American Political Revolutions Never Come Easy

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

This was never going to be easy. No political revolution ever progresses in a straight line. The American system – the Constitution itself – strongly agitates against rapid, radical political change of any kind.

In the first two years of the Barack Obama Administration, Americans saw rapid, radical political change and rebelled against it, turning the House over to Republicans in 2010 and then the Senate in 2014.  Americans again saw rapid, radical change over the past two years, as President Donald Trump reversed about 90% of the Obama era from the history books, and reacted last night by turning the House back to the Democrats.

This is not only nothing out of the ordinary, it is exactly how the nation’s founders consciously wanted the system to work. No one on either side has to like it, but it is important to recognize this reality of the American system and work to affect change within its confines.

So, just as happened in 2010, we end up with a split decision as the voters basically send a signal to Washington, D.C. to slow down. The country writ large isn’t necessarily opposed to the general direction things have been moving, but just wants to take more time to think about things before they happen.  This isn’t always a productive dynamic within the voting public, but we have no choice but to accept the verdict and move on.

In the House of Representatives, where I was hopeful that the Republicans would be able to retain a small majority, the Democrat gain will end up being around 30 net seats, perhaps a few more.  In the Senate, it’s most likely going to be 55 Republicans vs. 45 Democrats/Commies for the next two years, which is exactly where I had figured we’d end up since January.

The sad part of it all is that we will now get nothing out of the House of Representatives other than hearings and subpoenas and bombastic posturing by clowns like Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff for 24 solid months.  The good part of that is that those clowns and others will no doubt so disgust the voting public with their outrageous behavior that the voters will rebel again in 2020 and turn the House back over to the Republicans.  We can always hope, anyway.

The 55 seat majority in the Senate (which is what it will be whenever someone wakes up and declares McSally and Rosendale the winners in their races) means that Mitch McConnell no longer has to worry about getting Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski’s squish votes on every judicial nominee. And praise the lord, fellow squishes Jeff Flake and Bob Corker will no longer be around because they retired. What a relief that is.

Another blessing is that we Texans won’t have to hear any more nonsense about Beto O’Rourke.  Well, at least until January, that is, when he declares his candidacy for the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination, at which point he becomes the nation’s problem child. But everyone should be grateful to Ted Cruz for at least giving us a two month break.

Speaking of breaks, what is that new noise you are hearing from your radios and television sets this morning? Why, it’s the sound of non-political commercials! Isn’t that a joyful noise? Yes, I hate commercials as much as the next guy, but I have honestly missed them as the commercial breaks have been filled with nothing but negative political ads for the last two months.

In my home state of Texas, Republicans once again won every statewide election – as they have done in every cycle for the past quarter-century – but leaders of the Texas GOP will be waking up this morning with an uneasy feeling. While Governor Greg Abbott and a few other officeholders won their re-elections by the traditional double-digit margins, Cruz only prevailed against his well-funded opponent by 3% and several others, including Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, saw their winning edges cut to 5%.

Yes, Irish Bob O’Rourke’s ability to pour $80 million of California/New York money into his race at the top of the ticket had a significant impact in races all the way up and down the ballot. But there is little question that Texas Repubs need to do some real soul-searching and find ways to broaden their appeal, particularly to middle-class suburban women and Hispanics if they want to retain their statewide dominance for the next decade or more.

Some other observations:

