Another Day, Another Failed Fake Media/Democrat Narrative

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Your fake news media in action! – NBC is under fire for having sat for more than three weeks on a story that would have helped to clear Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s name before the vote on his confirmation took place on October 6. Turns out that NBC reporter Kate Snow, in filing the fake news network’s original story on the gang rape claims being pushed at the time by nutjob Julie Swetnick and the Creepy Porn Lawyer, conveniently left out the fact that one of the “corroborating witnesses” the CPL had provided completely contradicted the key parts of Swetnick’s false story.

So, after Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley filed his first of two criminal referral letters related to Swetnick and CPL on Thursday (he filed a second letter on Friday), Snow and NBC apparently decided they better come clean and actually report the exculpatory evidence they had withheld, probably in an effort to  avoid the receipt of subpoenas from the Justice Department. Younger people expressed shock on social media Friday about NBC’s despicable behavior, but those of us old enough to remember the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal know it’s just par for the course.

After all, the Drudge Report became a big thing 20 years ago when Matt Drudge discovered that Newsweek and reporter Michael Isikoff had been sitting on the Lewinsky story for months in an effort to protect the predator Democrat President, and broke the story on his then-fledgling news-aggregation website.  There have been countless other examples of fake media outlets withholding what would be huge, possible Pulitzer Prize-winning stories in desperate efforts to protect their Democrat masters.  NBC itself was revealed just a year ago to have refused to allow Ronan Farrow to publish his #MeToo movement creating story about the disgusting abuser and huge Democrat donor Harvey Weinstein, which led to Farrow taking his research over to The New Yorker instead.

Protecting Democrats and violating journalistic norms to try to damage Republicans is what your fake news media does.  They believe it is in fact their duty.  Once you accept this reality, everything they do makes perfect sense.

Probably because she just won’t shut up and leave us alone. – Speaking of fake media outlets, the Washington Post has a Trump-bashing piece up this morning titled, “Why are we still talking about Hillary Clinton?”  Seriously, is there really some mystery here?  I honestly don’t recommend you waste your time reading it – just thought it was incredibly ironic, given the Pantsuit Princess’s own behavior, that such a piece could even be conceived and written, much less actually make its way into publication.

Optics are why Trump won, and they’re why this fake pipe bomb fiasco won’t impact the elections. – So, here are the optics of this whole fake pipe bomb deal:

President Donald Trump’s Justice Department just went balls to the wall to protect a group of the President’s most vicious critics who were being mailed fake bombs that posed no real threat to them. The initial arrest was made less than 72 hours after the “crisis” narrative arose.

Meanwhile, the Democrats and the fake news media are using the apparent Trump-supporting identity of this lunatic as a weapon to demean and libel not only the President of the United States, but any and all of Trump’s millions of loyal supporters as well.

Honestly, I’m not sure you could find a better way to ensure about a 99% turnout by Trump supporters to get out and vote in this election.

Think about it:  Mr. Trump, both as candidate and as President, has now held over 100 of his famous political rallies since 2015.  Those events have been attended by upwards of a million people, probably even more than that.  In all of those rallies, the fake news media has been able to capture exactly one violent act by a single Trump supporter, an elderly man who threw a harmless punch at a young protester who was being escorted out of the arena at one of the 2016 campaign events.

Now, we have a second apparent Trump supporter who is alleged by the FBI to be the person who has somehow sent 13 of these fake pipe bombs to various critics of the President.  I say “alleged” because, given that at least several of these packages were obviously not delivered by the U.S. Postal Service, since photos of them clearly show the packages were not postmarked, the FBI has yet to adequately explain how one guy driving an extremely distinctive white van could have caused all these packages to have been hand-delivered to various destinations all over the country within 36 hours of each other.

But I digress.

So we have this one guy out of more than a million who have attended Trump rallies, and out of more than 60 million who voted for him in 2016, an obvious dimwitted steroid freak who we’re supposed to believe is some criminal mastermind with almost magical powers of transporting himself and his fake bombs all over the country, and our fake news media and their Democrat masters are tarring and feathering the entire Trump supporter base with his actions.

I don’t really know what to say other than to point out that stuff like this is exactly why Trump got elected in the first place.  This constant, unending demeaning and slandering of ordinary Americans whose main desire in life is to be able to quietly live their lives with their friends and families in peace and some semblance of freedom from oppression by the government and assault from the elite political class is what caused millions of us out here in Flyover Country to not just accept Trump as a better option to the career criminal being offered up by the Democrats, but to ultimately become excited about rallying to his cause in 2016.

