Our Southern Border is Being Invaded

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Warning to all my Houston friends – downtown’s going to be a mess today. – With more than 100,000 ticket requests having now come in for spots in the 19,000-seat Toyota Center, supporters of President Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz began lining up for admission at 8:00 Sunday morning for tonight’s rally.  City officials announced Sunday night that portions of six different downtown streets will be blocked off all day today as part of the Secret Service’s security operation for the event.

Downtown Houston’s traffic scene is a mess on any weekday.  Today, it’s going to be a nightmare.  If your employer lets you work from home, today would be a great day to take advantage of that benefit.

By the way, your fake news media wants you to believe that most of these people lining up to wait more than 24 hours to get into that arena to attend a political rally aren’t going to take the hour or so necessary to actually cast votes in this election.  Your fake news media is in for a very rude awakening over the next couple of weeks.

Um…Jim…we’re “skeptics” because the leftwing bias shows in the media’s reporting, not its social media snark. – Jim VandeHei, the CEO and co-Founder of Axios, has a little piece this morning in which he gives his fellow fakenewsers this advice:

News organizations should ban their reporters from doing anything on social media — especially Twitter — beyond sharing stories. Snark, jokes and blatant opinion are showing your hand, and it always seems to be the left one. This makes it impossible to win back the skeptics.”

As is typical of these fake news media moguls, this completely misses the point.  People are “skeptics” because of all of the news faking that goes on in the media’s reporting, not in its social media snarking.  All the social media activity does is demonstrate clearly what we already know, which is that 98% of our national news media has a strong leftwing, anti-Trump bias, and that bias shows up every day in its fake reporting.  Mr. VandeHei’s advice here is not to do something to get that bias out of the reporting, but to make the confirmation of it stop showing up in social media.

In other words, as has become sadly typical of fake news media executives, his goal is to eliminate transparency in the media.  And these people wonder why tens of millions of ordinary Americans consider them to be an enemy.

This isn’t a “caravan of migrants”, it’s an invasion. – After being briefly halted at the border between Mexico and Guatemala, the invading force of overwhelmingly-military-aged males from Central America was allowed to restart its progress northwards by Mexican officials on Sunday.

The force of supposed “asylum seekers” mainly from Honduras began the day 2,000 strong, but somehow had ballooned to more than 7,000 by nightfall.  So obviously, this is now a caravan made up mainly of Mexican citizens, yet our fake news media continues to characterize it as a bunch of Honduran asylum-seekers.

Let’s be honest about what this really is:  This is not a “caravan of asylum-seekers,” it is an invasion.  Virtually all of the people interviewed by the fake U.S. media openly state they are coming to America for work, not out of any fear or mistreatment in their home country.  Wanting a better job is not a valid reason to seek asylum in the U.S. or pretty much any other country on earth, yet our fake news media continues to misinform the public.

This is an invasion, and the truth is that neither the Democrats nor establishment, Chamber of Commerce Republicans care to do anything about it.  The Republicans want the cheap labor, the Democrats want what they view as future voters, and they’re all just fine with having the public schools in border states overwhelmed with non-English-speaking children and our housing and social services overwhelmed by people who lack the skills to fend for themselves.

Mexican officials have obviously lied to President Trump about their ability – or, more likely, willingness – to prevent the invading force from transiting the length of their country to the U.S./Mexico border, so it appears likely that a force far larger than its current 7,000 will arrive at the border sometime around Election Day.  Which, of course, has been the plan all along by those who have organized and funded the invasion.

President Trump has few real options on how to deal with the problem.  He could honestly declare a state of emergency given that this truly is an invasion of our Southern border, and bring in U.S. military forces to actually shut the border down.  But would shut down not just illegal immigration, but also the massive amounts of trade that takes place across that border every day, exacting a major economic cost.  It’s a real conundrum, but U.S. immigration law leaves the President with few other choices.

