in Philadelphia given a pass by Gov Rendell and Holder in PA in 2008 and in Atlanta during this election with “assault” rifles next to Abrams for Gov signs)
The left buying the minority electorate with promises of “free” stuff
The left went all out to try to disallow as many military absentee ballots as possible in the FL 2000 Bush/Gore recount
The left preaching from the pulpit in black churches – contrary to the “separation of church and state” meme. The left routinely threatens conservative churches with their tax exempt status if they in any way violate the nonexistent church/state “clause”
The left got their “early voting” and when, despite all their tricks and fraud, they don’t get the outcome they wanted, they now engage in “LATE” voting to get the desired result.

This ALWAYS, and ONLY happens in DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED strongholds/cities. And these places are almost always last to report the “vote results”

Every year this happens IN VIOLATION of STATE LAW in many cases and NOTHING EVER HAPPENS in these UTTERLY CORRUPT AREAS!

I lay the blame on the Republican governors and other Republican state and federal legislators for NOT:

1) Enforcing existing election laws (just like with illegal immigration),
2) Removing and prosecuting the corrupt election officials engaging in such criminal activity – look at who is the sheriff in Broward county – Why didn’t Gov. Scott remove him immediately after his failed “leadership” after the Feb 14, ’08 school shooting?
3) Making new laws to prevent such fraud, and
4) Prosecuting individuals who engage in such fraud!

Who needs “Russian Collusion” when you have the Democratic Party in charge of counting the votes that matter.


I suppose this explains the Blue Wave talk. Fake polling to legitimize voter fraud. This probably doesn’t end in FL or AZ. Also might explain Cruz eeking out a victory against Beto. If the feds have the balls to investigate, there might be a reason for a special election for certain house and senate races. This has to be dealt with or the election process is lost and so is the country.

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