Response by the Media and Officials to the Pipe Bombings Follows a Familiar Narrative

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Soon, very soon, perhaps today, there will be an arrest. Law enforcement officials will be quoted in our fake news media as saying that the bombs sent out to various leftist leaders in recent days were the work of one man.  He will be described as a “loner” and a “nut” and probably as someone with known associations to right-wing domestic terrorists. We will probably find out later on that those “known associations” aren’t really associations at all, but vague connections. Later than that, probably after Election Day, we will find out that this “lone nut” was well-known to the FBI, and that he (it’s almost always a “he”) has even been under official surveillance from time to time.

It’s a very good guess, anyway – this is pretty much how these things always go.

Sometimes it really is a “lone nut,” as in the case of the Unabomber and the Parkland school shooter. More often, though, we eventually discover that this “lone nut” had accomplices, as with the Oklahoma City bomber, Tim McVeigh. Sometimes we discover long after the fact that the person arrested was actually a patsy, as in the case of Lee Harvey Oswald, someone who may or may not have had anything to do with the crime itself, but who was actually a part of a larger conspiracy.

Regardless of which scenario eventually turns out to be true in this case, these things always play out the same way over the first 24-48 hours. Most political leaders issue statements consisting of some variations of “we’re all Americans,” ” this kind of terrorist act will not stand,” “we must pull our country together against this terrible enemy,” etc., etc.  Even Hillary Clinton, barely a week removed from saying that Democrats can’t be civil unless Democrats win elections, recited a variation of those sophistries yesterday.  CNN and MSNBC present panels of “experts” who offer endless and often baseless speculation, and 90% leftist talking heads who spout all manner of irresponsible nonsense designed to lay blame at the feet of some boogeyman on the other side. Fox News presents panels taking by and large the opposite views.

The politically-oriented among us obsess about it all, and the other 99% of the population go about their daily lives not knowing what to believe.  The “unity” among the politicians generally lasts 24-48 hours before they start behaving like the talking heads on 24-hour cable news and return safely to their tribes.

So, is this really some “lone nut,” some anti-leftist conspiracy, or is it a fake, October surprise event staged by leftists in order to influence voters who are now going to the polls in early voting?  It is a sad testament to the radicalization of the Democrat Party and its support base that the latter scenario is at least as plausible as the others. Even Wolf Blitzer admitted on air yesterday that George Soros has funded many false flag events in the past.

It is quite the coincidence that this series of bomb mailings comes to light just as it becomes increasingly likely that the Democrats’ “blue wave” appears to be crashing about 100 miles before reaching shore.  Quite the coincidence that polls show a building negative voter reaction to their behavior in the Kavanaugh confirmation process, and to the obviously-staged “migrant caravan” making its way through Mexico. Quite the coincidence that they take place after 48 hours of the fake news media bashing President Trump in unison for his “divisive rhetoric.”

But maybe it is some right-wing lone nut targeting Democrats who have been ginning up so much hatred against President Trump specifically and Republicans in general. The identities of the specific “targets” indicate that it certainly could be.

One thing we do know is that the manner in which these pipe bombs were constructed and packaged indicates they were most likely intended not to explode, and to be discovered by the Postal Service long before they ever arrived at their addressed destinations.  Either that is true, or this really is the work of some low IQ lone nut.

Regardless of who the perpetrator really is, the pattern on these events is clear:  Whenever he is arrested – and he will be arrested soon – the public will be given an initial “official” version of events, most of which we will learn later was either 100% false or had only a tenuous connection to what most people would define as the “truth.” The “truth” – objective truth – will come later, long after Election Day has come and gone.

That’s how these things always go.

As I was concluding this piece, President Trump hit the nail on its head with this tweet:

CNN has been especially guilty of this behavior, and the President’s tweet was no doubt issued directly in response to this incredibly irresponsible statement made by CNN President Jeff Zucker on Wednesday:

“There is a total and complete lack of understanding at the White House about the seriousness of their continued attacks on the media. The President, and especially the White House press secretary, should understand their words matter. Thus far, they have shown no comprehension of that.”