  • In conceding his very close loss to Ron DeSantis in Florida’s governor’s race, Democrat Andrew Gillum displayed a high degree of class and dignity that will help sustain him as a force in Florida poltics for years to come. We have not heard the last of this guy.
  • Unfortunately, Democrat Stacey Abrams, the Democrat candidate for Governor in Georgia, can’t summon those same qualities within herself and will keep her state in turmoil despite her obvious defeat.  Sad.
  • Back in Texas, Republican Dan Crenshaw, the Purple Heart veteran who was smeared by the sick people at Saturday Night Live over the weekend, won his race and will serve in the House of Representatives for the next two years.  There is still justice in this world, although you often have to look too hard to find it.
  • It is truly gratifying that Jon Tester, the Democrat slug who smeared Admiral Ronny Jackson, is dying this long, slow political death up there in Montana this morning. Couldn’t happen to a more rotten guy.
  • Nevada is officially a blue state now, and that is frightening. One wonders how long it will take the Democrats to completely screw up the state money printing machine that is Las Vegas. I give it a decade.
  • Scott Walker finally, at long last, lost an election in the blue state of Wisconsin, ending one of the most amazing political success stories of modern times. We haven’t heard the last of Walker.
  • Socialist dimwit Alexandria Ocasio Cortez won her race, and God bless the people of Queens for giving her to us to make fun of for the next two years.
  • Once again, CNN completely outclassed all other TV outlets with its election coverage.  John King is without question, far and away the best election night analyst in the known universe.  While Fox News was having a coffee chat session with a bunch of pundits, King and Wolf Blitzer were taking CNN’s viewers on constant whirlwind, county-by-county, sometimes precinct-by-precinct tours of myriad house, senate and gubernatorial races all over the country.  I won’t turn the channel over to CNN again before 2020, but when Election Night comes around that November, I’ll make an exception.

Finally, as I was wrapping this up, just a few moments ago, President Donald Trump (I never tire of typing those three glorious words) whipped this out to Twitter land:

If you thought the man was going to be intimidated by Speaker San Fran Nan or Bugeyes Adam Schiff, well, think again.

That is all.


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Beto raises about $80 million to Cruz’ $25 million…and he ran well. Is that a surprise? For perspective, in 2004 Bush raised $200 million for a presidential run, not just one Senate seat.

It reminds me of 2008 presidential race. For all the talk of Republican fatigue, and Obama’s charisma, and McCain campaigning poorly, McCain spent about $250 million and Obama spent $1 billion. How do you overcome your opponent spending four times as much?

Which leads to my axiom- “when a politician complains about there being too much money in politics, they really mean their opponent has too much money”.


I agree that CNN was the channel to watch last night. I tried Fox but they let me down – a real “D performance” by Brett and Martha IMO. Not to mention Brit Hume who looked like a real dumbass when he pointed out that Trump should never have backed DeSantis in FL “He backed DeSantis and look, he’s losing. Trump should have backed the other good looking guy and maybe would have won”. Hume said that like 10 minutes into the results. What a joke.


Once again, I’m disappointed by the outcome; I really thought DJT could buck historical trend and hold the house. The biggest disappointment are the dingbats of the “white ‘educated’ soccer moms” coalition who constantly vote against the best interests of the USA and themselves. Having dated several of them in NJ, northern VA, PA, and even TN and AL… They are collectively the most ignorant voting block in the country.

Though never fond of winning by losing, Trump now has a foil that should bode well in 2020 when all these “moderate” Dem newbies are on the ballot and if Madam Speaker goes nuts the house should flip back.

Yes, we have a more conservative senate only if McSally and Rosendale prevail in AZ and MT, but we still have four RINOS in AK, ME, NB, and UT, and other “moderate” fossils in states like TN that could gum up the works. Some should be primaried in 2020 and 2022. I wish a couple the other “moderate” Dems were defeated in MI, OH, MI, MN x 2, WI, and WV. Also unfortunately CO, NV, and VA are now reliably blue and I don’t see any purple states becoming red…

I’ll believe BLEXIT (Ex: GA Governor race), Hispanic, and Jewish vote conversions when I see it; not holding my breath.

One thing DJT must do is root out all the obvious voter fraud! How the hell is it that the Dem controlled cities ARE ALWAYS THE LAST PRECINCTS TO REPORT? Computers are just as fast in the cities as they are in the rural areas. And this early voting needs to go; it is a recipe for fraud.


While not a complete surprise, the election results were still a disappointment. Here in MI, everything slid to the left – Gov, Sec. State, AG. John James put up a good fight for the senate, but apparently diversity only counts when you are a Dem. Liberal backed ballot initiatives for pot, a re-districting commission, and a voter registration scam all passed. The latter 2 will ensure that Dems keep power moving forward (unless repealed or over-written).

This state, like most of the country is largely a red state, but the population centers,being all liberal, pull everything to the left.

keith sherlock

As far as the mid terms go in the house…the party out of power wins seats..blah,blah,blah…why that happens nobody seems to know….it’s really pretty simple…run good candidates who have no record to attack…

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