Make no mistake about it:  This is what the whole media/Democrat-generated hysteria over “we can’t separate the families!” was all about earlier this year.  They wanted to force the re-implementation of the Bush/Obama-era “catch and release” program in which illegal immigrants are processed, held briefly at the border, and then simply released into the general population, never to be seen again.  And they succeeded in forcing that policy back into place.

Thus, when this invading force – which could grow immensely larger than its current size as it transits Mexico – arrives at the border in early November, this is what the law will require the Trump Administration to do absent shutting down the border.

And remember:  On December 1, a new President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), will take office in Mexico.  Mr. Obrador has long advocated not just that Mexican citizens should be allowed into the United States, but that they have an absolute “human right” to do so at their own volition.  Here is what AMLO had to say about this matter in June:

“Soon, very soon, after the victory of our movement, we will defend migrants all over the American continent and the migrants of the world who, by necessity, must abandon their towns to find life in the United States,” Lopez Obrador said during a rally in the Mexican city of Culiacán, eluniversal.com reports.  “It’s a human right we will defend,” he added.

It’s an invasion, plain and simple:  Highly-organized, well-funded, and President Trump appears to be the only person in Washington, D.C. interested in doing anything to bring it to a halt.


That is all.

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It IS an invasion when 80% are military capable men, with occasional women and children to provide PR benefits and some assurance they won’t all be shot as they approach the border. And despite the heat, they are wearing clean and pressed clothes. Sandwiches and water are waiting for them as they proceed; maybe weapons are hidden waiting for them as they approach the border.
They are economic refugees which does not entitle them entry into another country.

marty lopez

We can fix this new caravan crisis without any drama and without the Democratic Party narrative being played over and over in a continuous loop. The solution is simple. All the President has to do is just “Man-up” and seal the border. “Batta boom,” it’s solved, done.

By all means, please do go ahead and deploy the military. And coordinate, or at least announce coordination with the Mexican government, but just seal the border. Close it down, all the crossings. American citizens will be processed of course, but very slowly and carefully. Everyone and every thing else gets turned back. Shut it down closed, as tight as a frog’s hind quarters, a regular, military, check point Charlie, or Carlos, if you prefer.

Then we can begin some deliberate, patient and informed diplomatic discussions with Mexico about how we can secure our mutual frontier. That will cost a lot of very big people a lot of big money and the Mexicans will immediately put their thinking sombreros on. And so will the American corporations who engineered this bit of NAFTA globalism in the first place. Personally, I have a great deal of sympathy for both of these special interests, but the solution is to make America’s border problem, their problem. And that’s the big insight boys and girls, if anyone truly cares to be serious. That’s why they pay me the big bucks.

The Democrats with all of their happy antics will suddenly become the concern of some very serious and substantial interests. Wanna bet it gets solved fast? Would anyone care to wager, but that the problem of a secure border suddenly becomes a defacto win/win? You see, my dad showed me the back of his hand once. The lesson was, dare I say jarring? The message conveyed, “Where’s there a will; there’s a way.”

As President, the chief executive’s foremost duty is to protect the American heartland from invasion. That would be President Trump’s very under stated position and he can only be expected to be unmovable in his commitment to America’s security. Everything else can be expected to become the pressing problem of those interests who want the border reopened.

It’s really isn’t very hard at all and should you should find yourself hard put, truly wanting to solve a problem do give me a call. I solve problems. It’s what I do.


You know what stopped all the college campus anti-war riots in the late sixties? KENT STATE and the National Guard.

The same will stop this border invasion. How much worse can the “Media Optics” be for Trump?

The left wants this war; they should get it.

The main difference between Trump and politicians is Trump actually wants to fix problems.

If the border gets shut down for a couple of days, or weeks, so be it; Mexico will be hurt much more than the US.

Do it Mr. President and you will be rewarded by overwhelming support from real Americans!


Mexico is a very rich country with a lot of resources. It is time to demand that Mexicans fix Mexico.

M. S. Ellsworth

So Obrador admits that his country is a hellhole and expects his citizens to want to get out. Wow, I’d vote for him. To close the border for a short term would be worth any commercial downside, but if the military ends up having to shoot someone, the lefties win. I don’t envy him. On the other hand, any regular American has to be frightened by a mass invasion–especially by people waving Honduran flags and burning American ones.