This from the leader at CNN, the network that spent much of the 2016 campaign encouraging the acts of violent protesters at Trump rallies and dog-whistling its approval to potential assassins, and which has been forced to retract myriad false stories and even fire people over all the fake news it puts onto the air.

It is fair to note that CNN is one of the most obvious beneficiaries of this bomber’s actions, since its otherwise-flagging ratings always improve dramatically during national crises such as these. CNN is in fact a network that thrives on chaos and violence, and goes out of its way to encourage such behavior by its viewers.

But at the end of the day, regardless of any other considerations, the person who needs to be punished harshly is the person constructing and mailing these bombs. These are acts of terrorism, and they cannot be tolerated – or encouraged – in any free society.

That is all.

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My biggest concern about these ludicrously obvious, false flag bombings is that the Dem’s true intention is to use them (fake as they are, but hey, they’re desperate) to justify the real bombings and all kinds of other violence they fully intend to unleash on conservatives and the country in general immediately after they get shellacked in this midterm election. They already knew they were going to lose huge and now they’re beginning their pre-planned “prepping the battlefield” in prelude to unleashing all hell and blood in the streets. Unfortunately, it was always bound to come to this. This is all they have left and yes they are truly that corrupt and evil that they’d sooner “blow the whole thing up” rather than accept being denied absolute power. Very dangerous times are coming my friends. This cold civil war of ours is about to go hot.


Who knows the most about bombs and could be expert in making them look real, simplistic and ensure they can’t explode? Who knows the most about criminal investigation of these terrorist acts and can therefore avoid being caught? Who stands to gain the most by Democrats winning the house? How about the guilty perps in the FBI who tried to carry out a conspiracy to overthrow the last election results.

I predict the only person arrested will be a low IQ patsy if at all.

Willie William

Fake bombs for fake news.

Newton Love

Here: I fixed CNN’s Zucker’s statement:
“There is a total and complete lack of understanding at CNN about the seriousness of their continued attacks on the President. CNN, and especially the msm, should understand their words matter. Thus far, they have shown no comprehension of that.”

Carlos Dangler

Now it makes sense!!
Thanks for the fix.


This is a false flag and designed to create the impression that the “right wing extremists” are just as bad as the DEMOCRATIC MOBS and therefore neutralize the left’s egregious behavior thus canceling it out. Just like any accusation against a very few Republicans is matched by overwhelming and real evidence against many Democrats somehow casts both sides equally which is designed to equalize the offense; in other words the narrative goes: both sides do it so both are equally guilty.

In the meantime, we must be aware what is not being “covered” by the “news” media:

The invasion from Mexico, the coming RED WAVE and bad polling numbers, Trumps increasing popularity, the great economy, the attempt to neutralize the bad optics of the Kavanaugh effect, and the non coverage of all of the comments made by the left’s lunatic “leaders.

I ask that the real media (the DB update included) stop talking about these “bombings” unless or until there is real info about the “matter” like an arrest with real information as to who did this and what is their affiliation.
Please get back to the real events that truly impact real American’s lives stop wasting time speculating on this red herring.

Jim McFarland

Nothing could be more useful to show that the fake bombs (and yes, they were not designed to go off) were sent by AUNTY FAY (ANTIFA) or some other Willy Ayers-type moron. Most Americans see what the Democraps have in store for us: they’ve promised us they’d do:
-end tax cuts
-government healthcare and loss of healthcare choice
-the end to energy independence
-the end of borders
-the end of the Constitution and Constitutional government
-installment of Shariah Law (in various places in the US)
-harassment of Christians, here and abroad
-surrender of national sovereignty

So what are a few more false flags? Sent by Democraps?

Well, the NY Slimes is all-on-board for the narrative you mentioned,
but I trust the American People, as I trusted the American People on Kavanaugh:
it became a losing issue for the enemies of Freedom, those who drug a good and
decent man through the crap face-first. Associate Justice Kavanaugh – (he words
make my day, just like DB says about hearing the words President Trump.)

I think the Demonrats thought President Trump would try to run and hide from the issue,
and he got in front of it instead. Jillian Brennan, former CYA Director, is throwing a hissy fit somewhere.
Another plot, failed!

Jim McFarland

One of the recipients was likely connected with the sender. You can guess which one.

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