The Media Beclowns Itself on the Anchor Babies Issue. What Else is New?

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Well, now we know why he was transferred. –  Infamous Boston Gangster Whitey Bulger was transferred to a new, maximum security prison in Virginia on Tuesday.  There, he was beaten to death by several mob-connected inmates before 9:00 a.m. That’s some security right there.

Another media narrative epic fail. – Despite the best efforts of our fake news media to lay the blame for the fake pipe bomber solely at President Donald Trump’s feet over the last week, a new poll taken by the ultra-leftwing Huffington Post shows that only 24% of Americans believe he bears much of the blame for the incident, whatever it really turns out to have been.  On the other hand, 50% of Americans believe he bears “no blame at all” for the actions of a steroids-addled nutjob.

Which only proves that at least half of Americans still have their wits about them.

What, you thought Hollywood would actually reform itself? – Here’s how you can tell the whole #MeToo movement has had no impact whatsoever on the depraved Hollywood culture:  Currently in the works are both a major Showtime mini-series and a feature film starring Charlize Theron about the Roger Ailes scandal at Fox News, but there are zero projects in the works starring nobody about piggish big Hollywood muckety-muck Harvey Weinstein.

What does this tell us? It tells us that despite his current situation, Weinstein retains major influence in Tinseltown, and people there are still afraid to cross him. One gets the feeling that if a movie is ever made about Weinstein and his escapades, it will be cast as a light-hearted comedy starring Kevin Spacey and Meryl Streep, and produced by…wait for it…Harvey Weinstein.

And now a word from the @GDBlackmon Twitter feed:

Sometimes it really is difficult to think of China as a “civilized” society.

On this whole “birthright citizenship” thing… – Never in the history of the fake media beclowning itself have so many inhabitants of our fake media beclowned themselves as they did on Twitter yesterday over this “birthright citizenship” deal. It seemed as if every fake journalist in America felt the burning need to get on Twitter and sternly and sagely announce that President Trump’s planned executive order would never work because, and I quote, “birthright citizenship is enshrined in the Constitution!” Why, it’s almost as if they had all gotten a talking points memo from the Democrat Party or something.  Go figure.

The only problem with their joint talking point on the issue is, it isn’t true. Again, go figure.

Look, the 14th Amendment was ratified in 1868 to protect the rights of freed slaves (about 99% of whose previous “owners” happened to be Democrats, but I digress) and their progeny.  Not only did the 14th Amendment have literally nothing to do with the children of illegal immigrants, the congressional record makes it crystal clear that it was specifically intended to exclude them:

“This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to persons who are ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons.”

As I replied to one semi-conservative Texas-based journalist who had displayed rank ignorance on the subject, “There is far more involved here than the 14th Amendment. There is 150 years of case law, 150 years of congressional action, and 150 years of administrative interpretations at play as well. If you’d stop your virtue-signaling for a few minutes, you might figure that out.”

But hey, virtue-signaling to liberals is the favorite passtime of semi-conservative journalists on Twitter, so naturally that particular journalist was unable to stop.

The reality of the current government policy regarding birthright citizenship for anchor babies of illegal immigrants is that it is exactly that:  An administrative policy. It is an interpretation by past presidential administrations that has never been tested in the federal courts.

President Trump, for better or worse, apparently intends to test it, and with the new, presumably-conservative majority on the Supreme Court, he might win.  But more to the point, even an immigration dove like Sen. Lindsey Graham believes the current policy is wrong, and he announced yesterday that he plans to introduce a bill that would correct it.  “Finally, a president willing to take on this absurd policy of birthright citizenship,” Graham said in a statement. “I’ve always supported comprehensive immigration reform – and at the same time – the elimination of birthright citizenship.”

“The United States is one of two developed countries in the world who grant citizenship based on location of birth,” Graham continues, “This policy is a magnet for illegal immigration, out of the mainstream of the developed world, and needs to come to an end.”

It is a bad policy that offers perverse incentives that encourage illegal immigration. It is a policy with no true firm basis in the law, zero actual basis in our constitution, and it needs to end if we are to ever restore some semblance of order to our system of legal immigration.

Given all of that, you can expect to see journalists in Texas and nationally to continue making fools of themselves over the issue on Twitter.  They obviously can’t help themselves, and truly enjoy doing it.

It’s a clown show out there. Be careful, and vote Republican.

That is all.

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Jim McFarland

Birthright citizenship. Isn’t that like Obama’s? As he once said himself: he’s from Kenya, and is a Kenyan. And was NOT born in Hawaii, or has no proof of being born there. And if he doesn’t get citizenship by being born in Hawaii…he doesn’t have citizenship. Maybe we can impeach the former President, retroactively, while hoping to wake up and realize it was all just a bad, bad dream.


I had not given the the birth/citizenship issue any serious thought until the caravan debacle came up. But it makes perfect sense that is a giant magnet for people to come here. That and the catch and release system, where once here, illegals are just released into society and are expected to show up for a court date that may not happen for a long time because the system is backlogged beyond reason. Overhaul the whole system, and slow the roll of people getting into this country illegally.

Part of that overhaul should include streamlining the LEGAL entry of immigrants. I work with some folks who have done things the “right” way and it has taken them 6, 7 years or more to become an American. A lot of red tape I was told. If you could cut that to 2-3 years being diligent in your application, meeting requirements, etc., that might also relieve some of the pressure to come here illegally.

But something else needs addressed – Libtards promoting and creating manufactured mobs of people trying to push their way in? I get it, Dems want to exploit this, but every non-liberal mouth needs to be on a megaphone screaming about how they are being funded and used politically. If you are an American, and you actively promote the breaking of our immigration laws by helping people enter illegally, you should be prosecuted.


Isn’t it amazing that NO other president – not even Ronald Reagan – had the guts to force this “birthright” issue into the public arena. In this case, Trump is co-opting the left’s M O by forcing the courts to intercede and define the intent of the Constitution. However, unlike the left, he is not asking the courts to make law, just interpret it – there is a difference.

Since congress, regardless of which party “controls” it, refuses to either fix, or enforce, our ridiculous immigration laws, Trump has no choice but to go this route. Actually no law is needed in this case because the constitution is clear on the intent of the 14th amendment; it just needs to be reaffirmed and followed.

The timing of this FOREIGN INVASION by the left is going to backfire bigly on them and Trump is brilliantly stoking the concerns of his base and all right-thinking Americans at just the right time…

Ideally, this, and all other presidential cases, should be heard immediately by SCOTUS and adjudicated within a week since it is going to get there anyway. Why does America always have to wait for over a year for these cases to wind through the injunction and appeals process. Chief Justice Roberts could probably fix this since he runs the Judiciary Branch.

Dan Gallo

I realize that you’re referring to Texas “journalists”, and rightfully so. Texas journalists comprise a huge den of liberal loudmouths. But, rest assured that Texas voters are solidly red. Thank God!


Hey David, the prison where Bulger died is in WEST Virginia, not Virginia. As a VIrginia native there IS a difference.

As to the Ailes film I read somewhere yesterday that they have eliminated the now non-person Megan Kelly’s character from the film. She’s apparently double-plus ungood now, folks. Update your records.


I was born in Germany, of US citizen parents (Dad was in the army). Not only can I not claim German citizenship, I can’t even have a leg up on an EU work visa. I offer that as perspective on this issue.

That said, I would rather this be addressed with a law rather than an executive order, because there are so many citizens who took this route to citizenship over the years. They are a precedent, and it would be better to address their status with something a little firmer than an executive order.

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