This week alone has already seen the utter collapse of two major Democrat/media narratives:  The Khashoggi thing that no ordinary American had time to care about, and the obviously-staged “migrant caravan” narrative that has backfired hugely on the Democrats.

This fake pipe bomb deal is well on its way to become the third major backfiring narrative in a single week.  That has to be some sort of record, doesn’t it?

Just another day in fake news media collapsing narratives America.

That is all.

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This is nothing more than a ploy to help “justify” and project blame for the real violence the Dems plan to unleash after they get crushed in this election. They’ve known this final and ultimate defeat at the ballot box was coming. They of course tried all the same old tricks to hopefully path the of things but deep down they’ve always known the jig is up. And so now they’re resorting to the only thing they have left. They’re takin’ it to the mattresses. This cold civil war of ours is about to go hot.


My biggest concern about these ludicrously obvious, false flag bombings is that the Dem’s true intention is to use them (fake as they are, but hey, they’re desperate) to justify the real bombings and all kinds of other violence they fully intend to unleash on conservatives and the country in general immediately after they get shellacked in this midterm election. They already knew they were going to lose huge and now they’re beginning their pre-planned “prepping the battlefield” in prelude to unleashing all hell and blood in the streets. Unfortunately, it was always bound to come to this. This is all they have left and yes they are truly that corrupt and evil that they’d sooner “blow the whole thing up” rather than accept being denied absolute power. Very dangerous times are coming my friends. This cold civil war of ours is about to go hot.

Christian Sweeny

If this guy really was the lone wolf “single shooter” who master-minded the distribution of a dozen scary Halloween weapons of mass horror, he’s better at moving merchandise than Jeff Bezos of Amazon. However, as a straight shooter, this guy apparently couldn’t see any of his intended targets. There’s something wrong with this picture.
…But what if he had help? He appears to be a bit like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz, no brain, on steroids. He didn’t learn these pseudo-bomb skills delivering Pizza or pumping iron. In fact, what he did makes no sense from a Republican point of view.
…Now if the bombs had been real, that would have been a very different story. Unfortunately …………………! Best left unsaid! But that’s just my take of what Maxine Walters (spelling) urged him to do.
…Maybe his puppet master/handler, the real Wizard of Oddballs, was only trying to gain sympathy for the Democrats and/or somehow hold a typical Republican deplorable up to ridicule. Thank Goodness none of the loony Democrats or innocent bystanders was physically injured; nobody was in harms way at any time. …Correction. Doctor Christine Blasey Fraud is proof for the claim that Trump Stress Syndrome will surface from the sub-psyches of the intended victims and bystanders 35 years from now. Who knew that psychology is so complicated?
…So who were the intended victims? Under the best evidence rule, you may have to ask the deep state people, like John OOOOhhhh Brennan, who conceivably was the first dud on the receiving line for the dud-bombs, and whose operative friends may have been in on the punch line from their vantage point on the grassy knoll..


It’s going to be very interesting to see who his “pro bono” lawyer turns out to be

Matthew M

i feel sorry for cesar, hes the fall guy in this set up, now granted it seems he had a history that could set himself up for being used as a fall guy, but that doesnt excuse what the deep state has done here. dont be surprised if the DoJ is in on this and this guy quietly disappears after the election.

Tom Robbins

Where are all the people who know this guy? I mean come on, you don’t drive around in a vehicle like that without drawing attention to yourself. Let’s see some interviews confirming who this guy is.

Even if this guy thought he was a Trump supporter, at this point from media coverage, we true Trump supporters know that he has not lived a conservative life up to this point.


hey demon rats
the right is not buying it

you have 9 more days

what other surprises do you have in store
will your next scheme including killing?

David Burgess

Don’t forget it was NBC that engineered the story on Chevy trucks back in the 90’s. They got caught actually blowing the truck up, because they couldn’t, after many tries, get it to explode like they claimed it would. At least some heads rolled for that one.

Robert Gaines

*saw fbi Director… Sorry it’s early.

Oh, gotta love that pristine white van with it’s stickers just happening to get photographed and posted online before being covered with a tarp. And covering both back windows which is totally illegal because you couldn’t see emergency vehicles. Yul Brenner would be saying etcetera etcetera etcetera right now.

Robert Gaines

When l say tho director Wray say these are not “hoax” bombs it reminded me of slick Willy saying depends on what your definition of “is” is.

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