Purple Coffee Unicorn

The Mexicans live their life everyday filled with jealousy. This is the #1 issue that effects them the most. It’s actually an issue with people of Latin descent in general. Some use the word passion, jealousy is not passion. It makes you view things from the lower vibrations. Mexicans are frothing at the mouth at the thought taking back their land when in reality it was never their land. It was the Indians land and the Spaniards who took it from them. Meheeeco had the SW / Texas land for about 20 years or so by default when Spaniard finally abandoned the land. Which in turn they lost in 2 wars and were actually compensated by the US so technically they SOLD the SW portion of the US. However since then all their lives, they have seethed and gnashed their teeth just waiting for the moment to reclaim what is “theirs”. The problem with that? It’s not theirs. The Mexicans have effectively made a deal with the devil due to their jealous lust and have sold their souls. They are hell bent on their demise which WILL transpire. The LEFT (democrats) follows the Satanic agenda and the Mexicans are right there with them. When these low IQ idiots are burning Trump effigies on Easter, worshiping the “Santisima Muerte” or “Holy Death” make no mistake, they are performing Satanic rituals mocking Jesus but they are too stupid to even recognize it.

I’m a brown American, a 5th generation American. Yes I do have family that came from Mexico on my mother’s side 4 generations ago however they were Spaniard and were there but one generation. I’m nothing like them. I do not identify with zero of Mexican culture as I am not a Mexican. I am a Mestizo, Spanish/Italian/Native American mix, a very typical North American. I am American, it’s hamburgers and hot dogs for me.

Because I am brown, I am shocked and appalled at the infestation that we have allowed from Mexico. Everywhere I walk, it’s all Mexicans. We have in effect allowed the invasion and have empowered their misplaced jealousy. This is not going to end well, rest assured. And us Americans need to understand that we have contributed to this mess. But what these Mexicans don’t understand is, we AMERICANS will fight and we will fight back hard against their Satanic agenda! Hell hath no fury like a Christian scorned!!


I hope Trump holds firm and prevents them from entering the country. He’s going to have to close the border to do this. No small feat, and the media is going to blast this 24/7.

Has anyone nailed down who is paying for all these people? If this can be tied back to any American entities, they need to be outed publicly and should be prosecuted fully.


This idea that whatever we Americans have must be shared with the less fortunate is being taken to the extreme. Why should these leeches be allowed to share in what we have attained, more than the aid we, yearly, give their governments, simply because they are uneducated, unskilled, often sick with diseases we have eradicated in this country, and brown skinned? It makes no sense to rob from our own children to provide for their children who have no right to be in this country. And they must be stopped, despite what the Juan Williams, the Chris Wallaces, everyone at CNN, and the alphabet networks, opine.


I suggest President Trump hold a rally on the US-Mex border. Maybe he could raise 100,000 volunteers to show how we really feel! I think the sponsorship of the “caravan” would not be enough to convince them to continue on. I don’t think the UN would in any way have the best interests in the US as a primary concern as agents for
“refugee evaluation”.

Jess Sain

IF they were allowed to have civilian aka volunteer border patrols that were armed with a militia structure of command and control, I’d reschedule ALL my vacation time to be there. GLADLY.

If a bounty were put on the heads of armed coyotes, drug runners, human smugglers, this problem would be gone overnight. jes sayin.


I agree with your Axios post, but you missed the most relevant point the guy had. He said politicians need to stop calling the media’s fake news…fake news. As if it is not the media’s fault that when they produce fake news that it is called as such. in a true statement of his ceaselessness he says that some day the people are going to need the media to be believed…but does not implore the media to actually produce the truth. What chutzpah!

C R Lord

The President has the army behind him and people will find that he is not hesitant to use them if necessary. The invaders should be treated for what they are; an invading army. This is a no-holds-barred confrontation and the President should turn the army over to General Mattis and give him freedom to handle it his way.


I wonder why nobody has suggested minefields between authorized entry points.

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